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FEBRUARY 1997                                                    

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"In the United States, I am in the ranks of Johnny Depp with an exotic dimension."

Son of a German and a Spaniard, Vincent Perez is Swiss, has the Slavic look and the French culture.With the sequel to The Crow, inspired by the mythical comic book character, he now makes his debut in America.

You are known as Swiss, French of heart, Spanish by your father and German by your mother.  Will you become an American?

No, and not even if I work more and more with them. I feel European, but I like this opportunity. I have decided to work more in both quality and quantity. Those who support me wish to see me obtain status as an international star.

More and more French are doing American films...

American producers are quickly realizing that their films gross more with a foreign actor among their cast. They bridge the gap which improves the marketability of an English-speaking film.

So you don't feel disappointed?

It is a breath of fresh air. Since my childhood, I have never been rooted in one place. To succeed over there requires a sense of humor. It is necessary to accept being the butt of their jokes on TV in front of 120 million viewers, but in order to win them over, you must show you enjoy being among them.

Is your seduction your major asset?

It appears to be the case in the United States. I am in the ranks of Johnny Depp with an exotic dimension. It is a little like what occurs with Antonio Banderas. In France, beauty quickly becomes a handicap.

While falling in love with beautiful women and celebrities like Jacqueline Bisset and Carla Bruni, you did not cooperate with the paparazzi.  Did you suffer from it?

Yes. Earlier in my career, I was too open with the predators. The popularization of the image is the first trick that befalls you when you enter the lion's den. When I played the silly game with the paparazzi, I later regretted it. Private life, especially your love life, is something sacred. From now on, when I'm libeled in the press, I react with lawsuits and lawyers.

You say that "The Crow" is a fairy tale.  Is this angel of destruction the magician of modern times?

My character is not an angel of destruction, but a guardian angel. A kind of shepherd. He knows the inevitability of his destiny and that of others.

Does the death of Brandon Lee, who proceeded you in the first version of "The Crow" weigh heavily on you?

No. I do think of Brandon's mother. For her, and also for his millions of fans who are acquainted with "The Crow" throughout the world, I hope to live up to the character.

What is it that causes fear in our society?

The fact that money is the new god. Money does not interest me. I possess nothing.  I am a savage!

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[Loosely translated from a French interview with Alain Morel]


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