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  25 April 2001

Another interview has been added to the Archives. This one took place last June when I Dreamed of Africa was released in Italy. It's called "I Dreamed of Vincent" and comes from the Italian publication TV Film. Many thanks to Cinzia Masina for her translation in her native tongue. Vincent continues to mention his desire to direct his first feature-length film.

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Seven more weeks to go and the press is beginning to highlight Bride of the Wind as part of their summer movie preview. The film will open June 8th with a limited release (major US cities). The following is the studio's announcement - "This summer Paramount Classics presents director Bruce Beresford's romantic portrait of an extraordinary woman who inspired, bedeviled and captivated the artistic genuises of her age. Surrounded by the visual riches and musical power of turn-of-the-century Vienna, the beautiful Alma Mahler, played by Sarah Wynter, becomes lover and muse. First to the great composer/conductor Gustav Mahler, then to the brilliant architect Walter Gropius, then to rebel artist Oskar Kokoschka, and eventually to the passionate novelist, Franz Werfel. Each man sees in her a source of inspiration, but her searching heart only finds peace when her own music is performed. Jonathan Pryce co-stars as the haunted magisterial Mahler while Vincent Perez is the incendiary artist who captures his dream vision of Alma on canvas in his painting called 'Bride of the Wind'."

There's been one review most likely written by someone who saw the film in LA when it was screened at the American Film Market in February, since the reviewer is from LA. Here's an excerpt: "This biopic is the story of one of history's great professional muses. While the film recounts her marriages and dalliances with some of Europe's most talented artists, it tries to also document the struggles she faced trying to be her own woman. She is portrayed as a proto-feminist heroine, while one might make the criticism that she was the ultimate anti-feminist relying on the men in her life to create a legacy instead of creating one herself. Whatever your take on Alma's life, this is a beautifully made romance. The film aims to recreate the bohemian life of fin de siècle Vienna. It succeeds in being a pretty period piece and unabashedly racy."

  10 April 2001

Perez fans who have seen "Enemy at the Gates" can't help but think about Vincent's role as a sniper in Shot Through the Heart. And if you've also seen him in the WW II film, La Neige et le feu, you can easily imagine that Vincent would have been excellent in the role of  Vassili Zaitsev, played by Jude Law. They both give charismatic performances with an intensity and beauty through their eyes. Lucky Rachel Weisz who managed to star with both of them!

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I came across a recent posting about someone who had been an extra in Queen of the Damned. They described the following - David Talbot, played by Paul McGann, makes his way through the crowd at the rock concert when he is stopped in his tracks by Marius (Perez), who asks him, "David! Have you seen my new painting?" The scene was filmed several times from multiple angles between the two with Vincent speaking his line normally for the soundtrack but mouthing the words very quickly in separate shots so the film could be slowed down. It is also reported that Vincent was quite funny and told jokes amongst the extras. Looks like we'll have to wait another year before we see this film. However, we can look forward to Bride of the Wind in two more months!

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As far as Les Morsures de l'aube which premiered last month, the script was posted on the Net, and it appears that Vincent had about five short lines in the Cafe Moderne scene at the beginning of the film. Very disappointing that he didn't have a bigger role, but I realize he did the cameo because of his friendship with the director. There is little news on Vincent right now and it's possible that he's finally directing his first feature film because during recent interviews, he often spoke about filming in the spring of this year.

  5 April 2001

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What do you think of the sketch of Vincent? I think it's pretty good. It was done by a French artist but there was no name given on the web site. He/she certainly captured his look!

  29 March 2001

The producers of "Basic Instinct 2" are on the verge of admitting that they are not likely to find a partner for Sharon Stone before the WGA strike begins. Thus, they plan to put the production on hold until the fall in hope that there will be more candidates available. This update is in regard to Vincent being considered as the male lead.

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Last month 7 Jours magazine (published in Quebec) featured an interview with Vincent in regard to Le Libertin premiering in Canada. However, most of the questions are related to his family, especially on what it means to be a father to daughter Iman - "I want to give her all the necessary tools to have confidence in herself because one can do anything when one has faith in oneself." Vincent has mentioned in television interviews that Iman means "faith." A very beautiful sentiment and name. Many thanks to Janette Sylvian for her French translation.

  21 MARCH 2001

Here are some of the ratings the critics have given for Les Morsures de l'aube, which opened today in France. Let's hope that his next vampire film will be more successful. There is no mention of Vincent in any of the reviews since his appearance is little more than a cameo. I assume he took the role because Antoine de Caunes is a good friend of his, and this was his directorial debut. This isn't the first time that Asia Argento (shown in the poster above) and Vincent have been cast together. Asia played Charlotte of Sauve in Queen Margot.

