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Synopsis:  The "code" in question refers to a pivotal telephone number - 11 digits that, when dialed, will trigger a global apocalypse by instantly setting off catastrophic nuclear devices in four metropolises around the world. Two individuals find their lives and futures at the mercy of  the code. FSB Agent Darya  sets out to defuse the devices in question and render the 11 digits ineffective, while the psychotic Louis Devier wants nothing less than to attain those elusive numbers and use them to completely wipe humankind from the face of the Earth. These two embark on a head-to-head conflict in a transcontinental race against time that will carry each through such exotic locales as Norway, Malaysia and Italy. Moreover, the stakes are not simply political, but personal. Louis caused significant emotional and psychological grief for Darya by murdering her lover. Nevertheless, Darya is forbidden from enacting vengeance, and must focus exclusively on her mission at hand, however difficult the task.

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Production Notes:

Originally titled "Beautiful". Filmed in the summer of 2006. Entirely financed by Russian funds, the film had an impressive budget called "a director's dream" Filming took place in Paris, Malaysia, Italy, Norway, Crimea, Venezuela, the Middle East and Russia.

Director Vadim Shmelev described Vincent as "a good guy and a very disciplined artist especially when it came to filming in Norway in a small village with minimum accommodations." He also said, "He's incredibly nice. Very cool. We are close friends. He's a busy actor. Professional, tough, strong. I am simply delighted with him." And when it came to Vincent's physical capabilities, Vadim claims the actor was "striking in this regard. We shot one long scene and he had to fall nine times in a row!"

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vletter.gif (1289 bytes)"I liked the script and the relationship between the heroes. There is also that challenge to find the dark side within ourselves." He describes his co-star Anastasia as being in the same class with Catherine Deneuve and Sophie Marceau. "She is a great actress. She has that elegance that makes an actress a star. It's been excellent working with her. On the one hand, she's very professional, but she also enjoys having fun. I think her work in this film will surprise her fans as it is something radically new for her compared to what she has done before."  And how did he stay in shape for such a physically vigorous role? He claims he did yoya, played tennis and worked out at the gym. Was filming a positive experience? He believes so with a good director and a production team that operated at the highest level. He adds, "The film should be a smash." How does he compare it to Ligne de Vie (1996) also made in Russia? He replies, "That was a more intimate film whereas this one is a large-scale project. But, in both cases, I took pleasure in working with the Russians, who are very impassioned. And they love the festivities. I love them too. It's a pity that with the busy schedule, it didn't leave time to walk in Moscow. I did manage to go to Don Monastery."


A press conference was held in Moscow on Thursday, September 21, 2006 promoting APOCALYPSE CODE,







Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk.....Darya
Vincent Perez.....Louis Devier
Aleksei Serebriakov.....Sergei
Vladimir Menshov.....Kharitonov
Oscar Kutchera.....Anton


Directed by.....Vadim Shmelev
Screenplay by.....Vadim Shmelev
Cinematograhy by.....Dayan Gaitkulov
Music by.....Dmitry Dankov

Russia release.....October 4, 2007


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