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Synopsis: Marie-Domenica is the model wife of Bertrand, whose life is governed by overwhelming practices. He is in charge of international building international site and spends much of his time traveling via planes. He also devotes himself to his favorite sport - cycling. A true maniac, Bertrand does not tolerate any change in routine. Marie-Domenica meets all the demands of her husband, dealing with the education of their son and tries to tend to her own desires and aspirations. However, she is dissatisfied. The day comes when she meets Antoine, an impassioned writer of cinema and art, and a worldwind of passion begins. She decides to leave Bertrand, but he will not let her leave so easily.

* * * * *

Production Notes:

Filming began in Paris the week of January 10, 2003 and continued for 11 weeks.









vletter.gif (1289 bytes)"I am a son-in-law, but very far from the ideal one! For the first time, indeed, I won’t play the lover, but the boring husband, stuck in his routine, a true burden for his family. He doesn’t think about anything else other than his job, and becomes detestable to his own wife and child. He is very egoistic, doing nothing more than bouncing his feet on the table when coming back at night; he needs everything to follow his routine: his wine, his meal, his bike-training…all these elements make him a true pain-in-the-neck. I had a lot of fun playing this kind of ‘golden boy’ who crushes everything when he passes by." (To continue reading this interview, click on image below)


Vincent Perez.....Bertrand
Sophie Marceau.....Marie-Domenica
Charles Berling.....Antoine


Directed by.....Diane Kurys
Screenplay by.....Florence Quentin
Cinematography by.....Robert Alazraki
Music by.....Paolo Buonvino

Premiered in France: October 1, 2003

DVD release: April 28, 2004


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