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  30 September 2008

The Hamptons International Film Festival, which runs October 15-19, has announced it will screen "Arn - The Knight Templar" in its "spotlight" category. The film is in Swedish, English and Arabic with English subtitles. This international version at 130 minutes is a compilation of the previous two feature films released in the Nordic countries. Vincent plays Brother Guilbert, a former Knights Templar who is doing penance as a monk for a past sin and is called upon to train Arn in archery, swordsmanship and horsemanship. Vincent is not expected to attend the festival though cast members Joakim Nätterqvist, Bibi Andersson and Stellan Skarsgĺrd are expected to attend. The Swedish Film Institute will also be presenting this knight epic at two other film festivals. It will be screened this weekend at the Pusan International Film Festival in South Korea and at the Dubai Film Festival in December. Be sure to check out the new film page for more info and photos.

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The TV avalanche film, originally titled "Die Jahrhundertlawine", is now being called "White Menace - The Avalanche of the Cenutry". The German-French-Austrian co-production is being presented as a high-impact blend of human drama and natural catastrophe for prime-time viewing. The digital avalanche images were created by renowned German CGI specialist Scanline. Shooting took place in the Austrian Alps, including scenes shot at 1900 meters altitude and in temperatures hovering around minus 20 degrees Celsius. It certainly wasn't an ideal shooting location! This month Oliver Kreuter, head of Distribution for Germany’s Bavaria Media, is bringing the film to MIPCOM, which is  held in Cannes from October 13-17. MIPCOM is the global event for buying, selling and distributing entertainment content across all platforms. Kreuter says, "Buyers come out of their summer break ready to make the last acquisitions for the current year.” Hopefully, the film will soon find a buyer.

The AFM (American Film Market) will be held November 5-12 in Santa Monica, CA, and two of Vincent's films are in the lineup. Baltasar Kormákur's thriller, "Run for Her Life", will make its world premiere. "Arn" will also receive a market premiere. Like MIPCOM, the AFM is an annual event which attracts over 8,000 industry attendees. Participants from over 70 countries converge to buy and sell distribution rights for completed films or to gain financing for projects in various stages of production.

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Here are some recent photos of Vincent, dressed very traditionally this time. On September 17, he attended  the Jaeger LeCoultre Watches Polo Party at the Castel Club in Paris.

  10 September 2008

On September 5th Vincent attended the opening of the 34th Deauville Film Festival, which began with the screening of "Mamma Mia!" (visit my web site!) The festival is being held from September 5-14 on the French northwestern coast. You can view more photos at this link.

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RTL, Germany's most successful and popular TV broadcaster, has announced that "Die Jahrhundertlawine" will be shown in its 2008/2009 season. The 90-minute drama is a German/Austrian/French production and will also be featured on TF 1 in France, ORF in Austria and TVN in Poland.  Here are more publicity photos as well as the storyline below:

It is a beautiful day in the Alps. A young doctor  named Marc Pelletier is spending the day in a log cabin in the Ötztal mountains with his girlfriend Anne. Marc and Anne are on stand-by for the mountain rescue service. A snowboarder is in deadly peril - it turns out to be Michael, Anne's brother. Marc, Anne and a helicopter pilot try to rescue Michael, who is hanging on to a rock ledge and losing his hold. The rescue attempt fails and Michael falls to his death. Anne is completely devastated.

Eight years later Marc, who now lives in Paris, happens to see on a TV news report that Michael's body has been recovered in the mountains near the village of Vent, Austria. He travels to Vent for Michael's funeral, but Anne wants nothing to do with him. To this day, she hasn't been able to get over the death of her brother, or the fact that Marc disappeared without a word shortly afterwards. This is part of the reason why all these years she has kept it from Marc that they have a son, named Nik. Anne doesn't want Nik to know who his father is. She has told him that his father is dead.

