The Vincent

  December 1998                                                           

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With her heart divided for a long time between the young actor, Vincent Perez, and the more mature, yet no less spirited, Gerard Depardieu, ex-top model Karine Silla has made her choice.

On December 18, 1998 Vincent Perez will marry Karine Silla, ex-top model (and also ex of Gerard Depardieu), ten years after their love at first sight! This just shows how in love, one need not get discouraged.

In 1988, the young actor first crossed paths with the French-Senegalese model. Madly in love, they lived out a passion seemingly without any clouds on the horizon up until 1992 when Karine met Gerard. Vincent found consolation with the actress Jacqueline Bisset, and then in the arms of top model Carla Bruni.

Three years later, tired of Gerard’s infidelities, Karine and her young daughter Roxane packed their bags. As for Vincent, his affair with Carla Bruni was coming to an end. Breathless, the two met again and their feelings for each other have not died down, the flames lighting up again even more beautifully.

For two more years, Karine was drawn to both Vincent and Gerard, and would go back and forth between the two until May of 1997, when she would finally choose to remain at Vincent’s side for good this time.

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On the 18th of December in the white dress of a princess, she will say "yes" to her tenacious knight, who will be dressed for the occasion in an Armani suit. The ceremony will take place in a church in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris, in front of a full circle of invited guests and stars. It will be followed by a sumptuous reception in the luxurious rooms on the premises. A marriage worthy of a fairy tale, which proves that Vincent, crowned the most romantic actor of the year at the "Festival of Cabourg" last June, has earned his title!

[Written by Josephine Banks]

[With special thanks to Janette Sylvian for the French translation!]

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