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  19 March 2001

Vincent attended a special preview of his latest film, Les Morsures de l'aube on March 8 at the Gaumont Marignan in Paris. Director Antoine de Caunes was accompanied by all his cast except for Asia Argento. I saw a clip from the premiere, but there was only a one-second shot of Vincent. The film is described as a blend of gothic and comedy complete with vampires. Much of the film highlights the Parisien nightlife. The following is an except from a review by - "Caunes offers good entertainment in which one recognizes a more or less personal style, although not one of great quality. Nevertheless, it leaves the viewer with an impression of originality. This is all the more appreciated since the director took a risk in mixing several cinematographic types within the same film."

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Speaking of vampires, Warner Bros. has launched its official site for Queen of the Damned. It's fairly basic in this early stage - only one photo of Akasha. It was supposed to premiere on October 5, but the site indicates that it will open in 2002.

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Sharon Stone is still looking for her male lead in Basic Instinct 2. The project was scheduled to begin last month but has yet to get off the ground. Pierce Brosnan had originally refused the role when David Cronenberg was chosen to direct. However, John McTiernan (The Thomas Crown Affair) has now taken over as director, so Brosnan will reconsider. Rumor has it that Benjamin Bratt is also a possible candidate, but according to a news report of 3/14, Ms. Stone has indicated a preference for Pierce Brosnan or Vincent Perez as her co-star. Interesting...

  15 March 2001

Six more days before Les Morsures de l'aube premieres in France. Though Vincent has a minor role, it would be wonderful to see this film receive positive reviews. Bride of the Wind will have a limited US release on June 8.

For those of you purchasing Le Libertin & Epouse-Moi, note that Audrey Tautou stars in both films, and look for Vincent's wife, Karine, in the latter film. I have thoroughly enjoyed these films, which further confirm my belief that Vincent succeeds in comedy with a brilliance for timing and gives his audience a spectacular array of facial expressions and body movements that are endless and pure delight.

Both these films will be shown in Toronto during Cinefranco, a four-day celebration of francophone films from March 29 to April 1.  They will be shown at the Alliance Atlantis Cumberland 4 Cinemas. Tickets go on sale March 19. For information, call (416) 929-1106. Le Libertin is described as a "romp through the age of enlightenment" and Epouse-Moi as "a look at love, timing and the Eiffel Tower." Director Gabriel Aghion (Le Libertin) will be attending this festival but, alas, not Vincent.

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Time Regained continues to be screened around the country. If you're in the LA area, you can catch it at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Friday, March 23 and Saturday, March 24 at 7:30 pm. Other screenings are as follows:

March 28 - Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH
April 4 - Wofford College Film Series, Spartanburg, SC

March 5 - Munson Williams Proctor Institute, Utica, NY
May 5 - SUNY at Albany Writers Institute, Albany, NY

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I've posted an article from the April 1992 issue of Studio Magazine, in which Indochine is featured. Much appreciation goes to Cinzia Masina of Belgium for her continued help with translations. If you're looking for an interesting and extensive review of this film, check out David Nicholls' comments.

  8 March 2001

Another translation for the Archives - merci to Janette Sylvian again. It's the transcript from a January 15th Internet chat sponsored by Tempo in Montreal. It's interesting to read what his fans want to know.

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Here's an interview from Tempo  that Vincent recently gave while in Montreal promoting his film, Le Libertin. Hats off to Janette Sylvian for doing such a great job on the translation. It's full of good information and gives more insight into the man himself. For those who will or have seen him dance in Epouse-Moi, you'll enjoy reading these comments: "I love France, but I also have a strong attraction for Spain, and whenever I hear Spanish music, I feel that my roots are not far."

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When Vincent was in Quebec in January , he did several interviews, three of which are available through Radio Canada. They can be heard via RealAudio running about 10 to15 minutes each. Thanks to Vivian Ringuette of Rhode Island, I've come to realize that this web site is mentioned in the second interview. The first line of the biography in the VPA is quoted in English - "One of the first things you should know about Vincent Perez is that he is NOT French." The interviewer assumes that the Archives is Vincent's official web site. Vincent responds by saying that he's very surprised and flattered to learn of such a site and would like to look at it very closely. He says he doesn't know the fan who created it. Many thanks to Laure Masseglia and Pareesa Amjadi who helped with the translation of these comments.

  01 March 2001

The opening date of Queen of the Damned has been changed from this October to January 2002. Warner Bros. has released four more photos from the film, but they feature only Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah.

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Vincent is presently in France serving on the jury at the Panasia Film Festival of Deauville, which runs March 1-4.


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