The Vincent

October 1995                                                                     





The French are calling Vincent Perez the hottest man in France. The Paris-based, Swiss-born film star, at a nubile 31, ranks near the top in Paris Match's latest sexiest-man poll and has already made steamy on-screen love to Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Adjani. And this fall, he's bound to make inroads into the American psyche with the release of Ta/k of Angels, co-starring Polly Walker (Enchanted April), and Beyond the Clouds with John Malkovich and Fanny Ardant. He's also just signed for the lead in the very American The Crow II.

Offscreen, he's played leading man to actress Jacqueline Bisset and Euromodel Carla Bruni (he lived with each for four years). Nevertheless, when asked what he would do if he saw a very attractive woman on the street, he answers, "'I'd run away. I love to see beautiful flowers, but you shouldn't cut them."

Perhaps his romantic skittish-ness has more to do with his very brutal and public dumping by Bruni, who reportedly had her sights set on Mickjagger until Jagger's wife, Jerry Hall, intercepted a fax from Bruni to her prey. Perez's man-on-the-mend comment: "Love is always hurting. It's difficult to trust and share a life together. Fears get in the way."

Despite Perez's bruised heart, he doesn't take life, or himself, too seriously, and pokes fun at his own success as a sex symbol. "I'm laughing," he says, smiling wistfully, as if remembering the loser within. "I think about myself as a child with my dog, bad at school, always a dreamer."

[Written by Laura Ziv]

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