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 February 1997                                                                

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An Angel in Hollywood

After appearing in Fanfan and Cyrano de Bergerac, the new French choice by Hollywood will replace Brandon Lee in The Crow: City of Angels. A hot character made for this fallen angel.

New York... LA... London... Paris... - Vincent perez crosses all
borders at the speed of a supersonic plane. I meet him at 6 am at Roissy Airport where he's about to take an Air France flight to Barcelona. Vincent has invited MAX for a weekend in Sidges, the Spanish Saint-Tropez.

I thought you would be with your last girlfriend, but today you are with your mother. Why?

Well, you should know that I am completely free at the moment. I have no special relationship. My mother is here because she lives nearby and I don't have many opportunities to be with her.

Why have you chosen America to go on with your profession and your life?

In NY I have more freedom and I appreciate it. I don't mean that in France I am so famous that I cannot walk freely without having a bunch of fans jumping on me, but still, I am famous enough as to be obliged to watch out with what I do. In Russia, as in NY, I can go to a restaurant or dance on the table without photographers following me. In the US I
can cry without anyone going immediately around saying that Vincent Perez is in the middle of a depression crisis.

Has this already happened to you?

Dance on tables? Yes! Be depressed?  Not really. I am like a cat. I always land on my paws.

For "The Crow" you follow Bruce Lee's son Brandon, who died in mysterious circumstances while filming. Isn't this too hard?

Well, to me this is a new film that has nothing to do with the previous one. It's another story, even another director. When it was known that I had accepted it, everyone tried to warn me against this choice. The first Crow was the story of Ashe's revenge. Here it's a story of revenge, but also pain and sorrow.

Do you prefer Hollywood to the French movie world?

France has a big ego problem with its stars. As soon as a young actor begins to be successful, the professionals start having doubts. They don't like authors who get quite successful thanks to their job; moreover, the French don't trust good-looking people, nor do directors.

You have been classified as a sex-symbol. How do you live with this?

OK. It's fun! I like having this image because it makes me more sure of myself. Anyhow, I don't really have the impression of being a sex-symbol when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning! It actually sounds more a joke than reality!

How do you react when girls try to seduce you, like today in this plane bringing us to Spain?

I like it. It is good to feel physically desired. In general, I like seduction games and I like to talk to fans.

There were rumors that you were about to be married...

Stop stop... The press often says whatever about my private life. Now I am living in NY and I love this town. It is a transitional phase in my life. I think I'll stay there one more year, but then I don't know.

Do you feel you're a victim in being a celebrity?

A bit. The media brought panic into my private life. I don't try to be talked about by having relationships with actresses or famous women. I'd rather avoid this actually. I still prefer falling in love with a garden and its nice flowers.

You appeared completely naked in "Queen Margot" - nice or difficult?

In France nudity is natural. You're naked, that's all. For love scenes, it's the same. It's not a big deal. I think that it is one of the easiest things to play. You just need to let yourself go and breath at the same rhythm as your partner.

Tell me about your projects...

I am filming a movie with Kathy Bates. It's a British-American production called Amy Foster. For some years now, I have been
meeting actors from all over the world and this is very enriching.

Do you have a woman in your life right now?

No, unhappily I am alone and I don't like it. I am still looking for a companion for life. I am very romantic. In my daily life, so as in my work, I believe that everything I do makes me stronger and more able to love.

[Written by Henry Arnaud and kindly translated by Cinzia Masina]

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