90 minutes

Synopsis:  A romantic comedy. Owners of a trendy metropolitan restaurant in Moscow called "Claude Monet" fall out of favor with local authorities and are forced to move their culinary team to Paris. They will have to start from scratch, but as we know, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Vincent plays an irresistable French chef named Nicolas, who's handsome, a ladies' man and a bit of a snob. A classic love triangle develops between Chef Max (Mark Boyatyrev), the restaurant manager Viktoria (Elena Podkaminskaya) and Nicolas.

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The film's premieres can be viewed at the following links:  St. Petersburg premiere, Jrme's restaurant and Moscow premiere.


Starring: Dmitry Nazarov, Oleg Tabakov, Dmitry Nagiyev, Elena Podkaminskaya & Vincent Perez

Directed by Dmitry Dyanchenko