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  6 MARCH 2000
More Reviews:
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At least Le Parisien gave it three stars. YES!!! Yann Gonzalez of  Chronic'Art comments that Vincent "once more is the impetuous lover, the valorous and irresistible male" while Bianco Grognan of CPlanete remarks that Vincent "plays Diderot with obvious pleasure close to the role he had in Le Bossu." And Francois Forestier of Le Nouvel Observateur says the film "resembles a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live."

At the French box office, it's been reported that for Wednesday, March 15, Le Libertin took first place with 9065 tickets sold at 41 theaters followed by Le Gout des Autres. It's unusual that an American film doesn't top the list but they're attributing it to the impressive cast of these two films.

  14 MARCH 2000

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Scene from Le Libertin

Tomorrow Le Libertin opens in France and already some of the reviews are in, and sadly, I have to report they are somewhat dismal as you can see from the info below.

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I discovered some past news, but I'm not sure it's true. Supposedly Vincent was a guest on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Wednesday, September 4, 1996. There's a good chance it's true because he appeared on the Letterman show the night before. Did any of you see Vincent on Rosie's show?

  12 MARCH 2000

Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train is being featured this month at the film series "Rendez-vous wiith French Cinema Today" held at the Walter Reade Theater in NYC. Patrice Chereau, who won a Cesar for Best Director, will introduce and discuss his film at the 6:45 performance on March 18 and the 4:30 performance on March 21. It's no surprise that both shows are already sold out. Chereau also directed Vincent in Queen Margot and Hotel de France and served as his mentor at the beginning of his career. The picture below appeared in a French magazine when it was announced they would team up for this third film.

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The Hollywood Reporter recently published an article relating to the financial woes of Gaumont, France's major motion picture company. The following is an excerpt: "On the film front, Gaumont got off to a bad start this year. The romantic comedy Epouse-Moi (Marry Me) directed by Harriet Marin and starring Vincent Perez and Michele Laroque bombed at the box-office on its January release." With Vincent's next comedy, Le Libertin, about to open this week, let's all keep our fingers crossed that it'll be a smash hit with Monsieur Perez basking in the limelight and enjoying the rewards of its success.

We're just a few weeks away from the US premiere of I Dreamed of Africa, and the trailer is now available for viewing via QuickTime. After watching the previews, I'm super excited about this movie! You can download the trailer as well as see several photo scans I made from it by visiting the film page for I Dreamed of Africa. I also made a separate page of newspaper articles relating to film production. I included an article I just found from the Telegraph, which featured an interview with Kuki Gallmann in April of last year, in which she shares her feelings about having her book transferred to the screen.

Last month Variety reported the following - "There was no dreaming in Africa for Eva Marie Saint and husband Jeff Hayden during the making of I Dreamed of Africa. She co-stars in the film but during days in which Saint was not in front of  the cameras, she and husband Hayden set pre-production on their own film, I Loved a Girl, which Hayden will direct. They are looking forward to returning to Africa, while admitting the making of I Dreamed of Africa was very hard and 'some very rough stuff' working with animals. They credit Kim Basinger, Vincent Perez, young Liam Aiken and director Hugh Hudson with having done a 'terrific job.' They 'recuped' in scenes which followed on the Lido."


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