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  15 April 2010

Last night Ralph Lauren hosted a black-tie dinner to show off his largest store in Europe on the Boulevard Saint-Germain. No surprise that Vincent and Karine were there! Several French cinema stars attended and were fascinated by the painstakingly restored details of the 17th-century building. Among those present were Jean Reno, Anouk Aimée, Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu, who was asked by Women's Wear Daily what he loved about America. He responded, "The election of Barack Obama" while Vincent answered with, ""I love the American lifestyle: summer camp for my kids, the movies, yes, the burgers." On a personal note, I rarely take pleasure in Mrs. Perez's wardrobe choices but the fabric in this gown is absolutely regal! For more photos, visit the 2010 Special Events Page.

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It's amazing that Vincent was actually in China just the day before promoting his film, "Demain des l'aube" at the 7th French Film Panorama. In partnership with the Embassy of France in China, Unifrance - responsible for promoting French cinema worldwide - organized the seventh edition of the Panorama of French Cinema from April 1 to 30. A delegation of French filmmakers and actors participated in a press conference on April 13th. Before arriving in Beijing, however, the French entourage had traveled to Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai and Chengdu to promote the screening of 13 recent French feature films and 12 shorts. Vincent, receiving a warm welcome from Chinese film enthusiasts, said he was "very touched by the fans" and was happy to know that many of his films are distributed in China with "Fanfan la tulipe" and "Queen Margot" being the most popular. Commenting on Beijing, he said, "It really impressed me the first time I visited. It has changed a lot. It's incredible. The city is under construction so there are lots of new things. It's very beautiful."

Vincent actually found an old friend during the press conference. Chinese actress Yu Nan, who was in the French film, "Rage", was one of the guests. Yu won the best actress award at the 2001 Deauville Film Festival and it was Vincent who presented her the award. "We have not met for nine years," Yu told China Daily. "But the moment we met we recognized each other. It felt very magical. I am happy to see more cultural exchanges between China and France." Vincent also made a new friend - Chinese singer Shang Wenjie, who sat beside him and was able to speak fluent French,  having majored in the language at Shanghai-based Fudan University. She is also the winner of Super Girls, the Chinese version of American Idol. "I love so many French films," she told the press conference. "But since a certain someone is sitting here beside me, my favorite one, I would say, is 'Fanfan la tulipe'."

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Gallic minimajor StudioCanal has taken worldwide rights outside Spain to Daniel Benmayor's BRUC, now in post-production. This genre, rarely explored in Spain, is one of the most-awaited productions coming out of Barcelona. Total financial costs for the film was 5.4 million euros. It will make its Spanish premiere on October 8, 2010. It appears that the film will be put through some or all of StudioCanal's direct distribution operations, which include Optimum Releasing in the UK, Kinowelt in Germany and StudioCanal in France. Vincent plays Alain Maraval, captain of the Imperial Guard, entrusted with hunting down Bruc (Juan José Ballesta) the Catalan drummer boy who gave Napoleon's army its first taste of defeat. Here are a couple photos showing Vincent with some of the cast with the third photo showing Ballesta as the drummer boy. You can view the teaser trailer at this link.

Photographer Sinisha Nisevic had Vincent play the role of model for the December 2009 issue of L'uomo Vogue, the Italian version of Vogue Hommes International. The result certainly isn't flattering. Nor can you credit it for interesting visualization though he definitely dazzles us with his couples photo shoot of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.

  01 April 2010

Here are some cute photos of Vincent and his wife Karine posing with Sulli on the red carpet during the New Generation Year Launch at Disneyland Paris on March 27, 2010.

Apparently Vincent has been playing the role of the photographer these days. I came across the first photo to the left taken at the Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion show and then the remaining photos below were taken for the March 27th edition of Madame Figaro, in which First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, is the guest editor for the weekly magazine and interviews Bono on such subjects as political commitment, God, Ireland, Bob Dylan. You can read the interview in English at this link. I especially was intrigued with how Bono defines religion in his life, very similar to mine.

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With all the videos now available online, it's a damn shame I don't understand French! Nevertheless, for those of you who do, here is another link to a November 2009 interview by Marc-André Lussier for ARTV.

