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February 1997                                                              

tetucover.jpg (10999 bytes)In some films, he has rapidly become the only possible French response to the influence of young American actors with a nice butt and a nice face. Star of The Crow: City of Angels, directed by Tim Pope, the man who an American magazine (People) named as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World," proves here that in addition to being good looking, he is very intelligent. And so, a myth falls yet again.

Is this infatuation fashionable that Americans have with European actors?

No, it's a natural movement. It started in the United States, but that was twenty years ago. It is the mixture of different cultures. It doesn't matter whether a product for human consumption is found in New York, Tokyo, or here. It's the same thing for actors.

Sex is curiously absent from "The Crow". Why?

It's simply because I am dead. The bullets go through my body without hurting me, without me bleeding. I have no blood so how could I get an erection?

Today actors often appear nude in films. Is it enjoyable to be totally nude while filming?

I did it in Queen Margot, and I honestly felt "very exposed". But, these are also career choices, and I don't want to end mine doing soft porn.

An American magazine has named you one of the 50 most beautiful people on the planet…

That's the price of fame. It escapes me a little. They always have a problem when they do these things each year, because they cannot choose anyone who was chosen the previous year. It's funny. Obviously, it leaves an impression, since so many people are talking about it. I accept it with humor.

They will say that you have succeeded due to your good looks. No?

They have been saying that about me for years. You find that a career is not made with one single film and, therefore, when the time comes that people decree that I only work because I correspond to a certain prototype of beauty, I can't do anything. The other day I was watching Jean Marais being interviewed by Bernard Pivot, and he was making this very true statement: "Cocteau saw in Jean Marais things that Jean Marais did not necessarily see." There will always be those who prefer to say, He has a beautiful mouth rather than he is a good actor."

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Do you have some reticence on the subject of homosexuality?

Not at all. I'm completely at ease with it. I think it's thanks to Chereau. The time I spent in Nanterre did allow me to be very clear about the fact that I am attracted to women.

Your milieu is strictly heterosexual then?

No, not at all. I am attracted to people who assume they are what they are. What really interests me is people who are in love. When one is in love, it's beautiful, and nothing else is really that important. The encounters that interest me are those where the truth comes out. I like that saying by Duras: "It's beautiful how the truth is forever."

And when other guys are in love with you, it must be an embarrassing situation….

Of course, that has happened. But I am very clear with others and with myself, so that way it's easier. If you play a game of seduction or if you return something and then retract it, it's dangerous. I don't believe you should play with people's hearts. That's not my thing.

You have embraced two French stars that gays are particularly fond of – Deneuve and Adjani. What was that like?

Isabelle has become a friend. I like her a lot, like she's part of the family. One feels like protecting her. I dream of working with her again, because encountering her is to start again with a few more diamonds in your treasure chest. She brings you unique moments."

And Deneuve?

With Catherine, I especially shared the discovery of Vietnam, which is a magnificent country. It's something we have in common, which binds us. As for the rest, she's a grand woman, very professional.

[Written by Patrick Thevenin]

[With thanks to Janette Sylvian for her French translation]

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