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  23 May 2006

Vincent is presently in Paris filming another costume drama called LA POMPADOUR. It's a television mini-series financed by France 2 and RTBF. Filming began April 14 and will continue through mid-June under the direction of Robin Davis. It will be televised in two 90-minute segments. Helene de Fougerolles stars as Madame de Pompadour, the famous mistress of King Louis XV. It's a role she inhabited once before when she co-starred with Vincent in FANFAN LA TULIPE. However, whereas Didier Bourdon took on the role of her regal lover in that movie, Vincent will now play the King. The cast also includes Rosemarie Vaulee, Charlotte de Turckeim, Damien Jouillerot, Charlotte Valandrey, Jennifer Decker, Chloe Stefani, Lea Wiazemsky, Francois Derec, Patrick Raynal, Jean-Louis Foulquier, and Jerome Domenge. Eight days of filming took place at the Chateau de Chantilly, a stand-in for the Versailles Palace. With a budget of five million euros, it's an expensive production which involves many sets, costumes and wigs. Sensuality is promised us. Vincent regards his role as traveling back in time. He says, "To incarnate the King, I've studied the codes of conduct with a historical adviser in the manner of speaking, moving and greeting. The King has to exude authority. Dress and speech are useful to me. With the wigs and costumes, I isolate myself within the character."

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Vincent took a break from filming to attend the premiere of "Selon Charlie" at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, May 20th. Vincent and Karine also attended a benefit for UNICEF at Cannes on Saturday evening. You can view the photos at the new Cannes 2006 Gallery by clicking on the photo below.

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Many thanks to a David Duchovny fan who sent along these two photos from THE SECRET - one is a production photo showing Vincent directing David and Olivia Thirlby and the second is a scene from the film. Still no news on a release date.

  16 May 2006

I realize I haven't posted any news to this web site since January but until recently I hadn't come across anything new except for photos from several social events. But today I do have a bit of news plus an interview. I have no update on THE SECRET, which had originally been scheduled for a premiere date of April 12th in Paris. Currently the production company isn't showing a release date. David Duchovny fans must be very disappointed. Vincent returned to acting last December with a film called UN LENDEMAIN MATIN, made for French television.  Directed by Marian Handwerker, the telefilm was shot in Belgium and is based on the book by Marc Uyttendaele. It also stars Yves Degen and Christian Cahay. According to La Libre, Vincent refers to the project as "an intelligent telefilm, which avoids the stereotypes and contains characters with multiple facets." It will be shown on France 2 this year.

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On March 28th Vincent and Karine attended the Paris premiere of "Jean-Philippe" starring their friend Johnny Hallyday. A few days earlier they had celebrated the 10th wedding anniversary of Johnny and his wife Laeticia. The event sported a western theme, thanks to the decorating talents of Karine. The guests included Fabrice Luchini, Paul and Luana Belmondo, Mathilde Seigner, Zazie, Calogero and Eddy Mitchell.

I've added a new interview  from the November 6, 2005 issue of Le Mauricien, the daily newspaper from Mauritius (Ile Maurice in French) Vincent was vacationing on this small tropical island in the Indian Ocean and took some time to discuss his future. "I have a few offers as an actor, but more and more I知 leaning towards production. I知 a little frustrated by my acting career right now, nobody is offering me anything interesting, and I知 searching for something else. More and more, I feel I知 a director. I have no more desire to be on the other side of the camera. At the moment I知 working on writing a screenplay in the style of a children痴 story. I hope that it will be my next film in the role of director. Merci beaucoup to Steff Stronge for her excellent translation of this interview!

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Women's Wear Daily reported the following on 2/28/06: "Paris Fashion Week kicked off Sunday (2/26) with the pint-size crowd when upscale children's retailer Bon Point threw a high tea party to celebrate its sprawling new flagship on Rue Tournon. Paris's most stylish tots and their parents turned out to explore the store's labyrinth of charming dusty pink and pistachio rooms filled with retro knickknacks and itsy-bitsy clothing. "It's so stylish," said actor Vincent Perez, father of three. 'It's worlds away from when I was a kid in my flares and Seventies collars.'" As part of Paris Fashion Week, Vincent and Karine also attended John Galliano's show on March 4th. Unlike previous shows, Galliano put the focus firmly on wearable clothes. Vincent told the Associated Press, "He kept it simple and I thought that was very good. It was pretty easy to wear but really very beautiful, with a lot of humility but at the same time an enormous amount of talent and invention."


