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10 February 2018

Vincent seems to be on a mission these days to spread the word about launching the Rencontres du 7e Art Lausanne, a new Swiss cinema event to be held from March 24-28 in the Vaudois capital. Several outlets have posted excellent information for the public in support of Vincent's endeavors but occasionally you come across some nasty folks who don't like to share. The following are bits and pieces I have discovered online.

Not only will classical cinema be the topic but also new technologies and virtual reality as well. Vincent is confident that there is "an incredible demand" because "movie people are very curious and want to know how to make a film that integrates virtual reality or immersive reality." He believes this forum will also offer an opportunity for conversation and exchanges with major international artists. One of the classics to be presented this year will be Barry Levinson's "Rain Man". Certainly, one of my favorite Dustin Hoffman performances.

That's Valeria Golino about to kiss Raymond Babbitt in this photo. You might remember that she played Vincent's wife in the 2011 Karine Silla film, "Un baiser papillon". Vincent himself looks forward to seeing many of the old classics on the big screen, such as "Gone With the Wind". He relates, "When I saw 'Singin 'in the Rain' (1952) a few years ago in the cinema, I was blown away. On the big screen, the movie is a revelation, a colorful jewel that evokes much stronger emotions than on the small TV screen."

Produced in collaboration with the Swiss Cinematheque, the theme of the program will be New Hollywood, a major movement that saw the emergence of a new generation of filmmakers in the late 1960s, breaking with the legacy of classicism. Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Michael Cimino, Al Hashby, Bob Altman and Bob Fosse are all filmmakers affiliated with this movement. On the model of the Lumière Festival in Lyon, the screenings will be introduced by the guests of the Rencontres, among whom are the American directors Barry Levinson and Darren Aronofsky, the British Hugh Hudson and Tim Pope, the Dane Thomas Vinterberg or the French Michel Hazanavicius.

For this first edition, Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne will present some thirty masterpieces and other treasures from the Cinémathèque suisse in six grand cinemas. On the program, projections of mythical works accompanied by exciting public conversations between prestigious personalities (actors, directors and producers) and experts from different fields.

What is the future of cinema? This is the question that Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne will try to answer in this first edition. In the era of movies quickly consumed on screens that fit in our pockets, new dimensions are emerging. Virtual reality, immersive experience, 4DX, cinema, as in "The Purple Rose of Cairo", comes out of the screen to shake us up again and question us about our relationship to the real. R7al will present a selection of virtual reality films as well as the latest avant-garde projects from EPFL.

R7al invites all generations to participate in a reflection around the 7th art. To this end, the event has a powerful creative incubator, and a unique signature in the film world, by partnering with the important schools of the canton of Vaud. Thanks to the support of the city of Lausanne and the Swiss Cinémathèque, its official partners BNP Paribas and Beau-Rivage Palace, and its sponsors, the festival is giving itself the means to bring a new light on the 7th art and to place Lausanne as an essential place to talk about cinema while giving meaning.

For more information, you can watch Vincent in an 11-minute French interview at this link.

* * * * *

Shoot vertical and go to Cannes! Nespresso Talents 2018 is a short film competition dedicated to videos filmed vertically, which favors the emergence of talented young filmmakers while breaking the conventions of cinema. Vincent has volunteered his time to be on the jury along with Myriam Sainz. Three winners will be chosen and invited to Cannes to present their short film as well as receive € 6,000 each.

05 February 2018

Recently Vincent was interviewed on the subject of his new venture. From March 24-28, 2018, he will present his first edition of the Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne. A demonstration on the model of the Lumière Festival of Lyon, of which he is one of the founding members.

Q: Explain to us the concept of these 7th Art Meetings.

Perez: The idea is to discover or rediscover great works of great directors. Between 25 and 30 films, often restored. The restored films gives them a timeless side and makes them a little more accessible. The colors become sublime, the sound too. It's like a rebirth for these great classics. But people will not just see a film. There will also be exchanges with the invited artists, real meetings accessible to everyone, discussions. We will also have a prospective part with a place devoted to virtual reality. And public evenings, especially at D! Club. We want the city to participate in the exchanges. Today we are going more and more towards individual experiences, whereas cinema exists from the moment we see the film together. Emotions then reverberate between us. They are increased tenfold. This is the strength of cinema.

Q: Were not you afraid of competition from the many festivals that already exist in Switzerland?

Perez: Meetings are not a festival. There is no competition, no winners. I want it to be a real place to think about cinema. The idea is to create a sort of Davos Film Forum, with no master class but discussions between artists and those who want to ask questions.

Q: Who will choose the films presented?

