Paris Enquêtes Criminelles



Vincent Perez...................Vincent Revel
Sandrine Rigaux...............Claire Savigny
Audrey Looten.......... Mélanie Rousseau.
Laure Killing....................Judge Fontana
Jacques Pater.................Chief Bonnefoy
Hélène Godec.................Judge Lherbier

Series Overview:
This police division investigates high-profile cases, such as those involving VIPs, local government officials and employees, the financial industry and the art world. The show gives significant attention to the actions and motives of the criminals rather than focusing exclusively on the police and proseuction. A feature of each episode is that a series of scenes show events from the suspects' and victims' lives, leading up to the crime.


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Production History:

March 2007
t's just been announced at the Monte Carlo TV festival on Thursday that Vincent will reprise Vincent d'Onofrio's role as Detective Robert Goren in the Gallic language version of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." Comparing the two thespians, L&O producer Dick Wolf remarked, "I'm sure Vincent Perez will make the part his own. Both of them are intense." According to Daily Variety, the long hunt for the right actor is only one of the hurdles that Galic commercial web TF1's production unit Alma has had to overcome in its efforts to reproduce the hit series to everyone's liking. Under the terms of an unusual deal, the U.S. partners have approval rights over artistic elements such as cast and scripts, while NBC Universal will handle international sales of the Gallic show. Wolf adds, "We're pretty involved. I think it is going to be very good." The French show will be an attractive proposition for European TV buyers because it falls within quotas that require webs to air at least 50% European programming. notes that Perez has "unquestionable charisma" and his arrival on the project is excellent news. The series will be aired on TF1 in the spring of 2007.

In mid-December two men named Vincent showed up at a sprawling Long Island mansion for the shooting of "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." As expected, Vincent D'Onofrio was there, playing detective Robert Goren investigating a homicide. But Vincent was there as well. He had flown to the U.S. along with French actress Sandrine Rigaux and several French producers. They were in New York to study the cast and crew of NBC's drama, which is being created as a French version called Paris Enquêtes Criminelles to  be aired on TF1. The Wall Street Journal carried an excellent article on March 1 called "New Accent: NBC Faces Trials Bringing 'Law and Order' to France." As previously reported, Vincent has taken on the lead role as Vincent Revel, counterpart to the American version of Detective Robert Goren played by D'Onofrio. Vincent says the characters resemble each other except where Goren is very cerebral, his character is much more manipulative on an emotional level. He also describes the character as somewhere between Columbo and Sherlock Holmes. He accepted the role because "television finally offered me what the cinema refused me - to show another facet of my acting." The first eight 52-minute episodes of the first season are adapted American scripts and are being filmed from January 22 to March 20 in Paris and surrounding area.

Vincent does admit he initially refused the "Law and Order" role but due to the insistence of TF1, he was touched by their strong desire to cast him and ultimately signed on for 24 episodes. He says television gave him the opportunity to play  a resolute and modern character which he couldn't find in the cinema. When asked how he approached the role, Vincent said a friend's experience with a child's murder remains very painful to him but he was able to draw from this tragedy. He was only vaguely familiar with the series but before filming, he viewed only a couple episodes to avoid being influenced by Vincent D'Onofrio. He expressed his concerns and difficulties with the actor last December when they met in New York, specifically on the techniques of interrogation which are an important element in the drama.

He describes  her character as very pragmatic, respecting the law while he sometimes goes beyond the established order. For the French version, he's happy to report they abolished the death penalty. Does Vincent watch any American TV dramas? Yes, though he doesn't watch every season, he claims to be an admirer of "24", "The Sopranos", "Prison Break" and "Six Feet Under". When asked why he thinks film actors often move to television, he responds, "Television perhaps is offering better roles. The cinema does not always mean quality. I have become very demanding in my choice of films. I prefer to make good television than poor cinema. Quality above all."

May 2007
France's version of the TV drama series, "Law and Order: Criminal Intent", premiered on French TV on May 3. This prompted several interviews with the Swiss actor. When asked if he had anything in common with the Revel character he plays, he responded that he was a curious person like him, enjoyed the challenge of trying to understand people and felt he also had good instincts. He was asked about Revel's lack of humor and he explained that his mission was to stop dangerous people who threatened to kill others so he must concentrate on that endeavor. Moreoever, since the episodes are only given 52 minutes to develop, it is necessary to focus on the investigation so there isn't much time to devote to the private life of Revel. He believes "it is very close to what the scriptwriters had done with 'Columbo.' The TV viewers knew that he had a woman and a dog but that's all. It's the same idea. Viewers don't see him at home but they imagine what his life is like." He admits that when he was a child, he adored "Columbo".

September 2007
Vincent is presently shooting eight episodes of the second season of the successful TF1 TV series. Filming, under the direction of 
Jean-Teddy Filippe, began on August 16th and will continue through October 17 in and around Paris. And Revel (Perez) has a new partner. Actress Audrey Looten will play Melanie Rousseau, replacing Sandrine Rigaux, in order to boost audience ratings. The first episode had more than seven million viewers and has since attracted a rather wide fan base.

November 2008
Due to disappointed ratings, TF1 had announced that it will discontinue the series





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