The Vincent

          JULY 2001                                                                          

Le saut de l'ange

Produced by Europa, here comes the first feature film directed by Vincent Perez

Peau d'ange

starring Morgane More and Guillaume Depardieu

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For a long time, Vincent has been thinking of directing a feature-length film. As a photography lover, he has always been fascinated by the image. And he has already tried his hand at directing. For example, on the set of Indochine, he directed his first short film called L'echange starring Dominique Blanc and Andrzej Seweryn. Some years later he directed another short film called Rien Dire. His wife, Karine Silla, not only wrote it, but also starred in it along with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. Karine went on to write a third film directed by Vincent about the fight against drugs. All this encouraged him to go forward in his desire to direct a feature film.

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Guillaume Depardieu & Morgane More

Together Vincent and Karine looked for an idea. They decided to tell the story of an innocent and good girl misplaced in today's world. This country girl meets a man and spends the night with him. For him, it turns out to be just a nice evening, but for her it is love and she gives her heart to him forever. That is why she can't understand why he can forget her and their night together. However, fate brings them together once more. For this story an experienced script writer named Jerome Tonnerre (who worked with Lelouch and Broca) agrees to help. Karine then lets her sister Virginia read the script since she works for the production company owned by Luc Besson. She is so touched by the project that she asks to produce it - the first one she's proposed, and it is accepted.

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Morgane More

Very soon the Indochine hero finds his heroine - a 17-year-old actress seen in the film Saint Cyr. He looks for the male character a little longer but as soon as he thinks about Guillaume, he knows he is the right choice. Secondary roles go to Karine,  Magali Woch, Andre Marcon, Olivier Gourmet, Dominique Blanc,Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Marine Delterme and Jean-Philippe Ecoffey. While on the set, Virginia comments that Vincent is becoming more self-assured every day. And judging from the first results, it looks like his best side as a director is the ability to discover emotions with strength and delicacy at the same time. Peau d'ange is expected to be released sometime around next March.

[Many thanks to Annegret Höfer of Germany for sending along the photo of Vincent and to Cinzia Masina for her French translation]


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