159 Minutes


Synopsis:  (aka "What the Day Owes the Night") This is a historical saga of Algeria from 1930 to the present day as seen through the eyes of a young man who grew up in the Blackfoot community. Born in a ruined farmers family, Younes is taken from his mother at the age of 9, then raised by his oncle, notable in Oran. Married with a French woman, the man wants to give a better life to this young and charming boy. Younès is a part of the pied-noir youth of the 1950's. His life is about to be disturbed by the incoming conflicts that will change the country.

Production Notes:
Filmed in France, Algeria and Tunisia during the summer of 2011 with a budget of 17 million euros.

Director Alexandre Arcady:
"After reading this novel, I immediately had the impression that I was waiting for such a work to adapt to the movies. I remember I was on holiday abroad, and when the last page was turned, I had one wish - to return to Paris and contact Yasmina Khadra to acquire the rights....  I was touched by this story as many readers have been... This impossible love story  between Younes and Emily perfectly symbolizes the history of our two countries. By immersing myself in this mural, I've found all the feelings that accompanied my childhood and adolescence, and like many, I have found images of a country and a story so complex, but terribly moving."


Trailer extracts of Vincent:

"When I met Alexander Arcady for this film, I was struck by how much he was invested in this mission. I felt this incredible energy, the same kind that gives you confidence."


Fu'ad Aït Aattou - Younes
Nora Arnexeder - Emily
Anne Parillaud - Madame Cazenave
Anne Consigny - Magdeleine
Olivier Barthelemy - Jean-Christophe
Nicolas Giraud - Fabrice
Matthew Boujenah - Dede
Vincent Perez - Juan Rucillo


Directed by Alexandre Arcady
Based on the novel by Yasmina Khadra
Cinematography by Gilles Henry

Premiering: September 12, 2012


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