The Vincent

November 1995                                                                   


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French filmmakers hate Vincent Perez because he's beautiful.

"Maybe it's jealousy or maybe they think it's too easy for us, especially me," says 31-year-old Perez, whose appearances in Cyrano de Bergerac, Indochine and Queen Margot have left art-house patrons swooning over their cappuccinos. "In France, there's something against pretty faces in the movie business. There are not enough parts for me, so I have to go away."

All the way to Los Angeles, Perez has landed two films, both sans subtitles: first he's in Talk of Angels, a love story set in '20s Spain, and then he'll star in the sequal to The Crow - the role the late Brandon Lee once occupied.

"In America, you have the conception of entertaining people," says Perez. "I don't want to do movies just for a small market."

Making it in Hollywood isn't easy for a European actor, but Perez has already proved he has survival skills - he spent six months shooting Margot with  notorious egomaniac Isabelle Adjani.

"Everyone was tellng me that I was going to suffer, but forget it -  no! She was easy." But hasn't one of Adjani's co-stars publicly called her "borderline crazy"? Says Perez, "Can you tell me an actor who's not?"

[Written by B.J. Sigesmund]

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