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Synopsis: (aka Guardian of the Night) With an off-beat sense of humor to match its erratic central character, this original comedy drama features Jean-Philippe Ecoffey as Yves, a young man who works as a cop at night. The catch is that Yves turns to petty crime during the day, partly to impress Aurore (Aurelle Doazan), a nurse he idolizes from afar. His criminal hobby seems hard to understand, since it's doubtful that they will really get him anywhere with Aurore; besides, she already has a boyfriend. Nevertheless, Yves starts out by robbing a post office and ends up trying to run over Aurore's boyfriend, an act which finally gets him into serious trouble.

DVD description:

In this off-beat, often hilarious journey into the extremes of obsessive love, Yves (Ecoffey) is a policeman so enamored of a nurse (Doazan) he adores from afar that he'll do anything to try to attract her attention. His obsession drives him to steal cars the color of her eyes and to rob a post office because the clerk looks like her! More and more, Yves is consumed by his obsession and goes to increasingly absurd lengths to win the affections of the woman he barely knows.

Earning a Cesar Award nomination for Most Promising Young Actor, Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey stars as Yves, and Aurelle Doazan is Aurore, his love interest. Vincent Perez, making his film debut, makes an impact as Armand.

US & Canada DVD release........July 30, 2002



Jean-Philippe Ecoffey.....Yves
Aurelle Doazan.....Aurore
Nicolas Silberg.....Vaillant
Vincent Perez.....Armand


Directed by.....Jean-Pierre Limosin
Screenplay by.....Pascale Ferran
Cinematography by.....Thierry Arbogast
Music composed by.....Eric Tabuchi


French theater release: April 16, 1986

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