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18 February 2014

Filming has begun on Vincent's latest project, DISPARUS (Missing), which will air as a two-part series for TF1. Filming is taking place on the beautiful island of Corsica on the western coast in the Sagone area. Here are the first on location photos. The production apparently has aroused interest and enthusiasm in the villagers making for a friendly atmosphere. A preview of the film will be held in Corsica a few weeks before it is aired on French television.

31 January 2014

Some of Vincent's family attended the premiere of  "Jack et la mécanique du coeur" last Sunday in Paris. I love its English title - "The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart".  In the first photo, from left to right, is Virginie Besson [Vincent's sister-in-law and producer of the film], twins Pablo and Tess Perez, Satine Besson, Iman Perez, the unidentified boy in the orange pants, Talia Besson, Vincent's wife Karine and Mao Besson. Talia is certainly the spitting image of her father.

23 January 2014

On Monday Vincent attended the premiere of "Jeu de la vérité" in Paris.

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With no new projects lined up for 2014, you probably wondered, as I did, what Vincent would be up to next. Of course, we're still waiting for his "Alone in Berlin" endeavor to get the green light but perhaps financing is a major issue. In the meantime, Vincent will be starring in a thriller called DISPARUS (aka "Missing"), directed by Thierry Binisti for TF1. Filming, which will continue through March 14, is taking place on the Mediterranean island of Corsica on the western coast in a village called Cargese, north of Ajaccio. The story involves a woman named Claire, played by Claire Borotra, who leaves her child with a babysitter one evening. Upon her return, her life changes when she discovers the girl and the baby have disappeared. She calls upon Lieutenant Marc Marchelier, played by Vincent, to help solve the mystery. Claire's father is played by Cyril Lecomte, who also co-starred with Vincent in "Trahie!", his last telefilm in 2010. "Disparus" will be aired in a two-part series of 90 minutes each. The release date is not yet scheduled.

18 January 2014

Yesterday Vincent took to the front row at the Cerruti 1881 men's show in Paris. Several of the photos below show him with actor Lambert Wilson. In another photo, he's sitting with actor Hugo Becker and jazz guitarist Thomas Dutronc. It's nice to see Vincent wearing some color for a change.

12 January 2014

Vincent was back in Moscow last month, but no specific reason was given for his visit other than he seems to frequent the Russian capital more often since his photography exhibition. One journalist mentioned there were rumors that the Swiss actor was interested in purchasing real estate in Russia, but who knows. On December 15 he attended the premiere of a comedy film called "Faster than Rabbits". Since he doesn't understand the language, he had his own private translator sit next to him. At the beginning of the film, it was announced that if anyone should hear someone speaking loudly and then someone laughing, that would be the translator interpreting the jokes for Vincent Perez. Funny! On December 19 he attended a party sponsored by MDM Bank and the media project, "Snob". It was held at the Cabinet Lounge with a guest list of artists, musicians, broadcasters, financiers and businessmen. You can view the photos at this link.

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Last Thursday Vincent and his wife joined the Sarkozy's at the Theatre Antoine in Paris for a performance of "Love Letters". It starred Gérard Depardieu and Anouk Aimée, who had been cast for the first week. It's been ten years since Gerard took to the stage.

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And speaking of the Depardieu name, here's a photo of Vincent's stepdaughter, Roxane Depardieu, attending the "Reves D'Enfants' AROP charity event at the Opéra Bastille for a performance of "Sleeping Beauty" on December 15. The photo shows the charity president, Celine Charloux and actress Salma Hayek with her daughter Valentina.

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Here are two new photos from Julian Lennon's collection from THE PRICE OF DESIRE.



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