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10 January 2018

In America we have "O, the Oprah Magazine" and in Paris a new magazine has been launched by Vincent called "VINCENT". This is the translated description: "Perez, Paris and Photography have never been so well associated. VINCENT is a magazine on Paris whose photography is the thread. These are favorites but also rants. It is a mirror game during which a dialogue takes place between a city, authors and a personality. It's the Paris of a man who is both an actor and a director, who has a passion for photography. It is also a magazine on Paris told and illustrated by thirty photographers, including those from the Hans Lucas studio. VINCENT is a 108-page magazine distributed in a network of booksellers and in Relay press sales outlets. The cover portrait of the magazine was produced by Martin Colombet." Here's the January issue:

And speaking of Oprah, from Paris comes an open letter, published in Le Monde, from 100 French women, including Catherine Deneuve. The letter criticizes the #MeToo movement and warns about a new "puritanism" sparked by recent sexual harassment allegations. Interesting...

BTW, I too take pleasure in my photographs taken during my travels, forever anticipating a place of unique grandeur such as this country road in Wyoming. 

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."    ...Ralph Waldo Emerson

21 December 2017

On Monday Vincent attended the funeral of Carla Bruni's mother-in-law, Andrée Mallah, who died at the age of 92. The first photo shows Carla with husband Nicholas Sarkozy and their daughter. Giulia. The funeral took place at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Neuilly-Sur-Seine. Two funerals for Vincent in the past two weeks.

Last March Vincent did some photography work in India for Air France magazine. This month the magazine features some of his photos taken in Udaipur during Holi, the Festival of Colors. Karine Silla pens the text of their travels  and describes the country's beauty in poetic language. My eldest son recently returned from Pune, India and yes, he described the mangos and peacocks, but he also spoke of cow dung, the filth and the heavy smells. Guess he should have travelled four hours north to Udaipur.

Truth or fiction? You read a lot of untrue stuff on the Net and often times it's from directors or screenwriters and even actors who fantasize about making a movie when the project actually has no funding. On November 27th, Julie Pendray of Palm Springs Life wrote this about actress Kym Karath: "She has been a print model in Paris and is preparing for the production of her screenplay there in 2018. Twenty Boulevard St. Germain will be directed by Bruce Beresford, she says. Catherine Deneuve and Vincent Perez will act. 'It’s loosely autobiographical,' says Karath. 'It’s about three women who go to Paris for different reasons. It’s a love story.'" 

Flashback: Here's a photo taken in the USA back in November 1994. What a heartthrob!

10 December 2017

Chinese portraitist Zhong Weixing presently has an exhibition running through January 7 at the European House of Photography in Paris. It's called "Face to Face" and shows a series of portraits of other photographers, such as Vincent. Weixing believes when a photographer tries to take a portrait of a fellow photographer, it's a power play. What do you think of his portrait of Vincent? Here's my take. If there's one true facet of Vincent, it's his softness and here it's stripped away resulting in a tough and hardened interior and exterior. There's such anger in his eyes and mouth and his arms and hands portray a man consumed with his physical strength. On the other hand, portraits don't necessarily have to embrace truth.

Hundreds of motorcycles roared down the Champs-Élysées and crowds sang in unison as tens of thousands of fans of Johnny Hallyday, the French rock star who died this past week, lined the streets of Paris yesterday for his funeral procession. Vincent and Karine were among the crowds who came to honor him.

Here's a photo taken on location last year when Vincent and Johnny co-starred in Chacun sa vie.

03 December 2017

On November 30 Iman's parents came to watch their daughter's show jumping at the Masters Three Data Sport event at the Longines Masters in Villepinte. Beautiful horse!

About a month ago when I was posting some of his interviews, I accused Vincent of perhaps attempting to "reinvent himself"  and then today I discover his own quote on his  photography site - "I think life is made of cycles, each cycle requires some courage to get out of your comfort zone. Right now, I'm really in there. Namely: in the reinvention of myself." The truth is you can try to reinvent this new "image" going forward but your past will follow you wherever you go.

01 December 2017

From December 2-23, Fisheye Gallery in Paris will be transformed into a library and photography studio. Publishers and photographers will take over the gallery for the whole month of December. One of the events is called "Family portrait in a Polaroid room with Vincent Perez", which will be held Saturday and Sunday, December 16 and 17 from 1 to 8 pm. Photo information: Format of prints 20 x 25 cm in colour, 150 euros per session. Limited places. Sign up now:

I have neglected to post the absolutely gorgeous film poster for "Hochelaga". Love it!

