February 2003 News

12 February 2003

cinebus.jpg (15287 bytes)There's a great interview online via France5 that was made on the Cinebus in France when Le Pharmacien de garde premiered last month. The quality of the video is good enough that you can enjoy watching it even if you don't understand French! It starts out with Vincent being interviewed by host, Ariel Wizman, then goes to the trailer and concludes with the remaining interview. Rather a unique idea to do an interview while the bus is driven through the city. Check out this link!

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Je Reste, directed by Diane Kurys, is presently being filmed in France and is now showing a tentative release date of September 24, 2003. Sophie Marceau and Charles Berling star alongside Vincent in this romantic drama.

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Here are some new recent and not-so-recent photos. Vincent's wife, Karine Silla, is shown pregnant in the first and third photos, but on January 24 she gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl. What joy! (Read January news) No word on their names yet.

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Premiere of
Le Pharmacien de garde

January 7, 2003

At the French Film Festival in Prague in December for the screening of his film, Peau d'ange

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A jolly trio - Morgane More, Vincent & Karine

(from the December 2002 issue of Marie Claire magazine)

At Cathy Guetta's birthday party at Les Bains in Paris on
May 4, 2000

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Handprint at Cannes

Vincent entrusted Totem as the casting agency for his film Peau d'ange. Here he views a video of actors & actresses to select from.

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With Alain Pacherie at Phenix on December 4, 2000

With Carla Bruni
c. 1993-95

(Vincent included Carla's song, "Tout le Monde" on his
Peau d'ange soundtrack)

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I came across several new Cannes 2000 photos, which added to my existing ones, were enough to create a new photo gallery. Enjoy! This year the Cannes Film Festival will be presided over by Patrice Chereau, who directed Vincent in three of his films. Click here if you want to see to see a 1998 clip of Chereau arriving with his cast for the screening of Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train. It was five years ago and you can tell Vincent looks a lot younger.

2 February 2003

felicita1s.jpg (14700 bytes)Italy had its own Perez movie premiere this weekend. On Friday, January 31, La Felicita non costa niente (Le Bonheur ne coute rien or Happiness Doesn't Cost Anything) opened in Italian theaters. (Many thanks to Rafael Cart for passing this news along to me as well as a couple new photos!) Mimmo Calopresti not only directs the film, but also stars in it along with Fabrizia Sacchi,  Beppe Servillo, Francesca Neri, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Vincent. Mimmo plays Sergio, an architect, who leads an apparently satisfying life encircled by his wife, son, lover and friends. An car incident forces him to reflect on the contradictions and hypocrisies in his life. Overwhelmed by a feeling of anguish and restlessness, he withdraws into solitude with laborious nocturnal walks. During one of these walks, he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman and happiness doesn't seem that far off. Vincent plays Francesco, one of Sergio's friends. (Remember he was Francisco in Talk of Angels) You can view the very brief trailer at the film's official web site. I have no news on when it will premiere in France.

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Here's another photo from Fanfan la tulipe - you can't say Vincent doesn't do his own stunts!

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February 1, 2003

A trailer teaser has been released for Fanfan la tulipe, which will premiere in France on April 9.

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On February 2, Vincent will participate in the 12th Rencontres du Cinema Francais held in Bron, France. He will be present at the 5 o'clock screening of Peau d'ange.

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Lorenza, a French teacher in Italy, who met Vincent back in '99 in Avignon, France, has sent us some information regarding a recent interview. Many thanks for your contribution, Lorenza! On January 15, on the premiere date of Le Pharmacien de garde, he was a special guest on the TV show "Morning Live" on French Channel M6. He pointed out that he doesn't generally like to appear on TV programs (he confessed he is a shy guy), but he declared that he is particularly keen on defending this film. It's a film which draws partly on comic books and partly on thrillers, bordering on the fantastic genre. He said that the role didn't require much preparation on his part, thanks to a certain 'culture' about the figures of serial-killers acquired during his American years.

He was asked what Penelope Cruz is like and he answered that she is an attractive actress and that he had already met her ten years before, while shooting his first English movie.

The next question was about his ideal cinematic partner and he mentioned Nicole Kidman, whom he considers a very talented actress.

His favorite cities are Paris, New York (it emanates great energy but he hasn't been there since 9/11) and Dakar (it makes him feel free).

When asked what he thinks about Daniel Day-Lewis's decision to end his career as an actor, he said that he hopes it's not true. He admires him a lot, he considers him a pure artist, with whom he had shared a flat in Avignon, ten years before. He still remembers the time spent jogging together.

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