As Marc is driving away from Vent the next morning, a coach full of ski tourists is hit by an avalanche. All the passengers manage to escape from the coach with minor injuries, but the road is now impassable. The weather deteriorates.  Just as Marc and Anne talk for the first time about the failed rescue attempt eight years before, a rumble echoes through the valley. A gigantic, seething mass of ice and snow surges at increasing speed down into the valley and towards the village. It tears doors and windows from their frames, roofs from houses, and entire buildings from their foundations. Then a wall of snow engulfs the village, burying lanes, streets, and the spaces between houses in its wake. Will Marc and Anne survive this disaster?\

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Vincent was in Sante Fe this summer filming "Run for Her Life", directed by Baltasar Kormákur. This is the second English-language film for the Icelandic director, whose cast also includes Diane Kruger, Dermot Mulroney, Rosanna Arquette, Jordi Molla and Sam Shepard. The shooting schedule ran from June 15 to July 26. The $6.8m film is produced by Michelle Chydzik Sowa for 26 Films in the US, with Kormákur’s own company Blueeyes Productions acting as co-producer. Post-production will take place in Iceland. The International sales agent is US-based Echo Bridge Entertainment, who pre-sold the project to Germany’s Splendid Films during this year's Cannes Film Festival. Mulroney takes on the role of LA District Attorney Paul Chaney with Kruger playing his wife Diane. Perez stars as the mysterious Dr. Placer with Rosanna Arquette as a consulting pediatrician, Jordi Molla as a corrupt police officer and Shepard as a district attorney. The synopsis for the drama thriller, penned by Christian Escario and John Chaflin, reads as follows: 

Every day, rising DA Paul Chaney and his wife, Diane, wait for word that there's a donor for their daughter, Chloe. Diagnosed with a rare degenerative condition, Chloe is on a long list to receive a double lung transplant. As her health worsens, Paul becomes desperate to save his young child, so desperate that he'll risk everything to organize an operation. When Paul learns of a Dr. Placer who performs transplants in Tijuana, Mexico, he heads south in a frantic search for the only man who may be able to save Chloe. But after arriving, he realizes Dr. Placer's medical ring runs deep into a criminal underworld where his patients aren't donors, they're victims. With his career, his family, and his life on the line, Paul finds himself at a critical crossroads: expose a massive, illegal harvesting operation and save the lives of hundreds of children, or save the life of his daughter.

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The Secret (Si j'étais toi) was released on DVD on August 12 by Image Entertainment. I'm still disappointed with the artwork on this Region 1 DVD, but compared to Region 2's (horrors!), it's definitely an improvement. Extras include the theatrical trailer, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with David Duchovny, Lili Taylor, and Olivia Thirlby. A Blue-ray release with idential features is also available. When the award-winning "Juno" exploded into the pop culture, it catapulted Thirlby's career from the indie world's best kept secret into an overnight success. Her performance added a warm glow to the film, and I'm sure we'll see much more of this talented actress in the future. It's amazing that she's already made ten films since "Secret", which was shot in 2005 and was Olivia's film debut. When she was cast, Vincent was thrilled with the choice and described her as very beautiful and perfect for the role.

  2 July 2008

Vincent was a guest at the Smalto Vie Privee Mini High Fashion Show Party at the Francois 1er Shop on June 3rd in Paris. The first photo shows him with actor Pascal Elbe and Francesco Smalto Designer Youn Chong Bak. In the fourth photo, he poses with retired professional tennis player Cedric Pioline.

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On June 6th Vincent and wife Karine joined several celebrities at the French Open at Roland Garros in Paris. The first photo shows the couple with Melita Toscan Du Plantier and Regis Wargnier, who directed Vincent in Indochine.

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On June 11th Vincent attended the TF1 party at the Monte Carlo Television Festival held at Grimaldi Forum. The beautiful lady in  is his co-star Audrey Looten from Paris Enquętes Criminelles. More photos can be found at this link.

  24 May 2008

Vincent made an appearance at the 61st International Cannes Film Festival by attending AmfAR's Annual Cinema Against AIDS benefit on May 22nd. The event, held at Le Moulin de Mougins restaurant, attracted more actors than the Oscars did this year! Among the guests were Sharon Stone, Elle Macpherson, Mischa Barton, Gemma Ward, Harvey Weinstein, Dennis Hopper and Catherine Deneuve.

  16 May 2008

Image Entertainment will be releasing the Perez-directed film, The Secret (Si j'étais toi), as a Blu-ray DVD on August 12th. The film, starring David Duchovny, Lili Taylor and Olivia Thirlby premiered in France in October 2007 to less than stellar reviews. Last month it was released on DVD in France. There are no announced supplementals at this time. Let's hope the artwork on the cover looks better than the French DVD. What were they thinking? Talk about ugly! If you visit the film page, you'll see there were several very attractive posters in the running.


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