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24 June 2012

Just photos today. On June 17th Vincent and Karine attended a Johnny Hallyday concert at the Stade de France. The pair are pictured below with Laeticia Hallyday and David Hallyday.

Here are more pics of Vincent's 13-year-old daughter, Iman:

15 June 2012

I have a short video today of the making of LE PARCOURS, (to be retitled "Un Prince (pas trop) charmant") Vincent's latest film project. You can find it at this link. Here are some photos from the shoot as well:

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Here's a blast from the past - a video from twenty years ago when Vincent received the Jean Gabin prize on March 12, 1992. Also receiving the Romy Schneider prize is Anouk Grinberg in the presence of Alain Delon and Madame Gabin. Just click on the photo.


10 June 2012

Happy 13th anniversary in celebration of the creation of The Vincent Perez Archives!

In conjunction with his upcoming photo exhibition at the BHV Conservatory in Paris, Vincent answered a few questions for Infrarouge magazine. The other day his Chinese fortune cookie had a message that read "Life is full of obstacles". Vincent believes it's those very obstacles that are the spice of life. He says, "Life can become more exciting with the fun of overcoming successive obstacles."

Does the man have any regrets? He replies, "I have no regrets. I don't think like that. Sometimes I have been a little disappointed. There are days like that." Apparently Vincent had tested for the film, "A Perfect Murder" with Michael Douglas. I assume he was up for the role that eventually went to Danish actor Viggo Mortensen (one of my favorites). The co-producers and Douglas praised him with "You are in!" That night he was to have dinner with Marlon Brando and he was delighted. However, dinner was canceled and Vincent never received any confirmation that he had secured the role. He says, "Finally, I had become 'too European' for this role! It's a job where everything is wonderful and then everything collapses. The roller coaster!"

Who do people confuse him with? It turns out to be all Vincents! He says, "I was even mistaken for Vincent Lindon. And with Olivier Martinez. People always think I was in 'The Horseman on the Roof"".

What does he think his truest quality is? He answers, "Passion. Enthusiasm." I would agree. He adds, "I have an extraordinary life that I would not have dared to dream." And when he was just a teenager, what film stars did he admire? He replies, "I liked Yves Montand. He sang and danced. And there was James Dean and Marlon Brando."

Has he ever done anything crazy to get a role? No. However, he says, "Now I dare to call or send a note or text message! Recently I had dinner with Martin Scorcese so when my American agent had me read a script from him, I asked a friend who knows him to remind him of our dinner and he remembered it."

What disappoints him the most? He admits, "To have started to grow a little too late! Literature, culture, art. There are many books and things I wish I would have known about before! Abstract art... Dora Vallier... Le Corbusier, the life of this man..."

Asked to use a few adjectives to describe his photo exhibition opening on June 21st, he replies, "Depth, mirror, reflection, past and projection! I was fascinated to find a new direction in choosing to illustrate the 'urban monstrosities' in the indelible marks, fingerprints and warping of time, internal walls, monuments, architectural damage. With the help of Augustus Chantrel, I was introduced to 'accidental art.'"

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Here are some photos of Karine taken on May 31st at the 2012 French Open at Roland Garros. With Vincent's work schedule these days, it appears that he didn't attend this year.

29 May 2012

It's no wonder that Vincent did not show up at Cannes this month with all his film projects. First he was on location in Switzerland and now he's back in France in Aix-en-Provence starring in a Luc Besson production called LE PARCOURS (to be retitled "Un prince (pas trop) charmant"). The film, directed by Philippe Lellouche and produced by Besson's company, EuropaCorp, also stars Vihania Giocante, Nicole Calfan, Astrid Veillon and Jacques Weber. You can watch a 7-minute video clip of the wedding scene outside the church at this link. After these scenes, the production moved to the restaurant "La Voile" on the beach at Nartelle to film more of the wedding celebration.

12 May 2012

Filming continues in Switzerland this month for the film PUPPY LOVE, directed by Delphine Lehericey. The production began on April 2 and will wrap up this month. Some scenes were filmed in Belgium and Luxembourg but in the last few days, scenes were shot in the Swiss village of Cudrefin, located in the canton of Vaud. Here are some photos from the Swiss media.

07 May 2012

Two more film projects have come to my attention. Vincent is currently in Switzerland filming PUPPY LOVE, directed by Delphine Lehericey. The film is a co-production of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg and has a shooting schedule from April to May. During this past weekend, filming took place near the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. The synopsis reads - At fourteen, Diane is an enigmatic and lonely teenager. She takes care of the education of her younger brother Marc and has a close relationship with her father played by Vincent. His name is Christian. A young charismatic girl named Julia appears in the neighborhood and Diane's life begins to change. The closer she becomes to Julia, the more she ignores morality. Without considering consequences, she puts no limit on her desires.

The second project, filmed earlier this year, is called THE LINES OF WELLINGTON. Last summer filmmaker Raul Ruiz was in the middle of preparations for this film when at age 70, he died of a pulmonary infection. His widow and editor, Valeria Sarmiento, decided to take over the director's chair. The story centers around the Battle of Bussaco in 1810 and the French invasion of Portugal. The cast of characters is huge as you can see from the photo below. Since Vincent doesn't show up in any of the movie stills, I'm assuming his role is small.  The epic is expected to be released in Portugal later this year in a theatrical release and then be broadened into a television version that will air in three parts.

01 May 2012

Vincent will have a Photo Exhibition at the BHV Observatory in Paris from June 21 to August 25. It is called "Matieres et Sentiments" (Materials and Sensibility). This will be the first time his photographic work will be introduced in France through unpublished pictures of Paris. This exhibition was guided by his friend, Auguste Chantrel, who taught him to divert his eye from architecture "frozen" in Paris to catching a glance of the ephemeral and the immutable. His photographs will transform the observatory rotunda where images will appear as fragments of memory.



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