The Vincent

May 10, 1998                                                   

Hunk Watch: Guess what? Leonardo is not the last man on earth. There's one more. There might be another, but we don't want to commit.

What we can confirm is that Vincent Perez fits the bill. Of course, being a European hunk, the Swiss-born actor is more than juicy - he's complicated.

Isn't being a heartthrob enough for any man?

Mais, non, the Queen Margot star told us at the opening night of City of Lights, City of Angels, a French film festival held recently at the Directors Guild. Perez was appearing in festival opener En Garde, an insouciant swashbuckler directed by Philippe de Broca and co-starring Daniel Auteuil.

Can we see Perez as a dashing 18th century lord who's a chick magnet? Well, yeah.

How about a transsexual?

"It's like a little surprise," Perez, 33, says coyly of his role in this month's Cannes Festival entry Ceux Qui M'Aiment Predront Le Train (Those Who Love Me Will Take the Train)" by Margot director Patrice Chereau. "It wasn't about sexuality. It was about not being sexual at all. It was about being an angel, and an angel doesn't have a sex. So it's in this direction that I'm working."

Cutiepie alert: Hunks don't need to stretch.

At least Perez is bi-continental, straddling Paris and Los Angeles, so presumably he won't have to for his Hollywood gigs. He'll appear as a friend estranged by the war in Sarajevo in the upcoming HBO film Shot Through the Heart, his first American production since The Crow: City of Angels in 1996.

Perez says he's being selective about parts here and abroad because "I'm growing up and making the right decisions."

And what else do grown-ups do?

Sorry, girls.

"I'm going to get married soon, hopefully," Perez says. His intended is 30-year-old ex-New Yorker Karine Silla, who lives in France. "I'm ready to go into the real thing, and I'm very happy about it."

[Written by Irene Lacher]

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