  21 March 2010

Taking into account that Vincent dated a famous model (Mrs. Nicholas Sarkozy/Carla Bruni) and is married to a former model as well (Karine Silla), it's no surprise that he has become a fixture in the fashion world for many years becoming a regular at the Parisian catwalks. Today he is the new face of the IKKS label for men's clothing. IKKS is celebrating its 10th anniversary and recently unveiled their new ad campaign for their 2010 Spring/Summer collection. Actress Virginie Ledoyen is representing the women's clothing line. The photo session for this new campaign took place in a small studio where the two stars were photographed in daylight by Nathaniel Goldberg, famous for his fashion pictures and portraits.

According to IKKS, the pair embody the discreet charm of successful people who manage to be at the same time casual and smart. They chose Vincent for his sexy masculinity and naturally he appears utterly seductive. Virginie represents the modern French woman, authentic, beautiful without sophistication and a brunette. (Are you tired like me of America's female celebs with their bleached hair and fake boobs?) You can view a terrific video of the photo session at this link and be sure to check out the IKKS gallery on this site by clicking on the photos below.

In a recent interview with Madame Figaro in conjunction with the IKKS ad campaign, Vincent acknowledged that when he was younger, he often made terrible clothing decisions but has since been educated, in particular by his wife who continues to help and advise him. He says he's living proof that tastes can be learned. He recognizes  the spirit of IKKS in himself with his desire to wear contemporary and comfortable clothing with an elegant style without fuss. He does admit that the most beautiful clothing for the body is, of course, its nudity! When asked what was his idea of femininity, he responded, "I very much like Catherine Deneuve's answer - 'a little virility'." And his idea of maculinity? "A little femininity." He lastly commented on audacity, a character trait he desires to have more often - "I encourage my children not to be fearful, but to be daring because I admire those who dare to push convention. I have proof of my own audacity sometimes in my work. Recently I am surprised that I finally dared to write a script! It's an adaptation of the  novel, 'Seul dans Berlin' by Hans Fallada. I hope to carry it out this year if all goes well. It was necessary to fight against my own lack of confidence to actualize this project."

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French-Algerian actor Kad Merad has decided to try his hand at directing and is presently filming his first feature film, a comedy called "Monsieur Papa". Besides helming the film, he will also star alongside Vincent and Michele Laroque. The actress may be familiar to some of you because ten years ago she co-starred with Vincent in the romantic comedy, "Epouse-moi".  This week the cast and crew are on location on the beaches in the Dieppe region of France.

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Just in time for Easter, we have a photo of Vincent cuddling with an armful of stuffed animals. The famous TiJi chain has organized a charity event at the Palais de Tokyo. The Magic Web, chaired by Alain Chabat, invited several celebrities to pose for studio Harcourt with their cuddly toys of childhood. Among them were Vincent, Charlotte Rampling, Charles Berling, Yvan Attal and Virginie Ledoyen. From March 24 thru April 14, these portraits will be on exhibition. They will then be auctioned off on April 15 at the museum and will also be included in a book published by Editions L'Oeil Open. All profits from the auction and a portion of the sale of the book will be donated to the The Magic Web to support their new proposal of disseminating movies to hospitalized children who cannot go to the cinema. You can view a video of Vincent's photo session at this link.

  07 March 2010

Last October Vincent was busy on location in Marseille doing a French telefilm called "L'epreuve", which has since been retitled "Trahie!" (Betrayed!). It was broadcast on TF1 television on February 27th. Directed by Charlotte Brändström, the cast also includes Cristiana Reali, Cyril Lecomte, Valeria Cavalli and Franck Adrien. You can watch the trailer at this link. The 95-minute seductive thriller has the following snynopsis - Louise is happy. She's expecting a child with Paul, the man she's been with for almost five years. They travel to the south of France for what she thinks will be a romantic getaway, but no sooner do they arrive, then Paul suddenly disappears. Louise finds out that her lover's real name is Antonio Costa and that he is a former robber and a murder suspect. As the police start to harass her and Paul's former accomplices threaten her, Louise's life suddenly turns into a nightmare. The film was also screened in competition at the Festival de Luchon in early February.

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The third volume of Vincent's comic book, "La Forêt", was published on January 6, 2010. Illustrator Tiburce Oger infuses splendid color and energy into the many sets and costumes throughout the trilogy. He certainly has created a strong and unique graphical style, setting him apart from other artists. I think Vincent made a wise decision when he chose him to illustrate his tales. In this third installment, it is clear that Vincent had fun giving his characters more madness allowing himself to be fully creative in the plot and all its twists. The trilogy comes highly recommended as a literay epic in the comic book world. You can watch a video of a recent interview with Vincent regarding his book on the TF1 web site.


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