28 November 2017

Today The Hollywood Reporter announced some exciting news - In 1988, director Francois Girard saw his drama The Red Violin earn composer John Corigliano the Academy Award for best original score. Now the Quebec director wants his latest movie, HOCHELAGA, LAND OF SOULS, to secure a nomination after being chosen by Canada as its Best Foreign Language Film contender for an Oscar.

"It's always a tough race, but we've done a film that's deeply rooted in our culture, and it speaks honestly about who we are," says Girard, an Academy member himself, of the movie's Oscar chances.

Canada has a good track record in the Oscar's foreign language category... Girard recently walked the AFI film fest red carpet as part of the Oscar campaign for Hochelaga, but he doesn't want to take chances in predicting an Oscar win.

"As for any award competition, there are so many factors beyond my radar," he says. "I don't want to make any guesses. But we're proud of the film, and we hope we go all the way."

As many of you know, I manage several celebrity blogs/archives by Coymoon Creations, one being The Michael Nyqvist Archives. One of Micke's last films is Denmark's contribution for Best Foreign Language Film - Du forsvinder, in which the late Michael Nyqvist plays a lawyer. Director Peter Schønau Fog has shown me kindness and I am definitely rooting for his film!

Vincent's last film, BASED ON A TRUE STORY (D’après Une Histoire Vraie), directed by Roman Polanski, didn't fare too well in France where it opened this month. Roman's wife Emmanuelle Seigner stars as writer Delphine with Vincent as her love interest Francois and Eva Green as Delphine's obsessed stalker. Here is an overview from the French film critics. You can click on the image for a higher resolution.

Giovanni Marchini Camia of The Film Stage writes, "A psychological thriller directed by Roman Polanski and co-written by Polanski and Olivier Assayas – elevator pitches don’t get much more promising than that. Sadly, the lackluster outcome proves there’s no guaranteed recipe for success. Based on a True Story, adapted from the prize-winning novel by Delphine de Vigan, revisits territory Polanski has mined time and again over the course of his long career. Perhaps too many times, as the film feels like the work of an author thoroughly bored with his material, a sentiment impossible not to share as a viewer."

"On a directorial level, Based on a True Story is just as uninspiring. Polanski sleepwalks his way through the film, manifesting precious little of the skill and invention that fueled the slow-burn suspense and sinister atmospheres of superficially similar works such as Rosemary’s Baby and Repulsion. The most perverse aspect of Based on a True Story is its resolution: after two hours of insipid build-up, the film abruptly closes on a note so anticlimactic that it barely qualifies as an ending."

In an interview four months ago, Vincent discussed the controversial director in this youtube video, and a month ago, Polanski's name came up again as he faced new rape allegations following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

17 November 2017

Vincent is presently in Sydney, Australia starring in another Bruce Beresford film. They previously worked together in "Bride of the Wind" (2001), which was such a disaster, scoring only 11% at Rotten Tomatoes. Hopefully, this new pairing will prove more successful. The name of the film is LADIES IN BLACK, adapted for the screen by Beresford and  Sue Milliken from Madeleine St John’s 1993 bestselling novel, "The Women in Black". The cast includes Julia Ormond as Magda Szombatheli, Angourie Rice as Lisa Miles, Rachael Taylor as Fay Baines, Alison McGirr as Patty Williams, Vincent as Magda's Hungarian husband Stefan, Ryan Corr as Rudi, Susie Porter and Shane Jacobson as Lisa's parents and Noni Hazlehurst as Miss Cartwright. Set in Sydney in the summer of 1959, against the backdrop of Australia's cultural awakening, breakdown of class structures, and liberation of women, it tells the coming-of-age story of suburban schoolgirl Lisa, who while waiting for her final high school exam results with dreams of going to the University of Sydney, takes a summer job at a large department store. Here she works side-by-side with a group of saleswomen who open her eyes to a world beyond her sheltered existence and foster her metamorphosis.

On Tuesday, November 7, Vincent and his wife attended a night of music listening to Gerard Depardieu pay homage to Barbara, one of France's best known singers. The event was called "Depardieu Chante Barbara" at Le Cirque d'Hiver in Paris. The night before Karine brought daughter Iman to the show. She doesn't look too happy posing with her mother's ex-lover, but then again she normally pouts. Have her fashion agents told her not to smile? I don't know why Roxane didn't attend since Gerard is her father.

On November 9th Vincent and Karine accompanied 18-year-old Iman for the inauguration of the new Miasuki Collection for equestrians. Created by Mia S. Lei, the brand offers unique, innovative and revolutionary pieces combined with a dynamic and chic style. Ideal for all those who want to combine sport and elegance. I can't help myself. In the words of Annie Hall, let me say, "la-di-da!"

