The Vincent

January 1996                                                                  

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One of the Top Ten Who Made 1995 the Sexiest Year Ever!




If you caught his performances in Cyrano de Bergerac, Indochine or more recently as Isabelle Adjani's doomed love interest in the stunningly erotic Queen Margot (featuring a scene in which he gloriously displays full-frontal nudity), there's little wonder why Vincent Perez has been christened "Monsieur Heartthrob" by the French press.

"They always make me play the lover," he says, and in his current projects, Talk of Angels (his first English-language film) and Beyond the Clouds, co-starring John Malkovich, Vincent will continue the trend.

When recently posed the question, "What is sexy?" he responded, "I'm always looking for a light. But this maybe has nothing to do with sexy. How do you explain that? Is sexy just sex?...I think grace is quite sexy and curves, curves are quite sexy. Being graceful, which doesn't have anything to do with plastic beauty. I've seen beautiful women, but when you see them up close, there is no light. There is no grace. Sometimes it's just a voice, it's just a smell. You see the spirit or soul of a person...I can see it and feel it in people, but I've made mistakes. I'm not in love today. I'm still searching for the light."

Even as a young man, Vincent had a reputation for devouring the classics - in literature and when it came to women: "I was seducing more the older women than the girls my age. Everybody would always tell me, 'You're going to be a beautiful man when you're 40.'"

While no one can predict what the next decade has in store for Vincent, we're all certain to be watching as he journeys from a crown prince of our desires to a true king of our hearts.

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