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          MAGAZINE ARTICLE (Unidentified)
          Circa 1993                                                                



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Despite actor Vincent Perez's sober and brooding celluloid image, he's warm, vivacious and funny.

In the new French epic Indochine, Vincent Perez portrays Jean-Baptiste Le Guen, a naval lieutenant in the turbulent Southeast Asia of 1930 who becomes involved with a French woman (Catherine Deneuve) and her adopted Indochinese daughter. The three-hour romantic melodrama took nearly six months to complete and was filmed almost entirely in Vietnam and Malaysia.

"I fell in love with Vietnam," remarks Perez, who was born in Switzerland to German and Spanish parents. "It was like being a different world."

Perez is known for serious, sober performances (he played the romantically impaired Christian in Cyrano de Bergerac), so his humor comes as a surprise. When asked about Deneuve, he jokes, "Who? That blond girl?"

Soon Perez will appear in his first English-speaking role as the near-mythic Spanish bullfighter Manolete. "I have to lose my French to work in a neutral accent," he says with a laugh. "Don't fall out of your chair, please."

[Written by Henry Cabot Beck]

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