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  27 April 2000

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Is this a knock-out picture of Vincent or what!! It's a photo still from I Dreamed of Africa. Box Office Magazine gave the film 4 out of 5 stars which is great news! Variety was less enthusiastic though they found the film "visually gratifying." In describing Vincent's role, they said, "Paolo is a loving but not always responsible hubby. He goes on wild hunting trips with his buddies, leaving Kuki behind with no idea when he’ll be back. A whole reel recounts Paolo’s departures and returns, their ceaseless bickering and the reconciliations that often end with sex."

  26 April 2000

HBO presented "I Dreamed of Africa: First Look" last night. The 15-minute segment on the making of the film was very exciting to watch. You can view some of the shots of Vincent by clicking on the title above. If you missed the HBO telecast, it'll be on three more times this week as well as throughout May.

From the Calgary Sun: "Vincent Perez, who plays Basinger's husband, defied the rule of venturing into the jungle on his own. 'I was driving and noticed what I thought was a large branch lying across the road. I got out to move it only to discover it was a python that had just swallowed something because it was still wriggling inside the snake,' recalls Perez."

Either because of the interest in this film or because a new search engine may have picked up the VPA recently, this site is now getting over 2300 visitors a week from all over the world. WOW!!! It'll be interesting to see if it goes up even higher after the film premieres. I would like to reiterate at this time that I do not have any direct contact with Vincent and don't have any more personal information on him other than what's available in the Archives.

  25 April 2000

There haven't been too many magazine articles in regard to I Dreamed of Africa except for some small features under movie previews. However, the May 2000 issue of W magazine featured Vincent in a neat article and photo, which I've just posted to the site.

This week's Entertainment Weekly focuses on the summer movie previews. They hardly ever give a film a "10" rating, so I Dreamed of Africa did pretty well with a "7" rating, surpassed only by some of the blockbusters like The Patriot, The Perfect Storm, The Gladiator, and Mission Impossible 2. They describe the film as a "romantic drama spiked with adventure and real-life terror."

It's been very satisfying to know that so many of Vincent's fans around the world have enjoyed hearing the audio of Vincent's interviews, being unable to have TV access. In the future I hope to have more sophisticated multimedia on this site so the video can be included.

I've re-posted some of the missing photos from the Those Who Love Me... film page plus added a few more. Remember that most photos on this site are featured on the individual film pages accessed from the filmography link. Most film pages have been completed, but there are a few that I'm still working on.

  23 April 2000

The French cinema sites are now listing June 7th as the premiere date in France of Je Revais de l'Afrique, not May 24th as previously reported.

Aint It Cool News says that the film is definitely a "chick flick" and that the film worked very well with most women in a test audience with some obvious "sniffling" going on. Of course, we know why... They also report that the "early sequences in Italy are well-photographed, and when they get to Africa, forget about it. National Geographic, eat your heart out."

From USA Today: "Co-star Vincent Perez, as Kuki Gallmann's hunky-but-not-so-perfect husband, said Basinger was 'a real trouper' on a shoot that featured dangers from snakes to ticks."

For those of you who haven't seen or heard the interview on VH1 from last Wednesday, Vincent discussed how his daughter Iman was conceived in a tree while on location in Africa. Karine accompanied him for the four-month shoot and together they lived in a sort of treehouse built among three trees. It consisted of two rooms, which were joined by a corridor in the middle. What a lovely story...

  20 April 2000

I apologize for not giving any advanced notice of Vincent's appearance yesterday on VH1's The Daily One. I didn't know about the interview myself until a couple hours before it aired. It was rather brief - almost five minutes, but it was very exciting to see Vincent as himself and the movie clip they showed of I Dreamed of Africa was very dreamy. You gals are going to love him as Paolo. If you click on the photo below, it'll take you to a special page, which contains photos from the show as well as the audio of the interview via RealPlayer.

