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17 April 2012

There's no one in Paris better suited to organize luxurious film events than Albane Cleret and on April 12th, she hosted a pre-Cannes party at the Cinema A Club. In the photos below, Vincent poses with Philippe Lellouche and Karine is shown with Melita Toscan du Plantier.

28 March 2012

In a recent interview with the Russian edition of Elle magazine, Vincent was asked who he thought was sexier - Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Perhaps the question would have been better suited for his wife. Nevertheless, Vincent graciously responded that he thought they were both very sexy.  He referred to Brad as a good actor who seems to get better and better with each role. I have to agree! As for George, Vincent answered, "Clooney is Clooney!" Yes, in the same fashion that Harrison Ford is always Harrison Ford.

And who did Vincent want to become in his film fantasies when he was just a kid? Not surprisingly, James Dean or Marlon Brando. And the girl on his arm would have been Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth. He also admired Orson Wells and Charlie Chaplin.

The Elle interviewer asked Vincent when he last cried (a rather strange question, yes?) and at first, he kiddingly said it was when he was slicing onions. He then admitted he's not the cook in the family but rather his wife. He then seriously addresses the question with, "The last time was three years ago when my friend died." I would assume he is referring to Guillaume Depardieu. Then he was asked what would he order for his last supper. Even Vincent had to comment, "That's a very funny question! Maybe green tea, which I now drink. Frankly, I do not know. But I sure would like to spend it with my kids and wife. It doesn't matter what's on the menu."

Earlier this month, Vincent returned to Moscow to speak at the Central House of Actors. Here are more hi-res photos of that event.

On March 6th Karine was at Montaigne Market in Paris to celebrate the Stone jewelry collection. The first photo shows her with Liliane Jossua, Marie Poniatowski and Marie Gillain.

10 March 2012

Vincent was back in Moscow last week. You may remember his photography exhibition "From Vladivostok to Paris" that was held in December. This time he came to speak at the Central House of Actors on the Arbat in an appearance called "Vincent Perez as Himself". It was sponsored by RuArts Gallery and held on March 8th. He spoke to the Russian audience about his work in film and theater as both actor and director, as well as his achievements in the field of photography. In this creative meeting, Vincent enthusiastically shared funny stories from his life as an actor, such as when he prepared for the role of a transsexual in "Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train".

On this visit, Vincent had also hoped to realize his dream of using his camera on the sidelines of the Bolshoi Theatre. He appealed to the leadership of the cultural mecca with a request for permission to take pictures during rehearsal, but received a categorical denial. Nikolay Tsiskaridze (premier dancer for the Bolshoi Ballet), intervened on his behalf but could not influence the theatre's decison. Instead, Vincent shot in a studio with several of the Bolshoi artists. Tsiskaridze said, "It was great!" and added, "Generally, I very rarely have photographs taken in the studio, but Vincent was so easy to work with. He is sincere and true and adds humor to everything." Determined, Vincent plans to return with a special photo exhibition called, "On Moscow and Muscovites", dedicated to the Russian capital with artists from the Bolshoi Theatre. Aleksandr Shatalov, poet and critic, shared his impressions of Vincent's photography in December - "In Russia, I do not know of any good photographer who shoots with such ease and joy as Perez does." Here's a photo I especially like showing Vincent at the Ruarts Gallery on March 6th.

This is not the first time Vincent has tried his hand at photographing ballet. In his exhibition, he had pictures of Opera de Paris dancers. He says, "I've always been fascinated by dancing". He explains that photography is a way to share his experiences with people. "I've been doing movies traveling all over the world. I've met incredible people. It's a way for me to keep that with me as a souvenir. I like to capture moments. I like the contact. I like people. I like to see the emotions that we share."  He adds, "What I like about photography is that it ages well. When you take a photo, even if it's a bad photo that you look at 20 years later, it becomes interesting because it's a moment from the past. And that's my favorite theme - the relationship with the past." Click here for the latest Moscow photos.

02 March 2012

On Wednesday Vincent attended the Zadig & Voltaire Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2012 party as part of Paris Fashion Week at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris. The first photo shows Vincent with Cecilia Bonstrom, Swedish ex-model and artistic director of Zadig & Voltaire. The second photo shows Vincent and Karine with Thierry Gillier, creator of the clothing label. Not surprising that Gillier is in the fashion business when Daddy is co-founder of Lacoste!


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