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11 September 2018

Vincent is now in the US visiting New England today, most likely because his son Pablo is now attending Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut. Apparently, they have an excellent basketball program. Twin sister Tess will certainly miss him. I love this sweet photo of her, most likely taken by her photographer father.

Last night LADIES IN BLACK premiered at the State Theatre in Sydney. September 20th is the actual date of its theatrical release when more reviews will be available. Travis Johnson of Filmink writes, "It’s not so much a journey to be taken as an experience to luxuriate in, taking in the detailed period setting, vibrant camera work, gorgeous fashions, and winning, charismatic performances... The men are sidelined a little but that’s to be expected and besides, performers the calibre of Corr and French actor Vincent Perez, who plays Magda’s husband Stefan, are smart enough to know their job here is to accentuate the women at the centre of the film, bringing colour and character but never overshadowing the real stars." Producer Sue Milliken agrees pointing out that it is often difficult for Australian films to connect with audiences internationally but she hopes the film's inherent charm and the internationally-known cast including Julia Ormond, Vincent Perez, Ryan Corr and rising star Angourie Rice will resonate.

01 September 2018

Sony Pictures has announced that director Bruce Beresford will return to Sydney to celebrate the Australian Premiere of LADIES IN BLACK at the historic State Theatre on September 10th. Set in the summer of 1959, when the impact of European migration and the rise of women’s liberation is about to change Australia forever, a shy schoolgirl  takes a summer job at the prestigious Sydney department store, Goode’s. There she meets the "ladies in black", who will change her life forever.

Though Vincent is in the cast playing Julia Ormond's husband Stefan, neither Vincent nor Julia will be present at the premiere. September 20th has been set as the film's theatrical release in Australia. There are no other release dates at this time. Speaking about the film, producer and co-writer Sue Milliken said: "Bruce and I have always believed this film will delight audiences; it is a life affirming story which is also a lot of fun and is so true to Madeleine St. John’s beautiful novel."

Vincent's filmography now includes three more films in which he takes on very minor roles. Last summer, production began on LES ESTIVANTS (The Summer House), written and directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Once again playing the lead role in her film, the actress-director is joined by Pierre Arditi, Valeria Golino, Noémie Lvovsky, Laurent Stocker, Bruno Raffaelli and Marisa Borini (Valeria's mother who has appeared in all her daughter's movies). It will be screened at the upcoming Venice Film Festival next week with a theatrical release in France on December 26.

The second film was also shot last year. It's called 15 MINUTES OF GUERRE, a true  war story, directed by Fred Grivois. In February 1976, Somalian terrorists hijacked a bus carrying French children in Djibouti City and drove it to the small town of Loyada, the official border crossing from Djibouti into Somalia. France sent a special operations unit of the French National Gendarmerie. The hostages were rescued under covering fire from Somali border troops and the unit became one of France’s premier counter-terror special forces, the GIGN. The cast includes Olga Kurylenko, Alban Lenoir, Kevin Layne Sébastien Lalanne, Michael Abitboul, Guillaume Labbé, David Murgia, Ben Cura and Josiane Balasko. Its release date is to be announced.

Presently filming in London is THE AERONAUTS, an Amazon Studios production, directed by Tom Harper. Set in 1862, the film tells the story of a wealthy young widow and an ambitious scientist who mount a perilous hot-air balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. As their ascent reveals their true selves, the unlikely pair discover things about each other and themselves that help them find their place in the world they’ve left below. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones take the lead roles joined by co-stars Tom Courtenay, Anne Reid, Rebecca Front, Tim McInnerny, Phoebe Fox and Himesh Patel.

30 August 2018
Today's NY Times:

PARIS —  Gerard Depardieu, a versatile international actor whose career has spanned more than 40 years and 200 movies, has been accused by a young actress of sexually assaulting her on two occasions earlier this month at his home in the fashionable Sixth Arrondissement, the French news media reported... A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said a preliminary investigation into the allegations of rape and sexual assault was underway. If the investigation warrants a formal inquiry, the case will proceed to the next step. The prosecutor’s office would not comment further and did not name the woman who had made the accusations. Mr. Depardieu is the second prominent French film figure to be accused of rape this year, after the director Luc Besson. The reaction to the well-documented accusations against Mr. Besson has been relatively muted when compared with similar charges against American celebrities.

