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20 February 2013

On February 11th, Vincent made an appearance at the UGC Confluence in Lyon to present a private screening of his film, UN PRINCE (PRESQUE) CHARMANT.  The screening was open to journalists, donors and members of the association, Children and Health Rhone-Loire. During an interview, he was asked about his contribution to the organization. He replied, "I immediately agreed to be the patron of this association. Officials and volunteers do an outstanding job collecting donations to support research for cancers affecting children and adolescents. I am willing to help as much as possible because a sick child is an injustice."

Vincent also said, "I like coming to Lyon. This is the city where cinema was born. I especially like attending the Lumière Festival, which, for me, is the most beautiful festival because there is no competition. The films are always exceptional." On a personal note, he admitted that he has a wonderful memory of "Cyrano de bergerac" being screened in Room 3000 and Lyon was also the first French town he visited at the age of 12. Vincent then disclosed his next film project, which begins on April 1st. The film, titled THE PRICE OF DESIRE, will focus on the relationship between Irish avant-garde designer Eileen Gray and Swiss-born architect, Le Corbusier. Winona Ryder and Vincent will take on the lead roles with Mary McGuckian as director. (Read Irish Times 2/25/12 article).

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On January 29th, Vincent participated in a meeting at the Swiss Embassy in Paris. Vaud State Councillors Anne-Catherine Lyon and Pascal Broulis came to discuss the creation of a new urban space devoted to culture in the heart of Lausanne (Vincent's birthplace).

09 February 2013

In a recent interview regarding his film, UN PRINCE (PRESQUE) CHARMANT, Vincent discussed his role in the romantic comedy. He plays Jean-Marc, a modern careerist in his forties who only cares about himself and money. Tough role? Apparently, not for Vincent who insists, "there's a Jean-Marc in all of us."  You might describe his character as a pushy businessman who always gets what he wants at any cost. He is running, rushing, ready to bully anyone who gets in the way. Vincent says, "I play a French Parisian businessman, driving too fast, telephone in one hand, cigarette in the other. A very self middle-aged man. I recognize myself in Jean-Marc. I see when I become him in real life. When I go to pick up my kids and there's a traffic jam and I start to become angry and scream at people. But it doesn't happen often." And what does he think about being offered roles? He answers, "You have to put your pride aside sometimes. It's a fair game. Sometimes directors choose you not because you're the right person, but because you bring in the money for the movie to be made. You just have to find the right path. When you do a romantic comedy, you have to respect the rhythm and the mechanism in the storytelling. You have to be fast and find the right dynamic."

05 February 2013

As announced last week, Vincent presided over the short film jury at the International Festival of Fantastic Film at Gérardmer from January 30 to February 3. From the photos below, it looked like they had some cold weather. When Vincent was interviewed during the festival, he was asked about taking on roles in films, such as "The Crow", "Queen of the Damned", and "Frankenstein". He admitted that the French don't embrace the genre but he enjoyed playing some of these non-standard characters that create strong emotions, fear, anxiety and laughter. He mentioned his 13-year-old daughter was attracted to these films. He also regrets that France is not known for science fiction but they are often too expensive to make. When asked if he will direct again, he responded, "Yes, it will be the adaptation of 'Alone in Berlin', based on the book by Hans Fallada. I started working on it six years ago, and I think this year we're doing to do it, knock on wood. The book, written in 1974, has become a huge success in recent years in both the US and England. It is this success that has helped make the decision to film it in English. The film will show the daily life of ordinary Germans during the Third Reich."

30 January 2013

On Monday evening Vincent and his wife attended a 58th birthday party for Nicolas Sarkozy at the Italian restaurant, Giulio Rebellato, in Paris. Family and about thirty friends attended the former president's celebration. Among Nicolas's guests were his wife Carla and her mother, Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi, his son Jean and wife Jessica, Khelfa Farida and husband Henry Seydouz, Jacques and Sophie Seguela, and singer Dider Barbelivien. Carla, a former supermodel, dressed down for the occasion wearing casual jeans with a wool jacket and scarf. One of the photos below shows the ex-president with a birthday gift - a bicycle donated by world champion cyclist, Mario Cipollini.

26 January 2013

Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière at 46, avenue George V in Paris, launched a new restaurant on January 21. The new hotspot is called La Petite Maison de Nicole and its inauguration was attended by several celebrities, including Vincent and Karine. You'll note that in the last photo, the wall is decorated with photographs of several famous people - and someone should look very familiar.

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On January 24 Vincent and his wife attended the annual Sidaction Gala Dinner at Pavillon d'Armenonville. Sidaction is a French association that has been fighting the battle against AIDS for 11 years.

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Next week Vincent will be attending the 20th edition of the International Festival of Fantastic Film at Gérardmer. Christophe Lambert will serve as the President while Vincent will chair the short film jury. The festival, held from January 30 to February 3, offers 50 films with over 100 screenings as well as retrospectives devoted to a director or particular theme.

05 January 2013

On January 3, UN PRINCE (PRESQUE) CHARMANT was screened at another advance premiere, this time at the Kinépolis cinema in Lomme. Director Philippe Lellouche, Vincent and co-star Vahina Giocante were in attendance. The romantic comedy will open in French theaters on Wednesday. I've added many more movie photos.



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