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Synopsis: Noted stage director Patrice Chereau adds his stylistic flair to this drama loosely taken from a story in the Platonov Chronicles by Anton Chekhov. A French family is shown as they go through the daily routines of life. Arguing, feasting, crying, and yearning for love are just some of the human emotions encountered. The mood wavers between excessive noise to silence while those not participating in the conversations listen in.

Anna, the owner of the Hotel de France, which sits on the edge of a highway in the region of Angers, organizes a small dinner party with some friends and relatives. During the feast Michel arrives in the arms of his wife Catherine. While everyone believes he had succeeded brilliantly in his life, Michel views his life as a failure. Among the guests is Sonia, a former love of Michel's.


The drama was first staged at the Théâtre des Amandiers Nanterre by Patrice Chéreau, who later decided to film it for the cinema.

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Film Festival Screenings:
Cannes Film Festival - May 17, 1987 - Un Certain Regard
Montreal World Film Festival - August 1987.
Thessaloniki International Film Festival - November 22, 2005

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Laurent Grévill.....Michel
Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi.....Sonia
Vincent Perez.....Serge
Laura Benson.....Anna
Thibault de Montalembert.....Nicolas
Marc Citti.....Philippe Galtier
Isabelle Renauld.....Marie
Bruno Todeschini.....Bouguereau
Jean-Louis Richard.....Pierre Galtier
Ivan Desny.....Maurice Veninger
Thierry Ravel.....Manu
Marianne Denicourt.....Catherine
Jean-Paul Roussillon.....Jean Trillat
Roland Amstutz.....Gerard Petitjean
Maria Verdi.....The owner


Directed by.....Patrice Chereau
Screenplay written by.....Patrice Chereau and Jean-Francois Goyet
Cinematography by.....Pascal Mart

Premiered in France on May 20, 1987


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