97 minutes



Maria is a free-spirited thirty-year-old who travels to southern Taiwan to complete the book she is working on. Here, in the coastal city of Kaohsiung, she finds work as a guide for Dutch tourists and meets Olivier, a shy man of her age who shares her aptitude for foreign languages. Despite their very different natures, Maria and Olivier cannot help falling in love and in no time they are being carried away on a whirlwind romance.

Unwilling to assume the responsibilities of motherhood, Maria deals with an unplanned-for pregnancy by having an abortion. Not long afterwards, Olivier begins to show signs of illness and is diagnosed with leukemia. Maria is forced to abandon her plans and heads back to France with her lover, hoping that there is still time to arrest the progress of his life-threatening disease. As her dreams of literary success come to nothing, Maria can only watch as the one true love of her life slips from her grasp.

Production Notes:

Principal photography began in march 2017.




Déborah François ... Maria
 Paul Hamy ... Olivier
Daniel Martin ... Jacques
Christiane Millet ... Sophie-Charlotte
Vincent Perez ... Professeur Deglacière
Aviis Zhong ... Professeur Chen
Nanou Garcia ... Danouta


Directed by Romain Cogitore
Cinematography by Thomas Ozoux
Music by Mathieu Lamboley


Release Date:

France: June 5, 2019


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