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The story of  L’échange takes place outside a train station where two people, a polish immigrant and a young actress, enter two telephone booths and begin conversing. He looks pretty happy; she looks pretty depressed. Step by step, their feelings will exchange. It's a sober painting, poetical and touching, of the universal proverb that nothing is fixed with everything moving forward and returning.

vletter.gif (1289 bytes) "Regis Wargnier (director of Indochine) pushed me to do this movie. In Vevey, Switzerland, I attended a photography school and also worked on stage with Patrice Chereau for three years. I had co-directed some shows, like Woyzeck by Buchner, for example. I love directing actors. Even as a teen-ager, I was a ‘little director’ with my friends."

Later in drama school when he co-directed shows, he said, "I suddenly felt the excitement of controlling a set, of pushing actors into an emotion, and I realized that directing was part of myself too." After L'echange was screened, it caught the attention of Roman Polanski, who called Vincent four times to urge him to do future directorial projects.


Dominque Blanc
Andrzej Seweryn
Marianne Denicourt
Antoine Basler


Directed by.....Vincent Perez
Written by.....Vincent Perez and Regis Wargnier
Cinematography by.....Francois CatonneMusic by.....Patrick Doyle
Produced by.....Why Not Productions


Nominated for Golden Palm in 1992 for Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival


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