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29 April 2003

opt031a.jpg (10688 bytes)Here's our man on yet another magazine cover. This time it's the April/May 2003 issue of the French magazine, L'Optimum. Beatrice Dieuzy of France was kind enough to scan in the photos and email them to me, so many thanks go to her for her welcomed contribution. The magazine included an interview, which couldn't be deciphered in the scan. I hope to eventually get a hold of a copy soon. In the meantime, you can check out these photos in the new gallery.

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Je reste, which was filmed earlier this year, is now set to open October 8. Directed by Diane Kurys with a screenplay by Florence Quentin, the film stars Sophie Marceau in the role of Marie-Domenica, with Vincent as her husband, Bertrand, and Charles Berling as Antoine, her lover. Of course, this storyline beckons the question - who would want a lover with a husband like Vincent? Well, it appears that Bertrand is quite methodical in his routines, resists change and is quite obsessed with his cycling. Still...

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felicita8a.jpg (14845 bytes)In January La Felicita non costa niente (Le Bonheur ne coute rien or Happiness Doesn't Cost Anything) premiered in Italy. Rafael Cart has just sent me news that this film will debut in France on November 3. Mimmo Calopresti not only directed the film, but has the lead role. Besides Vincent, it also stars Fabrizia Sacchi, Beppe Servillo, Francesca Neri, and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. You can visit the film's official web site for additional information including the trailer.

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This photo (undated) is actually autographed - you can see part of the "V" on his neck.

03 April 2003

premiere314s.jpg (15913 bytes)As reported earlier, Fanfan la Tulipe will open the Cannes Film Festival on May 14th. There had been rumors that the opening choice would be The Matrix Unloaded, which has now been slotted for an Out of Competition screening the next day. Though the release date for Fanfan la Tulipe has been postponed for another month, publicity coverage is now hitting the newsstands in France. Studio magazine has an article on Vincent this month, and Premiere magazine is featuring both Vincent and Penelope Cruz on their cover along with a huge article! I'm awaiting copies.

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"Fifty years later, the film will be rediscovered by a whole new generation"

...Vincent Perez

Penelope Cruz confesses that she first heard of the remake of Fanfan la Tulipe from Vincent, a long-time personal friend. "Vincent called one night to speak to me about a film he was going to make and how and when they would offer me a role. It interested me and shortly after the producers sent me the script." The rest is history.

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lillustre1s.jpg (10910 bytes)Back in November, Webdo's L'illustre magazine (Swiss publication) featured an article entitled, "I Dream of Playing William Tell". You'll be sure to find this new addition to the Archives interesting since it shows Vincent's Parisian apartment. In one photo, you see him standing in front of a wall of shelves loaded with videos and DVDs, and aptly posed with a DVD of Cyrano de Bergerac in his hand. Enjoy!

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Another photo taken by Laure Masseglia:

Virgin Megastore
Paris, France
October 19, 2002

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