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12 April 2019

On April 1, Vincent and his wife attended the premiere of "Mon Inconnue" in Paris. In the past few months, we've seen these childlike braided pigtails on Roxane Depardieu, Karine's 27-year-old daughter. Now Karine dons them. Why?

In the upcoming film, L'AUTRE CONTINENT (Territory of Love), Vincent plays a doctor. You might remember he took on that role once before in the 2009 American film "Inhale". This film is a France-Taiwan co-production that will debut in France on June 5.  It premiered at the Les Arcs Film Festival in December and Clarence Tsui of The Hollywood Reporter wrote a review. Here are some excerpts:

An aspiring writer’s plans to pen a novel is upended by a literally ill-fated relationship in Territory of Love, French filmmaker Romain Cogitore’s romance drama starring Deborah Francois and Paul Hamy. Boasting beautiful people and scenic landscapes aplenty and effective performances from the leads — with both stars contributing engaging turns in manifesting their characters’ emotional ebbs and flows, and surprisingly convincing delivery of their Mandarin lines — the film should find quite a bit of love in territories well beyond its domestic shores.

'Territory' is at its strongest during its first Taiwan-set half, as Cogitore’s screenplay unleashes Maria’s adventurous, headstrong persona onscreen and sets her up against Olivier’s very different personality traits. While the film does feature quite a few snapshots of touristic landmarks on the island, it never falls into the trap of becoming merely an exotic travelogue; Maria and Olivier are shown to be immersing themselves into the routines of their new surroundings, as the temples, markets and bustling alleyways provide an invigorating playground for them to develop themselves and also their relationship.

Thomas Ozoux’s camerawork manages to effectively convey the characters’ fluctuating physical and emotional states. Florence Vassault’s editing, meanwhile, helps to heighten the tension in the proceedings, especially when the film slowly glides towards terminal-illness melodrama.

11 March 2019

You may have noticed that Vincent's name is among the cast of "At Eternity's Gate", the film about tormented painter Vincent van Gogh during his final years in Arles, France. Vincent's role is so minor that he appears on screen for less than one minute. To the left is a screen capture from one of his scenes. Why does a major French movie star accept such a role! It's a mystery. I saw the film last night and thought that Willem Dafoe in the role of van Gogh was one of his very best characterizations and certainly worthy of an Oscar nomination. I have been a great admirer of Willem's for over 30 years and have seen over 25 of his films. This is not an easy film to recommend because the director's artsy bent [such as actors delivering their lines while staring into the camera] can be overbearing at times but do see it simply for Willem's powerful and beautiful performance! I got a kick out of seeing my favorite Danish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, in the role of a priest when he's played so many bad guys. Actually he has played a priest once before in the black comedy, "Adam's Apples", but this time it was a serious role and he was wonderful, as usual.

So many members of Vincent's family are multi-talented. His stepdaughter Roxane (Depardieu) recently had an exposition of her art work at the Maison Bronzini in Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. Having studied at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, she is now an illustrator, designer, painter and sculptor. Her African roots permeate her work with images of animals and imaginary characters.

Here are some recent photos of Vincent's oldest daughter Iman, looking as beautiful as ever, at the Evian x Virgil Abloh launch party during Paris Fashion Week last month.

The 3rd edition of the Vincennes Images Festival (VIF) will be held May 24-26 with Vincent among its jury members. The contest is dedicated to amateur photography and photography lovers and Vincent has been invited as a photographer and accomplished portrait artist. He said, "I accepted the invitation to meet people and share this passion that we have in common. It's rewarding to have a reflection on photography today, on trends, but also to discover the work of photographers."

Here are some comments Vincent made regarding his photography work:

"It is always rewarding to watch the work of amateur photographers, of which I am a part. I might take the opportunity to show a more recent personal work. I am curious to see how people might react."

"We are watered with images, which provokes a kind of trivialization. I have an Instagram account, on which I post some photos. But I pay attention to this addiction to digital. I ask myself a lot of questions about that. I try to go back to the fundamentals of photography. Take a photo and not thirty-six thousand during a session. To feel this moment, this latent anxiety, of what is created in the image. The work around the old-fashioned printing is of crucial importance to me."

"I have a great passion for Irving Penn's work. This should be blatant on my next series of photos, where I wanted to find these sensations of natural light. I tried to reform a kind of workshop in which I bring characters, a little particular. I like when photography questions. When it jostles sometimes. When there is a unique moment that is created. Unlike my latest works, these are works conducted 'in partnership' with my subjects. We build something together around an exchange, while my photographs of Russia were the result of meetings during a trip."

"There is this quote from American photographer Diane Arbus that I like a lot that said: 'What I like is to go where I have never been.' What I need is that. It's to go where I have not gone yet. If not? Otherwise, it does not make sense anymore."

On Thursday Vincent launched the second edition of the Rencontres 7e art Lausanne, a Swiss festival dedicated to heritage films. Iman attended as well. Here are some photos from the March 7-10 event:

31 January 2019

The action drama, L'INTERVENTION, previously titled "15 Minutes de Guerre", debuted in French theaters yesterday. Directed by Fred Grivois, the film is inspired by the true story back in February 1976 when Somalian rebels in Djibouti took control of a bus carrying schoolchildren. Vincent has a minor role playing Général Favrart. Here are some screen shots of him in uniform along with the film's critique scores.

Going back over 30 years ago, here are a couple photos of a very young Vincent when he attended Patrice Chereau's acting school in Nanterre.

23 January 2019

Back in October, Vincent attended the V Festival of French Cinema in Moscow. The opening film of the festival was Roman Polanski's "D'après une histoire vraie" personally presented by Vincent. During his visit to Russia, he gave several interviews. He was asked what it was like working with Emmanuelle Seigner and Eva Green. He responded, "Eva approaches the work very thoroughly and asks many clarifying questions. She is always looking for something in the image. She works a lot with the director and together they create something. She is very open and benevolent. I would say that she has cinematic magic. And with Emmanuelle, I've known her for a long time. She is an amazing actress. We had a lot of scenes together in this movie. She is energetic and lively. I was very comfortable working with Eva and Emmanuelle.

When asked how he spends his free time, he answered (smiling), "To be honest, I just don't have much of it. Besides being an actor, I also direct, produce and write scripts. Therefore, I have little free time. In addition, I am seriously engaged in photography. Over the past two years, I have had many expositions. And their organization also takes time and effort... Recently I began to wake up at 5:30 in the morning so I can 'feel' the day and have more time. Sometimes, of course, I give myself the opportunity to sleep a little longer. But I noticed the earlier you get up, the better you can tune in to the new day and upcoming events. As for hobbies, I love going to museums, spending time reading. And, of course, watching a good movie!"

Vincent doesn't mention time spent with his family but here's a special photo of him relaxing with his daughter Tess.

On January 21, Vincent attended the première of the film "Les Estivants" at the Cinémathèque in Paris. The film's director, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, has been a close friend of Vincent's for many years so it's no surprise that he would be in attendance.

I've come across some new photos from the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival. The first set is from the opening night on November 30th.

On December 1 the pair attended the tribute to Robert De Niro.

And the next evening they attended the Agnes Varda tribute dinner at La Mamounia.

On December 17th, Vincent & Karine attended the Carla Bruni wax work unveiling at Musée Grévin in Paris.


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