February 2002 News

25 February 2002

Queen of the Damned reigned supreme at the box office over the weekend, debuting as the top ticket seller with an estimated $15.2 million. Since the film was budgeted at around 30 million, undoubtedly it will enjoy financial success and eventually become a cult favorite. It appears that Anne Rice fans are most apt to be disappointed due to the omission of certain characters or storylines or changes even in their appearance in the transfer from the book to the screen. Most of the positive comments are directed to the film's rich styling, elegant visuals with its impressive, cool blue look, and fist-pumping metal soundtrack.

lestatakasha.jpg (10806 bytes)There is consensus about the two leading stars - Stuart Townsend's charismatic presence as Lestat with his raw, sexual energy and Aaliyah's bewitching and chilling performance as Akasha, slinking around as a half-serpent, half-kitten vampire queen. Jay Boyar of the Orlando Sentinel remarks on the films "dramatic and alluring cinematography, courtesy of Ian Baker, who has an original way of seeing the creatures of the night that highlights their animalistic vitality." Another reviewer remarked that, "the pallid, sinewy vampires are self-consciously sexy in a surprisingly potent way, swanning around in leather, fishnet and velvet like the preening predators they are.” Here are a few excerpts about Vincent from the film's many reviews. For all reviews, visit the Queen of the Damned film page.

"Perez lends a touch of international class." Ron Weiskind, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"The real special effects here are Townsend and Perez, who are decidedly unconventional and whose lively scenes together come with a homoerotic campiness that seems straight out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The two actors are a hoot.” ...Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee

“As Marius and Maharet, Vincent Perez (The Crow II) and Lena Olin (Unbearable Likeness of Being) illustrate vampire majesty with a definite flair. Marius’s inducting his protégé Lestat captures the homoeroticism that Anne Rice implanted throughout her novels.” …Jonas Schwartz, boxofficemojo.com

“Co-stars Lena Olin and Vincent Perez bring acting depth to their roles as ancient vampires, enlivening (a hard task to do when playing the     undead) their supporting characters with nuances above and beyond what was scripted.” …Romantic Movies

"Perez is clearly having a blast with his swishy, mother-father-sugardaddy character. Perez, who regrettably isn't around for nearly long enough, is the liveliest he's ever seemed in an English-speaking performance. Enacting some great catty exchanges, like two jilted lovers quarreling, Perez and Townsend have the best scenes in the film."  ...Scott Foundas,, Variety

"Marius, the excellent Vincent Perez... Great bitchy wit - Lestat: 'How did you find me?' Marius: 'I just looked for the most gauche house on the block.'" ...Lenny Smith, Casco Bay Weekly

15 February 2002

Warner Bros. now has several clips from Queen of the Damned on their web site. The two scenes below do not appear in the film, but will be included as extra scenes when the DVD is released. DVD.Click on each image below to view the clip.

qotdclip1.jpg (2499 bytes)

qotdclip2.jpg (3114 bytes)

14 February 2002

David Hunter's review for The Hollywood Reporter was very positive and encouraging with "directed with goth pizzazz and brains by Michael Rymer."

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Peau d'ange, the first feature-length film directed by Vincent, will premiere in France on Wednesday, April 24. This marks an important milestone in his career so we look forward to the film's success. All VP fans living in France should mark that date on their calendar!

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anmheart1.gif (6568 bytes)In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a very romantic scene from Fanfan, which I'll call "The Waltz". Be sure to listen to the music as well. Enjoy! By the way, if any of you still haven't seen this magical film, be sure to email me to request a video copy or the CD soundtrack.

12 February 2002

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Ten more days before VP fans rush to theaters to see Queen of the Damned! Last Sunday the film was screened at the Closing Night Gala of the Fourth Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival in Los Angeles. Producer Jorge Saralegui attended and later responded with "it went very well, although it was a bittersweet affair with a tribute to Aaliyah preceding the screening. The audience seemed very caught up in the movie. It was the first time I saw our final vampire-skin 'glow,' and that worked out wonderfully. The score is also really good and sophisticated – a great contrast with the rawness of the songs."

Some trivia on the film - As the vampire Marius, Vincent was originally to wear a long white wig; however, everyone agreed he looked better with his own hair (short and dark). An anonymous QOTD fan saw the film at the WB studio in Burbank on Thursday night and mentioned that Vincent looked like he had fun with his role.

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In a review this month of The Count of Monte Cristo, Ben Steelman of the Wilmington Morning Star made the following comments: "Of course, the French have never forgotten how to do Dumas right... Isabelle Adjani sizzled memorably in Patrice Chereau’s Queen Margot (1994) based on a lesser-known Dumas novel about the St. Bartholemew’s Day Massacre in 16th century Paris. The high-brow bodice ripper also starred Daniel Auteuil and introduced American audiences to Franco-hunk Vincent Perez, who went on to co-star in Swept from the Sea, I Dreamed of Africa and as Marius in the upcoming Queen of the Damned."

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