Perez: It will be me and the Cinémathèque. For now, we have our hands dirty (Laughs.) We are at work, it is a gigantic work, organization, programming and invitations. There are a lot of people working on it.

Q: Which places will you invest in March in Lausanne?

Perez: One of our sponsors is Pathé. So we will have two rooms in their Galleries cinema and one in the Flon. Films will be screened at the Cinémathèque and Capitole, the biggest cinema in Switzerland. The Capitol is really at the heart of the event. This is also where the opening ceremony will be held on March 24th. Then we will have on March 25 a big projection at Swisstech where we expect 3000 people for the evening of the guest of honor.

Q: Who will be the guests?

Perez: I can not reveal names yet. It's too early. Each guest will come with two to three movies. The main guest will unveil more of his film heritage.

Q: Why did you choose Switzerland?

Perez: I was born in Lausanne and grew up in Penthaz. The idea came to me two years ago when I discovered that the archives of the Cinematheque were in Penthaz, next to the football field where I played all my childhood, where I dreamed so much and where I asked myself a lot of questions about my future. I saw a kind of connection. Then there was my meeting with Frédéric Maire, director of the Cinémathèque. And I saw in this region a beautiful setting for such an event. I often meet people in the movie industry who do not know Lausanne. I saw an opportunity to bring them here and make my region shine.

Q: What will be the place of Swiss cinema?

Perez: We will obviously also involve Swiss actors, actresses, writers and directors. I care a lot.

Q: What is your strongest memory of the Capitol Hall?

Perez: My father took us there to see Charlie Chaplin when there were occasions. The first time, around 7-8 years old, I saw "Les Temps Modernes". I came out completely upset. This must have had a real impact on my choice to make cinema. My most recent memory on the Capitol is when I presented "Alone in Berlin" that I directed. There were a lot of my Swiss friends in the room.

Q: You say "Alone in Berlin" that took you 10 years to direct from Hans Fallada's novel,  has changed you. Could the Rencontres 7e Art have taken place without this film?

Perez: Maybe not (he thinks). I might not have wanted to or had the courage. It takes a lot of courage to start a business like this because you put yourself in danger...

Q: Three months before the launch of your event, are you scared or impatient?

Perez: A mixture of both. I'm scared, but I really want to move on. You have to be a little kamikaze; otherwise, the job doesn't get done. The risk I take in dating is similar to the one I take when I make a film or I'm on stage. You have to be a little crazy for that.

 Photos by Laurent Kaczor, photographer of Lausanne, Switzerland:

03 February 2018

In an interview last week with Swiss paper L'illustré, Vincent reminisced about his childhood. Here are some excerpts -

As a child: "I could be a clown, a little rowdy, but respectful of the teachers. I liked making my friends laugh. It masked my shyness."

His first photographic image: "The first I made was at age 9 - the portrait of Pierre Gisling. He was a painter and a magnificent pedagogue. He has passed on to many children his passion for art - painting, sculpture, photography - particularly through his shows for French-speaking Swiss television. He became my spiritual father, my friend and my brother at heart. He left us a year ago. He is a man for whom I have immense admiration. I miss him terribly. I consider him my second father."

Before photography and drama, there was painting: "I do not know why. I spent a lot of time painting. For a long time, I thought I was going to make it a career. There was no other possibility in my life, apart from football maybe. I played a lot. I met Pierre Gisling by winning a drawing contest. And that saved my life in the sense that the drawing opened an essential door in the making of the child that I was, both psychological and artistic. I painted two guys in a car. A very cinematic plan. One was driving, the other was talking, drinking and smoking. They did not look at the road. Danger! The police in Lausanne organized this contest as part of a prevention campaign (laughter)."

Early cinema experience: "There was the western. Then my dad passed on Chaplin's passion to me. I imitated Jerry Lewis. I watched Laurel and Hardy too. The cinema made a very strong impression on me. It was at the cinema that I became aware of the existence of another world. 'Here,' I said to myself, 'we can have many lives!'

31 January 2018

It was party time with the rich and famous this past weekend. Here's Vincent hanging out with Lambertz CEO Hermann Buehlbecker, who enjoys hosting an annual Schoko & Fashion party. The first set of photos are from the pre-dinner event held Sunday at the Hotel Marriott in Cologne, Germany. The second set is from Monday night's party held at Alten Wartesaal. Looking like quite the playboy, Vincent is joined in some of these photos by Andie McDowell, Nastassja Kinski, Casandra Cava, and Dita von Teese (who forgot to button up or zipper up). So funny... And where was Karine?


