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  January 5, 2009                                                       

In the disaster film "Avalanche", Vincent Perez slips into the role of a rescuer caught by his past.

Surrounded by Desiree Nosbusch, Aladin Reibel and Jacques Spiesser, Vincent Perez is the hero of "Avalanche", a Franco-German co-production, a real human and technical challenge costing almost five million. Inspired by a true story, this drama uses many special effects. The main street was completely rebuilt in Munich. Vincent Perez talks about his role, shooting conditions and Paris Enquêtes Criminelles.

Was it difficult making this film with the differences in languages?

As an action movie, it was tough. As a co-production, we spoke in German or English. Better to speak one of these languages! Personally, my mother in German so I'm good on that side.

Tell us about this impressive avalanche.

They were reconstructed with explosives and photos.

Being Swiss, did you feel in your element in the mountains?

I am happy in the mountains. I feel safer and in harmony with nature. Aladin (Reibel) and I climbed in our snowshoes. At the summit I said it was a beautiful place to die.

How did you prepare for this role?

I did some internships with rescuers. They are heroes. I am impressed by both mountain and sea rescuers.

You're in a scene when you're buried under the snow keeping a certain calm. Did you like it?

I should be a doctor. A calm settles on me when there's panic. I can keep a vision of the situation with a cool head. Maybe because I had lots of accidents when I was younger.

What does this film say?

You need to respect nature because it will always be stronger than man.

What are your current projects?

I just finished a film directed by Denis Dercourt. The film will mark my return to cinema in France after a four years' absence. The movie is called "Tomorrow at Dawn" with Jérémie Rénier and Anne Marivin. It was a beautiful experience. I play a pianist. I had to play the piano every day for six months in order to make this film. I can't wait to see it. It will be released in early September.

You also visited the US.

I participated in an American movie called "Inhale" about organ trafficking, based on a true story that happened in Mexico.


[Written by Isabelle Inglebert]


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