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I can tell you that he will appear on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Monday at 10 am (EST). You'll have to check your local TV schedule for airing times for your particular location. I will be preparing a special video compiled of some of his interviews - the Champs Elysee '97 show which was on E!, the David Letterman show in 1996, the VH1 interview of yesterday, the Rosie O'Donnell show on Monday, as well as any other appearances he may make this week, plus HBO's "I Dreamed of Africa: First Look" on the making of the film.

  19 April 2000
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Annegret Höfer of Germany has sent along a "treat" for Perez fans! Up until now the only photo of Vincent as Pierre in The Treat was this picture taken from the film sheet. Now we have two more photos, which you'll find on the The Treat film page along with some posters. These photos were scanned in from the video, now available in Germany. It's been renamed - Manche mögen's anders, which translates to Some Like It Different. Vincent appears only for a short time, but the scene is apparently very funny. Many thanks, Annegret!

A press release issued by the Cannes Film Festival reports that I Dreamed of Africa will be presented in their "Un Certain Regard" category. Thanks to Laure Masseglia of France for writing in to say that it's now official. There's a good chance Vincent will be at Cannes so get your camera ready, Laure! The festival will be held May 10-21. And don't forget that HBO will be featuring a 15-minute segment on the making of this film called "I Dreamed of Africa: First Look" on April 25, 26, 27 and 29. Check your local TV guide for exact times. I saw the trailer yesterday at the cinema and it was awesome seeing him on the big screen.

  17 April 2000

There's a new article with a couple photos from the January 1995 issue of Sky magazine (UK) with comments about Talk of Angels and Queen Margot.

The October 3-9, 1998 issue of TV Guide highlights the HBO movie Shot Through the Heart, a film closer to Shakespearean tragedy than Hollywood spectacle. It's based on the true story of two men - Vlado Sarzinsky, a Croat (Linus Roache) and Slavko Simic (Perez) - best friends and former teammates on a Yugoslavian sharp-shooting team who become mortal enemies."The idea that these two best friends could grow up like brothers and then be separated by the war," says Perez, "makes one think what was this friendship? I think he (Vlado) misses his friend." This film will remain dear to my heart since it introduced me to the multi-talented Mr. Perez. He was perfect for the role and gave a very respected performance.

The IMDB has some new listings under Vincent's filmography. The first one is Zapata, but there's still much speculation as to whether or not the film was ever actually completed. The next one is a film directed by Vincent called Hier, tu m'as dit demain, which translates to Yesterday, you told me tomorrow. It's supposedly a TV film scheduled for this year. There's no other information given. Vincent has previously directed two other films - L'Echange and Rien Dire. The third listing is for the documentary Faire un film pour moi c'est vivre (Making a Film for Me Is to Live) directed by Enrica Antonioni made during the filming of Par-Dela les Nuages (Beyond the Clouds), which was directed by her husband Michelangelo.

Speaking of Beyond the Clouds, it is playing this week at a Philadelphia theater - the Ritz at the Bourse. I also noted in PA newspapers that I Dreamed of Africa will have an advanced screening in Pittsburgh so it appears that the film may have a wide release.

The May issue of Premiere magazine features I Dreamed of Africa as their first film under "Previews". It contains a photo of Kim Basinger among the natives - no Vincent. Comments are only about Kim - "While wearing the finest linens and looking great in khaki shorts, she overcomes lions and snakes and tragic loss on her way to accepting a new life, one filled with strength, passion and respect for the wild."

And the latest issue of Movieline shows only a photo of Kim with the following review - "I Dreamed of Africa doesn't quite have the romantic sweep of Out of Africa, which it clearly wants to ape. It's beautifully photographed and well directed by Hugh Hudson, but the script is flimsy. The heroine is bathed in too much nobility, and the conflict between her and her restless, thrill-seeking husband is fairly stock. Kim Basinger does get a chance to show her chops as an actress, and she gives a vibrant, forceful performance. Thanks largely to her, the movie manages to elicit a few tears, even if it isn't much more than a glorified travelogue."

