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  28 February 2000

I've now added the two photos that go with the interview from the January 2000 issue of Cinelive magazine. I like them both very much, especially the first one with him clad in a black leather jacket wearing that bad boy look.

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The New York Times recently advertised the Ralph Appelbaum's Filmmakers Dialogue, New York's premier film preview series. For ten weeks this spring, you can preview new studio and independent releases and meet the films' actors, directors, writers or producers.  Included among the 17 films to be featured is I Dreamed of Africa. Who knows who will show up to represent the film? And speaking of the film, newspapers around the country are announcing the upcoming movies through May - this is what they're saying about it - "Based on a true story. Kim Basinger plays an adventurous woman who flees her comfortable but monotonous life to romp through the wilds of Africa with her patient new hubby (Vincent Perez) and impressionable young son (Liam Aiken) in tow." 

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I've posted a 1998 interview in regard to Vincent's role as Viviane in Those Who Love Me... Our gratitude to Cinzia Masina for her translation.

  14 February 2000

Both Le Libertin and Epouse-moi will be featured at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California from February 23-29. The AFM is the largest independent motion picture event in the world, and though mainly targeted for producers and distributors, it is still open to the public. However, tickets are not available for private screenings. The purchase of a badge for $95 allows access to all 350 films.

In case you haven't seen the trailer for Le Libertin, you'll be happy to know that Vincent once again appears "butt naked" in more than one scene! But in the meantime, here's a special valentine photo. It's from the book "Men Before Ten A.M." by Pam Houston and Veronique Vial. The caption reads "Vincent has a long beautiful body and soft and gentle hands. He talked about everything instantly, as if there were no barriers between him and the rest of the world."  Enjoy! (click on heart)

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  26 January 2000

For those living in the San Jose, CA area, Beyond the Clouds is being screened this week at the Camera 3 Cinemas at 4:45 and 8:55 pm.

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There's a new interview with Vincent conducted by Gaumont Films in regard to his latest film Epouse-moi. Now, thanks to Cinzia Masina, we have the translated interview.

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It was especially gratifying to see Vincent featured in the latest issue (Dec-Jan-Feb) of a new avante-garde magazine called Black Book, which refers to itself as "progressive culture." Journalist Victoria Young spoke with our man back in August when he was in New York for the US premiere of Those Who Love Me... Some of us Perez fans, including yours truly, went into Greenwich Village to see the movie, never suspecting that Vincent, wife Karine and baby Iman were staying at their Tribeca apartment, not far from the Village Cinema where the film was playing.

  19 January 2000

Thanks to the efforts of our multi-lingual Cinzia Masina, we have another translated interview, this time from the March 1995 issue of the Spanish magazine Fotogramas. If the photo looks familiar to you, it should. The same photo was used in the June 1991 issue of French Premiere magazine, so it makes for a much younger-looking Perez than he actually was in 1995. In this interview we finally discover Vincent has a brother Carlos and a sister Estrella, and it's fascinating to read his comments on Gerard Depardieu, Isabelle Adjani and Jacqueline Bisset. Of course, little did he know back then that Gerard's daughter Roxane would end up being his own daughter Iman's half sister.

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Today Epouse-Moi premiered in France! All the critics seem to agree in their evaluation of this film giving it two stars (out of four) except for Telerama and Le Monde, which gave it only one star. So far the actors aren't being faulted for their performances; it's more a problem of the actual script. It will be interesting to see what fans think of this film though.

  14 January 2000

Below is a two-page photo from the December 1998 issue of Elle magazine in which the dresses worn by Karine and daughter Roxane were featured as well as all the details of the events leading up to the Perez/Silla wedding. More photos will be added when the translation of the article is completed. Actual wedding photos are on their way!

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Two more translated interviews have been added thanks to Cinzia Masina. The first is one from the cinema magazine at in regard to The Crow: City of Angels and the second one is from a Club Internet chat that Vincent participated in on August 25, 1996.

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The interview from the June/July 1998 issue of L'Optimum magazine has been translated revealing more information as to just how extraordinary Vincent Perez is. We also discover how close he came to starring in A Perfect Murder alongside Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. Though I happen to be a fan of Viggio Mortensen and was fond of his role as Gywneth's artist boyfriend, the film would have been even more appealing with Vincent.

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There's also a new article called "Vincent le Magnifique". It's from the June 1991 issue of French Premiere magazine with a photo of a very young-looking Perez. Many thanks to Cinzia Masina for devoting her time this week to translating some of the overload of foreign articles!

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Le Temps Retrouve is now available in France in both video and DVD format. London's Daily Telegraph (01-07-00 edition) recently described it as "perfectly managed" and "magical" and "a lovely film to remember and be remembered by... Decadent Paris flappers glide across the screen - brilliantly realized here, with Catherine Deneuve as Odette, Emmanuelle Beart as Gilberte, Vincent Perez as Morel, John Malkovich as Baron de Charlus, Pascal Gregory as Saint-Loup - and they seem to convey a whole world of moral and social particularity as they pass by. They are present on screen in a way that is wholly cherishable." Le Temps Retrouve was featured throughout England from September to December as part of the Martell French Cinema Tour.


Ah, a wedding teaser from the December 1998 issue of Elle magazine. The photo below shows French designer Christian Lacroix giving the final touches to Karine's gorgeous wedding  gown of ivory satin and lace. The groom wore Giorgio Armani. The 200-guest wedding of 35-year-old Vincent and 33-year-old Karine Silla was held at Sainte-Clotilde Church in the Seventh District of Paris on December 18, 1998. More wedding photos and articles to follow!

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I recently received the June 17, 1993 copy of Cine Tele Revue with Sophie Marceau and Vincent on the cover. Inside is an interview with these two stars of Fanfan. Since it may be a while before the translation is done, I thought I'd go ahead and at least post the photos. The quality isn't as crisp as I'd like due to the quality of the paper, which is more like what you would get as a TV supplement in your local newspaper.


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