The Vincent

          January 21, 1993                                                                    


The son of an well-known scriptwriter, Alexandre Jardin has been naturally attracted to movies. The young literary talent, who gave teenagers the taste of reading again, chose to adapt one of his own novels, Fanfan, (more than 350,000 copies sold in less than 6 months in 1990). He will also debut as director at the age of 27. Sophie Marceau and Vincent Perez are the actors in this old-fashioned story, a tender hymn to chastity.

"I strongly refuse description, "he says. "I want to go directly towards emotion. I don't care if the star in my movie is blonde or brunette. I am just interested in her feelings." This gave a brilliant result in the book, and the film is just as good. The writer-director comments on his first images.

Sophie (solar) dazzles Vincent (strength)...

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"I had a strong will to make a movie on desire, a film with real stars. This means allowing the actors to be great, not just good, and return to the mythic, irresistible couples. Return to the origin of the emotional cinema, a certain kind of living poetry. Find the eroticism in control, and not by filming sex scenes. Thrills coming from the image of a woman coming out of the sea hiding her breasts. Better than showing them, it keeps the public in tension. And I especially tried to forget all about my book and to adapt the story to my actors and listen to what they were ready to give me."

"I look at those photographs, and I see stars - a wonderful guy and a wonderful girl that I really have desired day after day. In the movie they are intensely alive, jolly, funny. They represent a reality finally without ugliness, grayness and smallness of real life. At every second of the movie I'd like to be in their place, to be Vincent Perez jostling Marceau in order to be charmed by her. In Fanfan their life is one hundred times more exciting than mine, than ours. They never stop surprising me."


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Why did I just want them? Because she is the most solar of our actresses. She's the light. She was ready to play her first character of a young woman, renewing herself by leaving the girl behind and becoming a  true woman on the screen, the one you want to marry. We just followed her natural movements."

"Why Vincent Perez? This wonderful actor can play anyone. He can re-invent himself again and again. He was also ready to become a big star, to be discovered again. He has a wonderful pureness and a liveliness inside
which renders him unique, irreplaceable. They were both my first choice. The film represents our meeting. The film is as old as we are."

[Many thanks to Cinzia Masina for her French translation]

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