* * * * *

On January 27 it was father & son time when Vincent and Pablo attended the Ligue 1 match between Paris Saint Germain and Montpellier Herault SC at Parc des Princes in Paris. Acting like a typical teen, Pablo looks thoroughly bored.

10 January 2018

In America we have "O, the Oprah Magazine" and in Paris a new magazine has been launched by Vincent called "VINCENT". This is the translated description: "Perez, Paris and Photography have never been so well associated. VINCENT is a magazine on Paris whose photography is the thread. These are favorites but also rants. It is a mirror game during which a dialogue takes place between a city, authors and a personality. It's the Paris of a man who is both an actor and a director, who has a passion for photography. It is also a magazine on Paris told and illustrated by thirty photographers, including those from the Hans Lucas studio. VINCENT is a 108-page magazine distributed in a network of booksellers and in Relay press sales outlets. The cover portrait of the magazine was produced by Martin Colombet." Here's the January issue:

And speaking of Oprah, from Paris comes an open letter, published in Le Monde, from 100 French women, including Catherine Deneuve. The letter criticizes the #MeToo movement and warns about a new "puritanism" sparked by recent sexual harassment allegations. Interesting...

BTW, I too take pleasure in my photographs taken during my travels, forever anticipating a place of unique grandeur such as this country road in Wyoming. 

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."    ...Ralph Waldo Emerson

21 December 2017

On Monday Vincent attended the funeral of Carla Bruni's mother-in-law, Andrée Mallah, who died at the age of 92. The first photo shows Carla with husband Nicholas Sarkozy and their daughter. Giulia. The funeral took place at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Two funerals for Vincent in the past two weeks.

Last March Vincent did some photography work in India for Air France magazine. This month the magazine features some of his photos taken in Udaipur during Holi, the Festival of Colors. Karine Silla pens the text of their travels  and describes the country's beauty in poetic language. My eldest son recently returned from Pune, India and yes, he described the mangos and peacocks, but he also spoke of cow dung, the filth and the heavy smells. Guess he should have travelled four hours north to Udaipur.

Truth or fiction? You read a lot of untrue stuff on the Net and often times it's from directors or screenwriters and even actors who fantasize about making a movie when the project actually has no funding. On November 27th, Julie Pendray of Palm Springs Life wrote this about actress Kym Karath: "She has been a print model in Paris and is preparing for the production of her screenplay there in 2018. Twenty Boulevard St. Germain will be directed by Bruce Beresford, she says. Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Perez will act. 'It’s loosely autobiographical,' says Karath. 'It’s about three women who go to Paris for different reasons. It’s a love story.'" 

Flashback: Here's a photo taken in the USA back in November 1994. What a heartthrob!

10 December 2017

Chinese portraitist Zhong Weixing presently has an exhibition running through January 7 at the European House of Photography in Paris. It's called "Face to Face" and shows a series of portraits of other photographers, such as Vincent. Weixing believes when a photographer tries to take a portrait of a fellow photographer, it's a power play. What do you think of his portrait of Vincent? Here's my take. If there's one true facet of Vincent, it's his softness and here it's stripped away resulting in a tough and hardened interior and exterior. There's such anger in his eyes and mouth and his arms and hands portray a man consumed with his physical strength. On the other hand, portraits don't necessarily have to embrace truth.

Hundreds of motorcycles roared down the Champs-Élysées and crowds sang in unison as tens of thousands of fans of Johnny Hallyday, the French rock star who died this past week, lined the streets of Paris yesterday for his funeral procession. Vincent and Karine were among the crowds who came to honor him.

Here's a photo taken on location last year when Vincent and Johnny co-starred in Chacun sa vie.

03 December 2017

On November 30 Iman's parents came to watch their daughter's show jumping at the Masters Three Data Sport event at the Longines Masters in Villepinte. Beautiful horse!

About a month ago when I was posting some of his interviews, I accused Vincent of perhaps attempting to "reinvent himself"  and then today I discover his own quote on his  photography site - "I think life is made of cycles, each cycle requires some courage to get out of your comfort zone. Right now, I'm really in there. Namely: in the reinvention of myself." The truth is you can try to reinvent this new "image" going forward but your past will follow you wherever you go.

01 December 2017

From December 2-23, Fisheye Gallery in Paris will be transformed into a library and photography studio. Publishers and photographers will take over the gallery for the whole month of December. One of the events is called "Family portrait in a Polaroid room with Vincent Perez", which will be held Saturday and Sunday, December 16 and 17 from 1 to 8 pm. Photo information: Format of prints 20 x 25 cm in colour, 150 euros per session. Limited places. Sign up now:

I have neglected to post the absolutely gorgeous film poster for "Hochelaga". Love it!


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