  12 April 2000

The Cannes '98 photos have at last been posted! Laure Masseglia of Nice, France, says she's just read in French Premiere that I Dreamed of Africa might be shown at Cannes 2000 in the "Un certain regard" category on May 20th, the last day of the film festival. Laure has had the privilege of seeing Vincent three times - once at the premiere of Le Bossu in Nice and twice last year at Cannes before an interview for Le Temps Retrouve and at the premiere of his film, Rien Dire. She reports that Vincent is absolutely gorgeous and very friendly.

The photo below is from her own collection that she took on May 18, 1999 at the Cannes Film Festival. Thanks so much, Laure, for sharing it with us! Imagine being that close to Vincent!!!

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  11 April 2000

I've just added an article and photos from the March 1995 issue of French Premiere magazine, which features a brief discussion of Talk of Angels. For complete info on this film, plus many more photos, visit its film page. A fan recently wrote in asking whether the soundtrack was available. I haven't discovered it yet. British composer Trevor Jones holds a particular fondness for Talk of Angels. "It's a really beautiful film. It's a love story and I adore doing love stories. No one ever offers me love stories, so when this came along, I was delighted to do it." If anyone finds any info on this soundtrack, please let us know.

  8 April 2000
  Here are four more review ratings for Le Libertin:

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onestar.gif (399 bytes) Telerama
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Though the critics have not given this film good reviews, it's obvious that audiences are willing to spend their money on it because it's in sixth place among the top ten films at the French box office. Great news!!!

Several fans have written in recently inquiring about the availability of Vincent's films. If you access his filmography and then click onto any of his films, each page will give you full information as to where you can purchase or rent the video (NTSC format).

We're just four weeks away from the U.S. premiere of I Dreamed of Africa (France's premiere is May 24 - Je Revais de l'Afrique and Germany's is September 28 - Ich Träum te Von Afrika). The gorgeous poster of this film can be ordered at or The soundtrack for the film will be released May 2, but you can pre-order it at and I anticipate that the music will be lush and romantic with Maurice Jarre as the composer, who has done more than 125 films over his career.

There is already one review written by movie critic Harvey Karten, who obviously attended a pre-screening. It's not positive, but I've posted it for those who wish to read it (warning: contains spoilers). I suggest you see the film as early as possible in case it has a short run. Obviously its potential downfall is that it will continually be compared to Out of Africa, which won several Oscars including Best Picture of 1985. Robert Redford and Meryl Streep starred with Streep in the role of writer Karen Blixen, who left Denmark to make a new life on a plantation in Africa.

Vincent's short film, Rien Dire, referred to in the April 1st update, was also shown last weekend at the French Film Festival at Virginia Commonwealth University. The festival presented six major French features and eight short films. The films are typically introduced by either one of its actors or filmmakers. Representing Rien Dire was its producer, Emeric Le Maitre. Possibly Vincent would have made an appearance, but the date conflicted with the 15th Festival du Film de Paris.

There's a new lengthy article with four photos from the February 1995 issue of UK Premiere magazine. (It's so refreshing when there are no translations to be done!)  It's called "Just Another Pretty Face". Perez discusses being referred to as a "jeune premier in France -a leading man, the kind of young, successful, pretty face which elicits envy and adulation," but doesn't necessarily elicit serious roles.

One of VP's fans in France reports that a recent issue of Paris Match magazine featured a photo of Vincent at Disneyland-Paris with wife Karine, daughter Iman (almost a year old now) and stepdaughter Roxane. It certainly appears from this source and others, including an interview with him last weekend, that he is not in Madrid filming Semana Santa as previously reported in the Hollywood Reporter last October.

  1 April 2000

The 15th Festival du Film de Paris is being held at the Gaumont Marignan Cinema on the Champs Elysees from March 27 to April 3. Among the stars attending the festival are Faye Dunaway, Michele Laroque, Charlotte Rampling, Oliver Stone, Charlie Sheen and our own Vincent.

