The Vincent

          VOGUE HOMMES
          April 1992                                                                 

Handsome, young and talented. Yet, he doesn't have a big head! He is returning from five months in Vietnam with Catherine Deneuve. The woman in his life is named Jacqueline Bisset. Vincent Perez has become "the man we love to hate", as people would say. Mission impossible, this guy won over the editorial staff of Vogue Hommes, and everyone he met in town, as if it were staged. He entered wearing the clothing like a top model,  having fun, but with the seriousness of a fashion professional. At 28 years old, Vincent Perez has found his royal way - in cinema and theatre, after having pursued many side roads: photography, sculpture, drawing. Raised in a small Helvetian (Swiss) town, he made a brief passage through the Geneva Conservatory.    

At the age of 17 , with his head full of dreams, he imagined summits other than those of the Swiss mountains, and "climbing" to Paris, where he found a good address: The "Amandieres de Nanterre", Patrice Chereau's place. The work there impassioned him. "I had insisted that Chereau give me some different work. I had learned diversity, with Platonov by Chekhov, The Letters of Theo by Van Gogh. Chereau chose him for his film, Hotel de France. His first significant role, thanks to Nadine Trintignant, was in La Maison de Jade, based on the book by Madeleine Chapsal, where he was paired with Jacqueline Bisset. A thunderbolt, they have been together ever since.

But his "lightning bolt" as an actor hit with Cyrano de Bergerac, in which he was given the role of Christian. Facing the giant Depardieu, he occupied the terrain with panache: "Gerard was very generous to me." Who would doubt Depardieu the magnificent? Barely after completing Cyrano, he even didn't have time to hang up his cape and sword. Scola was waiting with Capitaine Fracasse, where he plays the role of a high-ranking Cigognac.

Regis Wargnier offers him a role in Indochine, as an officer in the French colonies. Five months of filming in Vietnam and Malaysia, with Catherine Deneuve for a co-star, and an extraordinary screenplay by Louis Gardel, Erik Orsenna and Catherine Cohen. "The movie was made in a state of grace", he says. It comes out on April 15th. Today, Vincent Perez dreams of doing theater and becoming a writer. He has already started on a script with Wargnier...

Perez as fashion model

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[With special thanks to Janette Sylvian for her translation]

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