The Vincent

September 26, 2006                                                 


Vincent, Russian women adore you because they know you as a hero and lover. And now you appear in a different role. Aren’t you afraid to disappoint your fans?

I hope to fascinate them very much. I like to add new colors to my palette. It would be stupid not to use this opportunity to broaden my creative career.

In one interview, you said that you did not want to play lovers at all.

I thought about it a lot and I have even started to play in comedies. Finally, I decided to raise my roles to a much higher level.

Weren’t you afraid that taking part in a Russian film could spoil your career?

On the contrary, I hope to show a new side of my talent.

It has been said that because of this film you refused to take part in a film of a French producer.

The information spreads very quickly. Well, there were some problems with agreement in schedules. Now everything is fine, and in the end, I decided that the Russian film is the best choice.

So why did you agree to play Louis?

I liked the script very much. Vadim (Shmelev) gave it to me when he was in France. He was selecting locations for his film there and one day he phoned me and said that he wanted to meet with me. We met. He talked to me about the script and I became interested. Vadim spoke about his next film so passionately, that I was astonished... I longed to read the script. The more I read it, the more I liked it. I rarely play the villain. The producers do not usually offer me such roles.

It’s not your first work in Russia…

Yes. I have already acted in a film by Pavel Loungine.  I worked with the great Russian actor Armen Dzhigarhanjan. This experience was very helpful to me. I came back home with lots of positive memories about my encounters with interesting people and I brought with me a little part of the Russian soul. Unfortunately, I do not have free time to visit my old Russian friends. However, I really want to. I was getting on very well with Sergei Stepanchenko.

Your wife and four children are looking forward to your return home. Have you bought presents for them?

Not yet. But I’d like to buy some toys for my children. I've already brought matreshka (nesting wooden dolls) for them. Some of them were very funny so they were suitable for my 3-year-old children.

What part of a Russian soul did you bring home to France?

The Russians are very emotional and flexible people. They can immediately go from having fun to serious things. We work very seriously on the scene, but sometimes we joke...

How has Russia changed since your last visit?

Russia has been evolving. Moscow is a very comfortable and modern city now. It’s illuminated. There are many shops and people are very fashionable.

Did the film industry change?

It seems to me that this industry is developing rapidly everywhere. Many Russian films are shown all over the world.

What was the last Russian film you saw?

"Night Watch".

You work not only as an actor but also as a director. When will we see your second full-length film?

I shot my second film but I don’t know when it will be shown. The film is in English. It’s called The Secret", a psychological drama. First, it will be shown in the USA and then in France. It's been sold to some other countries.

You have acted with many famous actresses. What was it like to work with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk?

I adore Nastya. We get on very well. She’s like my Russian sister. While we were shooting the film, we were always together but we have to hit each other. Nastya is a very charming woman and outstanding actress. Some sort of chemistry appears when we work together.

You've worked with many beautiful actresses. Who's your favorite?

A difficult question… I adore Sophie Marсeau. She’s my French sister. But at the same time, I adore Nastya. She’s a fascinating actress. It is easy to work with her because she is a pleasant person.

Are there any actors you would like to work with?

I don’t know the Russian actors very well, but I like Robert de Niro and Anthony Hopkins. And I’d like to work with Nicole Kidman. Of course, I can continue this list.


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