31 October 2017

On October 25 Vincent walked the red carpet at the opening ceremonies of the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival. And I have to admit I don't have a clue why he was there except to be photographed.

Here's a very young Vincent at the Tokyo International Film Festival 25 years ago.

On the occasion of the Lumiere Festival, the House of Books, Pictures and Sound hosted a master class with Vincent on Saturday, October 21. At that time he presented his photography book, "Un Voyage en Russie".

For the next month, the Maison de la Photographie in Lille, France is hosting Vincent's "Identities" exhibition. The gallery opened on October 20 with Vincent in attendance.

View more photos here

Over the past ten days Vincent has given several interviews in regard to his ambition as a photographer. He says that during filming, he always had a camera with him because the photos allowed him to remember the scenes. He says, "I eventually discovered the freedom linked to photography compared to the laborious work as a team and the long course of a film. Photography is a project that can be sated more quickly and in solitude. And as I am rather a loner, it suits me." I definitely do not think of Vincent as a loner but rather as a people person. Is he trying to re-invent himself?

"What interests me with photography is to enter the lives of others. I try to make sure that the presence of the subject exists in the image - to capture a piece of soul."        ...Vincent Perez

He says he was attracted to Russia because "it's a destination where others do not go. It is far from mass tourism. Once there, you have the feeling of discovering things. And I need to think outside the box." The images from Russia were made during four trips he made with writer Olivier Rolin. They include portraits, small crafts, landscapes, roads, cities, industrial sites or festival scenes. The photos are in both color and black and white, showing the country without embellishment. He says, "I took the example of August Sander." He has not finished his project on the Congolese community in Paris. He says, "I do not have enough images yet to make a book." He also mentions other "more ambitious" projects for which he is seeking funding.

15 October 2017

The online cultural magazine, Mowwgli, interviewed Vincent in regard to his "Un Voyage en Russie" exhibition this month at the Gallery Folia. He explained his history with Russia began in his adolescence studying Constantin Stanislavski and Chekhov. He first visited in 1995 when filming "Ligne de vie", directed by Pavel Lounguine. He said, "I stayed three months in Moscow. I met the people in the Chechen mafia on this shoot. In this post Perestroika period, Moscow was divided among a dozen mafias. It was a completely crazy and dangerous period. Since then I return regularly. Many of my films have been released in Russia and I have accompanied them."

When asked how he approached his subjects in his portraits, he explained, "In general, I do not talk much when I photograph. As part of the photos taken for the book, Olivier Rolin was the one who began the discussion. This gave me time to find my frame, the place where the light was most interesting. I sometimes used a flash. I listened and joined the discussion, drawing attention to the photographic moment we were about to share. I'd say a few words in Russian and make a gesture asking them not to express anything. They wondered what that meant. The idea of not expressing anything often causes a fall of masks. The subject finds himself stripped and defenseless. It allows us to see a little further into him. The picture is already taken. But it is not a systematic device. I also like to become invisible and to be forgotten."

He continues, "The Shaman, Solbon Bo, did not want to be photographed. We stayed a good part of the Buryat New Year's Day. He indulged in ritual songs to the rhythm of his tambourine. The host of the house, a bronze sculptor, finally convinced him to be photographed. It was a first time, he said. I was only allowed a limited number of shots. The shaman turns to me after putting on his fur pelts, mask of strips, ribbons, bells, bear claws, and rattling pieces of metal skeleton. I take the picture just before he enters a trance. The shaman, growling, spitting, scolding, roaring, sits on a small stool. His ancestor has just taken possession of him."

Also included in this interview was this "If I were" questionnaire, which Vincent replied to.

If I were a work of art: "The Wrestlers" by sculptor Ousmane Sow
If I were a museum: The MoMA in New York
If I were an artist: Pele
If I were a book: The man who loved dogs (Pandura)
If I were a movie: The Wizard of Oz by Victor Fleming
If I were a piece of music: Mozart's Enchanted Flute
If I were a photo hanging on a wall: The photo of Mohamed Ali that I have in my office
If I were a quote: "Where there is a will, there is a way"
If I were a feeling: Passion
If I were an object: A film camera, medium format
If I were an expo: Irving Penn at the Grand Palais in Paris
If I were a place of inspiration: Space
If I were a brew: Le château la Tour
If I were a Hero / Heroine: A Heroine
If I were a garment: A hat

And to my surprise, this magazine also included this darling photo of a young Perez putting on a puppet show.


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