95 minutes

Synopsis:  (aka My First Time) Twenty-year-old Zachary is somber and independent. He racks up girlfriends and setbacks at college. Sarah is eighteen and top in her class. A fragile young woman, she fills her emotional emptiness by the total control with which she organizes her life. They have nothing in common, and yet, during a six-month period in their Baccalaureat year, they'll fall in love and nothing will be able to tear them apart. It's the way the first time can be, that searing love that leaves its mark on you for the rest of your life.

Note: Vincent and Judith El Zein play the parents of Sarah (Esther Comar).

Film critic Coralie Agnimel of Abus de Cine predicts the ultra romantic drama might become the new cult film among adolescent girls. The two lead stars - Esther Comar and Martin Cannavo - put in decent performances that reveal the emotions and feelings of first love. Ms. Agnimel acknowledges the film's poetic aspects, but ultimately finds the film far too naive. Yet, with its appealing romanticism, it could appeal to younger and more sentimental audiences. The story was inspired by the director's relationship with her husband (now deceased) showing how love can disrupt a life.


Photos from the January 17, 2012 premiere


Esther Coma - Sarah
Martin Cannavo - Zachary
Vincent Perez - Richard
Lolita Chammah - Juliette
Judith El Zein - Jacqueline
Lilly-fleur Pointeaux - Pauline
Xavier Maly - Jean


Directed by Marie-castille Mention-Schaar
Cinematography by Myriam Vinocour
Original Music by..............Erwann Kermorvant

Opened in French theaters - January 18, 2012

Released on DVD - June 6, 2012

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