The Vincent

  February 1997                                                         

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Who would have ever believed just a couple of years ago that a French-speaking actor would have taken the place of Brandon Lee in a fantasy action movie? This is what happened though when producer Edward Pressman and director Tim Pope asked Vincent Perez to play the main character in The Crow: City of Angels. A physical role, quite far from the traditional images of an actor from France - funny or intellectual.

Escaping from these traps, Perez has been lucky enough to finda couple of romantic characters in Indochine and Queen Margot, which were given even more worth by the presence of stars like Deneuve or Adjani. One can have his own opinion, but it is sure that he has turned into one of the few really sexy actors of the French movie-biz. His acting in Queen Margot attracted the attention of the American industry, and not just because he appeared completely naked.

Even if it's not completely evident at first glance, Perez has many plus-points in his favor, starting with a pronounceable name. It might sound stupid, but it is important: Americans still cannot pronounce Depardieu correctly. Perez also has a look that ladies like and the fame of being a romantic young man, reinforced by his widely known relationships with Jacqueline Bisset and Carla Bruni. Most important, he is open to the world. Born in Lausanne from a Spanish father and a German mother, he studied dramatic arts in Paris. He is not afraid of mobility. Nowadays he speaks English with a French accent but, with the help of a good trainer, this doesn’t seem impossible to work out.

The American press is quite in his favor, and he already signed a contract for other American movies when The Crow: City of Angels still wasn’t in theatres. We’ll see him in  Talk of Angels, a romantic drama filmed in Spain with Frances McDormand and Marisa Paredes. He will also be the main character of Amy Foster from a novel by Joseph Conrad, directed by Beeban Kidron and filmed in the UK, starring Ian McKellen and Kathy Bates. Le Bossu directed by Claude Miller.

[Written by Gerard Delorme and kindly translated by Cinzia Masina]]

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