Strangely, Vincent's wife Karine Silla has a child by Depardieu and his sister-in-law Virginie Silla has three children by Besson.

07 August 2018

The biggest horse show in the world, the CHIO in Aachen, not only offers equestrian sport par excellence, but also a number of social highlights. The top event was the CHIO Media Night on July 17th. Prof. Hermann Bühlbecker, sole owner of the Lambertz Group and a main sponsor of this glamorous gala and co-host, welcomed many national and international celebrities from sports, show business and politics. Among the guests were Vincent and Natassja Kinski.

I've posted a new photo gallery of a book event that took place on May 31 at the La Librairie du Globe in Paris. "Un voyage en Russie", published by Delpire Editor, was presented with both Vincent and writer Olivier Rolin in attendance. Vincent's favorite quote about Russia is "The hearts of Russians are as vast as Russia" and to represent this vastness, the authors decided to cross the country of Arkhangelsk in the North, Astrakhan in the South, Saint Petersburg, in the West, and Ulan-Oude in the East. To make the portraits, Vincent was inspired by the approach of the great German photographer of the twentieth century August Sander, whom he admires. Like the latter, to get into the heart of what is called cultural identity, Vincent met representatives of different trades: carpenters, peasants, sailors, mechanics, fishermen, artists, waiters, but also characters more exotic like the Cossacks, the shamans, the Buddhist monks or a "tree-man", pleading for the plant cause in the streets of Arkhangelsk. The book is not meant to be a tourist guide. It cannot satisfy travelers looking for curiosities or beautiful postcards. But it can serve as a guide helping to break through the wall of mistrust and ignorance of this country that represents a wide range of peoples, cultures and religions.


Here is a poster from his upcoming book exposition:

20 July 2018

This photo was taken last fall when Vincent did a book signing for two of his books - the more recent "Un Voyage en Russie" and "Le Paris du Cinéma" published in 2011.

Here are some excerpts from an interview with Vincent back in May.

Q: Is it not hard to see yourself on screen at 26 years old when you're now 53?

VP: On the contrary, I still feel young and, at the same time, I am much more constructed, less delivered by chance. I direct, I make photo projects and so many other things that fascinate me. When I was a young actor, I tended to ride the wave, letting myself be carried along with the proposals. Today, it's me who creates the waves.

Q: You do not even regret your young handsome years when you shot a lot in Hollywood for example?

VP: No regrets. I had a lot of fascinating encounters when I shot in American productions. At the same time, let's be honest, I did not really make great movies in those years. The most positive thing is that even today I work almost more abroad than in French cinema. At the time, I managed to make a name for myself internationally.

Q: You shot recently in Australia, Canada, you were in Russia for a photo project ... not to mention Lausanne. How do you organize?

VP: I have an exceptional woman (Karine). Last year, I went around the world four times for my work and it was way too much. Fortunately, I can count on my wife because it is never easy for us to travel together because of the school year and everyone's activities.

Q: What kind of father is Vincent Perez?

VP: I am a cool dad but strict at the level of education. I have always taught our children to take their future into their own hands, especially in school work. I'm lucky because each of my children has a real passion, which makes my role of father much simpler because they do not need me to motivate them.

Q: Your eldest 19-year-old daughter, Iman, follows in your footsteps in acting, but she is also a model. Do you try to avoid the traps of fashion or celebrity?

VP: My daughter is so structured in her head that she deserves all our trust. Beyond fashion, Iman is mostly a rider.

Q: You have 15-year-old twins, a girl, Tess, and a boy, Pablo. Will they be artists?

VP: No, my son wants to become a professional basketball player and he is going to enter the Putnam Science Academy this year, which is the largest basketball school in the United States. He leaves us. It will be hard for him and very hard for us to have him so far, but he knows what he wants and my role is to support him.

Q: And your daughter Tess?

VP: Tess is the one closest to us. Her passion is singing.

Q: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

VP: I'm going to China soon to make a third film ("Turnadot") with Sophie Marceau. My look and my current beard is for the purposes of this feature film... Sophie is a friend and a dream partner. She is still beautiful and our duo works well.

