The Vincent

24 HEURES (Swiss publication)
May 2007                                                         

Presenting his comic book, La Fôret, at an FNAC store near Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Vincent returns to his roots and remembers his childhood.

What memories do you keep from this period?

Basically my stay at the farm of my childhood friend Jean-Michel Martin, which were moments of bliss. I remember the milk collected on the farm that was brought to the dairy, and the new milking machines. I really spent a lot of time there. In fact, few people know, but this is the kind of
cocoon I  lived in where I had my first desire to make films. After my photography studies at the Doret Center in Vevey, I went to Geneva to study drama at the Conservatoire.

Other than my commitment to the Lausanne region, I had no real roots. My father is Spanish and my mother German, so I was a child immigrant, naturalized for 15 years, so I didn't really feel Swiss. Then I went to Paris and confronted the vastness of the unknown, guided by a powerful desire to transform my life. Fairly quickly, I realized I wanted to become an actor but among intellectuals, it was madness, often painful....

What relationship do you have with Switzerland now?

It is a kind of landmark. I love taking the Lausanne-Geneva motorway, because I feel it brings me back to an authentic period of my life. More specifically, my parents, my brother and my sister still live in the region But I increasingly feel closer to Switzerland, especially my childhood friend Jean-Michel. Today, when we called, nothing has changed... In fact, I've never felt so Swiss than I do today. Perhaps because there is a form of nostalgia for those moments of happiness of my childhood, wonderful things that I had the chance to experience at the time and now I want to share this with my four children.

Madeleine Martin, Jean-Michel's mother remembers:
"As he was quite small, Vincent was often teased by others at school. My son Jean-Michel had just taken him under his wing. They became inseparable. I am very proud of the path Vincent took But for me, he will always remain a little boy with this beautiful softness in his eyes. Whenever he returns, it feels like a party and one has the impression that he has never left."


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