The Vincent

May 23, 2005                                                 


After thirty films in the cinema (Cyrano de Bergerac, Fanfan la Tulipe, Je Reste!), it is the first time that Vincent Perez appears in an important role on television. Now directing his second feature film in Canada after Peau d'ange in 2002, this evening he plays a copy hired to protect a judge (Francis Huster). It was a chance to move away from his great romantic roles.

What convinced you to turn to TF1?

I received proposals for television several years ago, but I refused because I didn't like the fact that projects didn't succeed. I am delighted to have filmed Le Juge because I liked the role so much and especially because it was very different from what the usual proposals I receive.

What did you like about the role?

First, I've never played a copy and that suits me well. I found the character had charisma. He was well anchored in the story and made me think of certain film noirs which I like. He is a modern character, a rather dark cop, reserved. In the first part, he's withdrawn, doesn't say much and one feels he carries a mystery within him. In the second part he will reveal more of himself and be more engaging. I liked this presence/absence aspect. It was also an opportunity to be shown in another light and advance myself as an actor...

Do you approach a role for television differently?

No, it's the same trade. Filming is faster than with cinema, but I like it. I don't like waiting in my caravan. I prefer being on the set filming.  It is sure that the cinema is a priori more flattering, but when it is looked at... there are so much few films which go. And then, which I liked with the Judge, it was also to address to me to the greatest number.

What is the subject of "The Secret", which you're directing in  Canada?

I'm doing it at the request of Luc Besson. It's an adaptation of a Japanese novel, rewritten by an American. There's a little bit of "manga" with a small touch of the supernatural. It has David Duchovny (Mulder in X-Files), Lili Taylor, and in the principal role a young actress, Olivia Thirlby.

Future projects?

Most advanced is a comic strip. I wrote the story last year, a tale about magic based on the tales and legends of the Knights of the Round Table. I dream of making a film of it. While waiting, the Casterman editor has proposed making two volumes of BD, which will be released in 2006 and 2007. Tiburce Oger, the author of Gorn, will do the drawings.


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