The Vincent

          MAY/JUNE 2007                             

Who did you write this story for?

It is intended for an audience from 10 to 77 years old, to all those who love storytelling, magic and enjoy the strange and curious creatures that are part of our imagination, our fears. For girls, this is an initiation into the discovery of desire, represented in metaphor by creatures that the heroine meets in the forest. And it is especially for all those who wish to read it!

The story takes place in Brittany. Do you have a special affection for this region?

Yes, I went for the first time when I was ten years old, and I had a real coup de foudre (love at first sight). I was really drawn to the mysterious force of Brittany. Later I went regularly, attracted by this force which was actually revealed in Cornwall or the Forest Broceliande. These are magical places.

Tigurce Oger drew the illustrations for the comibook. Yet, it is said that you are talented as well with the pen, so why didn't you do the drawings in addition to writing the story?

Because he is a real professional, someone who can ensure that Dantesque quality... No, let's be serious... At my level, I cannot claim to be an illustrator!

Tiburce Oger dreams of making this story into a film. What are your thoughts?

Obviously, I have given him advice as far as I can, but going from comics to cinema is a giant step that is not necessarily easy to make. It is a lengthy process in a different environment. In the profession of independent cinema, it is necessary to work with a team.

Are the characters in your story inspired by real people?

Yes, for the character of the playful monk, I was inspired by actor Jame Debouze and for Merlin, actor Jean Rochefort. The princess is directly modeled after my daughters with Titiana's long black curly hair and also her gaze.

You admit that you had difficulty in expressing yourself in this comicbook. You said, "It is not about who can speak the best but who has the best things to say." Is that your experience?

There are people who use the French language extremely well, but they may have little to say in meriting a listener. My problem comes from the fact that my mother is German, my father Spanish, and I spoke for a long time with a Swiss accent.

Vincent's favorite retaurant:  Guy Savoy or La Fontaine Gaillon
Museum: The Orsay Museum
Sculptor:  Ousmane Sow
Wine:  White Horse
Painter: Balthus or Picasso

[Written by Annabelle Milot]


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