The Vincent

          February 22, 1997 issue                                                                  

figaro2s.jpg (10619 bytes)Americans know him thanks to Cyrano de Bergerac, Indochine, and Queen Margot. Here is Vincent in the beginning of an international career. He has amazing charm and there's an easy way about him.

Having spent his childhood in a small Swiss village, he, however, remembers his extreme shyness and the terrible difficulty in expressing his inner feelings. "I was a confined child and I tried to find loopholes to leave there - drawing, painting. I was very bored. I felt I had the knack of doing something, but I didn't know what."

When he stopped painting, it was due to his fear of loneliness. "I wanted to meet people, to live, to cultivate myself, to hasten my maturity by nourishing it with a maximum number of experiences."

Since his debut, he has taken on a list of leading roles.  He dodges any comments on his beauty. "I do not like to look at myself in the mirror." One would readily make him a seductor. "I love women who are strong. I love women who make an impression which impresses me... Love is something spiritual and is the path to drawing you nearer to spirituality."


Five years ago, he got behind the camera as director of a short film called  L'Echange, which had the honor of being one of the official selections at the Cannes Film Festival. The next step is a feature film with a script he's been polishing for years called The Inseparables (The Love-birds). So, a history of love? He laughs, shakes his head. " No."

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A theatrical arrival at the Ritz Bar.  He will now prepare for the role of Duke of Nevers under the direction of Philippe de Broca.

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