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The Kube Restaurant Club is known as a cult address among the Parisian in-crowd. It's fun, funky and comfortable, so it's not surprising that Vincent and Karine were among the guests at the Kube's Nicolas Feuillate Champagne Party on March 16th.

On March 7th Vincent attended the opening of a new boutique on the prestigious Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Owner and designer Sophie Albou is famous for her fashion label Paul and Joe. Vincent is seen below with actresses Virginie Ledoyen and Michele Laroque (Epouse-Moi co-star).

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On February 14th Vincent and Karine enjoyed a magical evening in Monaco. A gala dinner was hosted by Thierry Nataf, chairman of Swiss watch manufacturer Zenith. The chic event was called "Zenith Star Night" and included 800 international guests.

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Last month Vincent and his family participated in the launching of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, the newest attraction at Disneyland Resort Paris. Pictured below is his wife Karine and stepdaughter Roxane Depardieu with Buzz himself.

  26 January 2006

Though this news is not confirmed, recent developments lead me to believe that Vincent has dropped out of THE LAST WARRIOR production. First off, last night Vincent and his wife Karine attended the "Diner de la Mode" organized by Sidaction and held at the Pavillon d'Armenonville in Paris. Obviously, he's not in Prague. By the way, Sidaction is a French non-government organization, which supports the development of AIDS Programs in research, prevention and care both in France and in developing countries.

Secondly, Le Film Francais just announced that Vincent will star in a police drama called TRIVIAL, directed by Sophie Marceau. Four years ago, the actress-turned-director won the prize for Best Director at the Montreal World Film Festival for her first film, Parlez-moi D'Amour.  This next venture, co-written with Guianguido Spinelli, will be a whodunnit, also starring Christophe Lambert with Marceau taking on the principal female role. Filming will  begin in  May in Normandy. Sophie and Vincent have previously starred together in FANFAN and JE RESTE!. Here's an old magazine photo of the pair back in 1993.


Here's the latest photo from THE SECRET showing David Duchovny with Olivia Thirlby. The second photo shows Vincent posing with Kathleen Mackey, the actress who plays the librarian in the film.


  05 January 2006

You can now view the trailer for THE SECRET, which was filmed and directed by Vincent last spring in Montreal. Though the film is in English, it will premiere in France (with French subtitles) on April 12. Starring David Duchovny, Lili Taylor and Olivia Thirlby, the film is based on a Japanese novel by Keigo Higashino. It tells the story of a man whose life is devastated when his wife and daughter are in an accident. While filming in Quebec, it was necessary to do some scenes in Sherbrooke, so Vincent and his lead stars stayed at the Marquis de Montcalm B&B. These photos show Ms. Taylor in the Jardin du Luxembourg guest room, and Vincent and David with their hostess.

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On December 21 Vincent attended the Paris premiere of Luc Besson's film Angel-A, starring Jamel Debbouze and Rie Rasmussen. The French comedy marked Besson's return as a director after an absence of six years. Though journalists were not invited to the premiere, Vincent was joined by Helene de Fougerolles, Ludivine Sagnier, Claudia Cardinal, Guillaume Canet and  Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

As many of you know, Luc Besson is Vincent Perez's brother-in-law as their wives are sisters. It's just come to my attention that Luc and his wife, Virginie, welcomed a third daughter in September 2005. They are also parents to Talia, age 4 and Satine, age 2. The photo below shows Virginie working with Vincent on PEAU D'ANGE as the film's producer.

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Back in October it was announced that Vincent would begin filming THE LAST WARRIOR in Prague this month. While I haven't heard any further news, I can only assume production will be on schedule. Directed by John Eyres, the sci-fi thriller takes place in a dystopic society in the year 2060. Vincent plays Alexander, the Genitek Corporation's last genetically-engineered warrior. Three months ago casting information was posted online for the other main characters, requesting French, Canadian and American major stars.  The characters include Jonathan Summers, a not-so-talented rookie with the Public Defense Unit, Gabriel, the beautiful and secretive daughter of Genitek scientist Marion Baines, and  Valdez, the ruthless head of Genitek Security.

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It's Oscar time again and perhaps you never knew that Vincent attended the cermonies back in 1989 when he accompanied the beautiful Jacqueline Bisset. Here are some photos I recently came across. The couple began dating while making LA MAISON DE JADE.


And I added several pictures to the Photo Shoots Gallery as well as larger images for some of the previously posted photos on that page. You can see from the May 1992 issue of Podium Hit Magazine that the photo they're using is obviously from the January 1992 photo shoot with Vincent looking so cool in his "wife beater".


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