Two of his films are being shown. Ceux qui m'aiment prendront le train (Those Who Love Me...) is one of them. The photo below is featured with the festival's synopsis of the film with the following comments: "Vincent Perez is unrecognizable and touching. This romantic star has managed to create a list of films of rare wealth in the space of a few years. Alternating between light comedy and more painful films, in particular under the direction of Patrice Chereau, to whom he remains faithful, he is also at ease in costume in several films from the lover of Roxanne in Cyrano de Bergerac to Capitaine Fracasse to the handsome soldier in Indochine and La Mole in La Reine Margot."

train50.jpg (8244 bytes)
Patrice Chereau directs Vincent in a scene from Those Who Love Me....

The second film being shown is Rien Dire (Saying Nothing), a short film directed by Vincent, which was shown at Cannes last year. His wife Karine wrote the script and starred in it along with Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. The story is about a woman named Louise, who finds out one morning that her best friend's mother is dead. She is going to spend the afternoon with her friend without mentioning anything about it. The photo below is a scene from the film.

riendire3.jpg (6675 bytes)
Valeria and Karine

According to Daily Variety, two French television channels will each be doing a mini-series on the life of France's historic empire builder Napoleon Bonaparte. TFI will co-produce with Telfrance on a two-night presentation at 200 minutes starring Vincent. It's due to go into production in early 2001. France 2 will begin production on theirs at the end of this year with Christian Clavier in the title role. Thanks to Heidi Kunstal for passing along this news!

Daily Variety also reported the following on March 27: “The Insider is proving a tough sell for mainstream audiences, reflected by its middling debut in France, where it trailed Gallic hit Le Gout des Autres in its third lap and rookie Le Libertin, a raunchy costumer pairing Vincent Perez as 18th century writer-philosopher Diderot and Fanny Ardant."

The French Film Festival, "City of Lights, City of Angels", which runs from April 25-29 at the Directors Guild Theater in West Hollywood, will feature Le Temps Retrouve (Time Regained).

The March issue of the online magazine The Stranger reviewed Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train calling it a "dense multi-voiced, passionate, operatic movie of modern life in faraway France." Here is an excerpt from their critique: "One is both drawn to and repulsed by Chereau's characters. Watching Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, as she-devil junkie Claire, tremble and shriek her way through a cold-turkey day pained us like needles plunged repeatedly into our eyes. Vincent Perez eased our nerves with his portrayal of sedate and sexy transsexual Frederic/Viviane (whose performance would have been a complete success had Chereau not shown us Viviane's pubescent tits and soon-to-be split penis in a gratuitous shower scene)."

There were also positive words for Vincent from the Kansas City Star in their March 17 review - "French heartthrob Vincent Perez shows up late in Act 2 as Viviane, a transsexual who alone in this crowd of brawling misfits seems to be comfortable in his/her own skin. American audiences may remember Perez as the charismatic (and very hunky) Christian in the Gerard Depardieu version of Cyrano; his transformation here into a woman (with help from weirdly realistic prosthetic breasts) is astounding. The film's high point, in fact, has Viviane practically swooning when the dead Jean-Baptiste's decidedly non-artsy twin brother (Trintignant again) introduces her to a basement crammed with women's footwear, the last vestiges of the family's long-defunct shoe factory. It's a sublime moment of gentle humor."

The April issue of W Magazine has an article on Kuki Gallmann, author of I Dreamed of Africa, but alas, there is only a small photo of Vincent and Kim Basinger with our star looking quite handsome in one of those safari hats.

Some of Vincent's more recent films can now be pre-ordered at Talk of Angels will be available April 4th at $16.99, Shot Through the Heart on May 16 at $12.99 and Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train (in French with English subtitles) on May 16 with the DVD at $20.99 and the video at a hefty $67.99. These films are also being offered at for relatively the same price.

During the last week in April, HBO will be showing a 15-minute program called "I Dreamed of Africa: Frist Look", which will feature behind-the- scenes coverage. Check your local cable guides for exact dates and times. Also check your April TV listings for Indochine on Bravo and Romance Classics, Swept from the Sea on Showtime and Talk of Angels on Starz. There will also be an encore presention of Wild on the Champs-Elysee '97 on E! Entertainment, which features Vincent in one of their segments giving his take on the delights of Parisien life.


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