95 minutes




Synopsis: (aka Love Bites) Part black comedy and part atmospheric horror film, "Les Morsures de l'aube" satirizes the narcissistic and image-obsessed aspects of European culture. Antoine is a Parisian social leech whose obsession with the latest popular nightclubs has him leading a life of poverty; he sleeps at the local gym, where all of his possessions fit neatly into a single locker. Usually able to talk his way into any supercool establishment, Antoine runs into one club where the bouncers are more reluctant than usual. He makes the mistake of invoking the name of Jordan Charlier, a legendary party promoter, which leads the club owner to offer him a million francs to locate the now-reclusive Jordan. When Antoine agrees, his investigations lead him to a world of underground sex clubs where Jordan's sister Violaine holds sway with a hypnotic power and a penchant for biting the necks of her lovers.



Guillaume Canet........Antoine
Asia Argento........Violaine
Gerard Lanvin........Etienne
Gilbert Melki........Dogman
Jose Garcia........Caniveau
Vincent Perez........Young actor


Directed by Antoine de Caunes
Based on the novel by
onino Benacquista
Screenplay by Laurent Chalumeau
Cinematography by Pierre Aim

Premiered in France on March 21, 2001