The bearded Perez...

I have updated Iman's model page so check out all her new photo shoots.

Interesting photos. Agree?

09 July 2018

For the third year in a row, Vincent has sat on the jury for the annual VR Arles Festival. This past week a short interview was posted during the festival.

Q: You are a faithful member of the VR Arles Festival. In what way does the event seduce you?

VP: It is true that I am a little part of the furniture! But it fascinates me to see developments in the field of virtual reality, to observe in what direction it goes. It opens the mind to other possibilities so it interests me, quite simply.

Q: We associate you with classic cinema. What future do you predict for this movie format?

VP: We are at the beginning of the genre and the field of possibilities is widening. It's like the very beginning of cinema: there is still a whole world that will open, it will become more democratic. Soon, anyone will be able to buy a headset, plug in their phone and see a report broadcast by a newscast in total immersion. With virtual reality, we can find ourselves in the middle of a village bombed in Syria. There is this feeling of being there, this feeling of teleportation that makes us more easily aware of other realities than ours.

Q: Would you like to work on a virtual reality film as an actor or director?

VP: Yes, I am absolutely not closed on it. I think about it, but you have to leave that to the professionals of the genre.

Q: Beyond the festival, what attracts you to Arles?

VP: I'm also a photographer, so it's wonderful to be here right in the middle of my passion. And the city is nice, the people are nice, there is a very cool side that I like very much. Whether it's Forum Square or wherever, wherever you go, you feel good here. I am always very happy to come back to Arles.

06 July 2018

Happy Birthday to Vincent's wife Karine who turns 53 today! Born from a Breton mother and a Senegalese father, Karine Anne Silla was born in Dakar. Here are a couple pictures by photographer Jean-Marie Marion. They're undated but I would guess they were taken at least ten years ago.

Because 2017 marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan, a program of cultural, political and sporting events were planned. On October 14, THE PRICE OF DESIRE was screened at Bunkamura Cinema in Tokyo. The film recounts the complex relationship between the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of modern architecture (played by Vincent) and the Irish architect and furniture designer, Eileen Gray. I've posted some of the Japanese posters and new photos that were used to publicize the film.

21 June 2018

Last week Vincent's wife Karine participated in the Cabourg Film Festival as a jury member. The first two photos show her with daughter Tess on the red carpet during the closing ceremony on June 16.

Another family member has come to my attention recently. I had no knowledge of Alexiane Silla until this week. Karine's Franco-Senegalese brother fathered her in 1992. Her mother is white, the daughter of a Canadian diplomat. Alexiane is a singer-musician and last year one of her songs made it to the soundtrack of  uncle Luc Besson's film "Valerian". She spent her childhood in Dakar and has lived in Quebec since she was 9. These photos show her and her mother at the Montreal premiere of "Hochelaga" in September.

Following two highly successful previous events, the VR Arles Festival returns to Couvent Saint-Césaire in Arles between July 2 and August 26 for its third year. The festival aims to bring virtual reality cinema, documentary film and artistic creation into the spotlight. The opening week from July 2-8 will be devoted to a competition judged by a jury presided over by Actress Marie Gillain. Sitting on the jury will be Vincent joined by Charlotte Abramow, Christopher Miles, Christophe Ono-dit-Bio, Marie Guillaumont and James Thierrée. 17 films will compete in four categories.

From November 8 to 12, 2018, Paris Salon de la Photo will be back at the Parc des Expositions in Porte de Versailles. This year Vincent has the honor to host the ceremony. The fair features most of the biggest brands of the picture world with over 180 brands represented. For five days, they reveal their novelties as well as their originalities. The Salon de la Photo will also award two photographers with the ZOOM du Public award and ZOOM de la Presse Photo award.

Blast from the Past: I've never seen this photo which was featured in a 1995 edition of El Pais. How do you like the cigarette? Smoking is such a nasty habit. The article describes Vincent as "The Great European Seducer". The caption reads, "To Vincent Perez, love scenes seem simpler than drinking a cup of coffee. This actor displays a catalog of seductive tricks in Queen Margot. In Tentaciones, the magazine that is offered with EL PAÍS, he bares his feelings and confesses his difficult co-existence with beauty.



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