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25 February 2012

According to the Irish Times, Vincent has been cast in the film, THE PRICE OF DESIRE, to be directed by Mary McGuckian. Eileen Gray,  the long-neglected Irish avant-garde designer, who spent most of her life in France, is finally to be celebrated in film with Winona Ryder cast in the starring role. And producer-director McGuckian knows exactly how to present it – as a richly deserved "apology" to Gray by the great modernist Swiss-born architect, Le Corbusier, played by Vincent. Filming will start next summer, with a budget of €10 million.  McGuckian intends that Eileen Gray will be the heroine, with Corb cast as the villain. You can read the full article here.
17 February 2012

Last night Karine posed for the paparazzi at the premiere of Angelina Jolie's "In the Land of Blood and Honey".  Both Angelina and Brad Pitt were in attendance at the Cinema MK2 Blibliotheque in Paris. Karine is again donning a hat - she is one funky gal! As female directors, perhaps Karine and Angelina had some time to share their experiences.

08 February 2012

If you haven't seen the VPA's new Home Page, check it out. I have been updating and adding more material this winter so you may see several new additions to the web site. I continue to keep pages clean and free of advertisements and, hopefully, information is easily accessible and the navigation throughout the site user friendly. It's been 13 years since I made the decision to create a library of Vincent's work and over the years, it's been a pleasure to see his career flourish.

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Looking ahead to this year's projects, we know Vincent will be doing his wife's film in March. His film, "Alone in Berlin" has been put on hold for a while but apparently, changes have been made which have pushed the shooting date to September. Originally, the film was going to be shot in Germany with German actors but now it will be done in English. Presently, I have no information on the new location or the lead actors. I still haven't come across a release date for CE QUE LE JOUR DOIT A LA NUIT, which was filmed last summer. The film page has been completed and I've found at least one photo of Vincent in the role of Juan Rucillo. Based on the movie still, you can surmise that he plays a wealthy man.

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Vincent's daughter, Iman, who turns 13 this May, has indicated to her parents that she would like to become an actress. Last year she starred in her mother's film, "Un baiser papillon". She is now being represented by an acting agency so perhaps we'll see more of her in the future. If you click on the photo below, the link will take you to Iman's page.

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The latest photos were taken on January 25th. In the middle of the Paris Haute couture fashion-week, Liliane Jossua hosted the Valentino crew to celebrate the exclusive edition of the VaVaVoom it-bag, the "So black", only avalible at Montaigne Market boutique. The party was a success with the DJ supplying ambience for the event while guests enjoyed the buffet by Roberta. The place was embellished by the presence of other celebs as well - Laetitia Casta, Johnny Hallyday, Clotilde Courau, Else Zylberstein, and Jean and Zofia Reno. The third photo shows Karine with actress Marine Delterme.

20 January 2012

On January 17th Vincent attended the premiere of his latest film, MA PREMIERE FOIS, at the cinéma UGC de Bercy in Paris. Check out one of the film's video clips featuring a scene with Vincent. Film critic Coralie Agnimel of Abus de Cine predicts the ultra romantic drama might become the new cult film among adolescent girls. The two lead stars - Esther Comar and Martin Cannavo - put in decent performances that reveal the emotions and feelings of first love. Ms. Agnimel acknowledges the film's poetic aspects, but ultimately finds the film far too naive. Yet, with its appealing romanticism, it could appeal to younger and more sentimental audiences. The story was inspired by the director's relationship with her husband (now deceased) showing how love can disrupt a life.

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Karine's next film, Le Père Noël est africain, was originally scheduled to begin shooting in Senegal this month, but the date has now been moved to March. It is a comedy about a blended family starring the two men in Karine's life - Gerard Depardieu and Vincent. In a recent interview, Vincent described the film - "This is a film about human relationships and they're bicultural. The message is the same wherever you go - we're all the same."

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I've added quite a bit of new content to the VPA. There are several new photos in the Karine & Children gallery as well as more photos of Carla Bruni and Jacqueline Bisset in the Friends gallery. Here are a couple from the LA premiere of "Valmont" back in 1989. Love Vincent in long hair!



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