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14 February 2021

For 22 years since the creation of the VPA, I have not been able to create a movie page for a  short film called CENDRE D'OR due to lack of information. The 17-minute film was directed by Jean-Philippe Ecoffey in 1992 with a cast that included Vincent, Marie Dubois, Bernard Ballet, Elisabeth Kaza and Dolorès Chaplin. I recently came across an article about the film in the French newspaper La Nouvelle République.

The film was shot in the Deux-Sèvres in Western France, which has served as the backdrop for many films. The reason this locale was chosen was because producer Benoît Jaubert was from Beauvoir-sur-Niort. In 1992, his parents still lived there. Hence, the setting. The story concerns a farmer's grandson named Xavier, who returns from military service in North Africa. He brings with him his girlfriend who he met there. In the photo below is a very young Vincent taking a break with his director.

Jean-Philippe was a long-time friend of Vincent's, sharing Swiss nationality and training at the Amandiers school in Nanterre under the leadership of Patrice Chéreau. The director was accompanied on location by his companion at the time, actress Marine Delterme. Also present during the shoot was actress Jacqueline Bisset, who Vincent had been dating since 1988. The newspaper pointed out that it was strange to see this beautiful international star strolling in her jeans around the countryside.

Newspaper excerpt:

One afternoon in June 1992. A stubborn sun heats up the courtyard of a small isolated farm among the cornfields near Prissé-la-Charrière. Vincent Pérez is waiting at the entrance to the living room of the small farmhouse. At the signal, he enters: "I have brought you my sun". This sentence by the one who has just triumphed over Catherine Deneuve in "Indochine" will be repeated five times until director Jean-Philippe Ecoffey is satisfied.

For a week, the small farm in Prissé-la-Charrière will experience a joyful bustle punctuated by meals taken around a large table set up in the shade. On the last evening, the actors, director, producers and the technicians from the Moulin du Roc meet in the barn of the farmhouse for a large banquet. With the last bite of chocolate cake swallowed, Vincent gets up to step out onto the edge of a cornfield and sings at the top of his lungs under the moonlight.

In honor of Valentine's Day, we will celebrate familial love! The first two photos show Vincent's wife Karine Silla with their daughter Tess. The second set of photos show Karine's mother Renee, brother Jean-Baptiste and sister Virginie.


Recently twins Tess and Pablo celebrated their 18th birthday and the proud father posted this photo of the pair.

10 February 2021

The web site for Rencontres 7ème Art Lausanne has been reworked and now contains an archive of previous editions. If you look at the team management page, you'll see that many of Vincent's friends and family are involved. His wife Karine is the Art Director for Events and Hospitality. Some of the patrons include his brother-in-law Luc Besson and sister-in-law Virginie Besson-Silla and several actresses he has worked with - Sophie Marceau, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, Irène Jacob and Emma Thompson.

In a 2018 interview in Polka magazine, Vincent was asked how the idea of this celebration of cinema came about. He responded, "I recently discovered that the Lausanne Cinémathèque archives were stored in the village of Penthaz, fifteen kilometers from the city. I happened to grow up there. These archives are next to the football field where I played as a child; two people from the film library now live in my childhood home built by my father. It was like a sign. I have always liked living experiences, taking on challenges and, in a way, putting myself in danger: my first photo exhibition at the European House of Photography in Paris in 2017, my first photo book published by Delpire entitled 'A Voyage to Russia' and above all, my first truly international film, 'Alone in Berlin'. This feature film was a trigger. It took me ten years to make it and it revolutionized my relationship with cinema. And then there is the Lumière festival, created by Thierry Frémeaux and dedicated to heritage films, which influenced me and made me want to share my passion for cinema. So I started working on the project to set up a festival in Lausanne, a city with 40,000 academics and some of the best faculties in the world. The guiding principle has imposed itself: to establish a link between heritage, transmission and prospective."

08 February 2021

In my last post, I mentioned that Vincent had a special fondness for hats. In March 2018, he was in Alessandria, Italy, and took time to visit the Borsalino factory, the oldest Italian company specializing in the manufacture of luxury hats. Since 1857, these felt hats have been known for their extraordinary quality, unmistakable style and timeless elegance. Vincent was curious how the historic hats were made so he visited the factory and discovered how much craftsmanship there is behind each piece. In the first photo he poses with Roberta Datola, who's been working for the company for 22 years, and in the second photo, he poses with a couple of the factory workers. The hat suits him well.

I love this striking photo taken at Cannes in 2017. When I look at it,  I can't resist singing "Puttin' on the Ritz".

05 February 2021

In a March 24, 2017 Swiss edition of Madame Figaro, Vincent shared some of his favorite places in Lausanne.

Beau-Rivage Palace
"This hotel is a strange marriage between glamour and simplicity. Nestled in a garden facing the Alps, by the lake and its banks, in Ouchy, but also ten minutes from the city center. It enjoys an exceptional location. From Victor Hugo to Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chaplin or Tina Turner, celebrities have been staying there since 1861! It gives off a unique atmosphere."

La Brasserie de Montbenon
"Everything pleases me: its historic building, its terrace, its Vaudois products and its popular but high-quality cuisine."

Bar Tabac
"To read between two meetings. Authentic and friendly atmosphere."

Chat Noir
"We eat well there among the musicians of L'Opera de Lausanne and surrounded by black and white photos of the celebrities who have come here."

La Pinte Besson and Café de l’Évêché
'You don't leave Lausanne without having, at least once, tasted a fondue. For this, head to La Pinte Besson, one of the oldest cafes in the city, which dates from 1780! At Café de l’Évêché, next to the cathedral, I like the atmosphere enlivened by large tables with very happy customers."

Coup de Chapeau
"A charismatic hatter where I buy my headgear. An accessory that I wear often, I feel good under a hat."

The photo used by Madame Figaro was actually from a 2013 photo shoot. Here are some new hi-res images:

It just so happens that Vincent's younger sister Estrella is also a chapeau lover and is a creator of some beautiful women's hats. Very talented! The photo below of Estrella and Vincent was probably taken in the '90s. I can't identify the man.

And speaking of hats, this latest photo of Vincent's model daughter Iman posing for Thailand's Vogue is embued with Asian elegance. I want to look like this in my next life!


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