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24 June 2019

About a year ago, announcement was made that Vincent was starring in a Chinese film along with Sophie Marceau. Director Xiaolong Zheng was turning Giacomo Puccini's TURANDOT opera into a film. The lead roles were given to Dylan Sprouse and Guan Xiaotong. Vincent and Sophie's roles were not described. The film, shot in English and Mandarin, is presently in post production and has not yet been given a release date. The story is a fantasy romance which follows Princess Turandot, who is cursed by a mysterious power emanating from three Mazovian bracelets that were given to her as birthday gifts. The life draining effects of the bracelets cause the princess to become cruel and gradually she loses her humanity. Those who come to court her must solve three riddles, one for each bracelet, and only then will she be freed from the power of the bracelets. In the event any of the questions are not answered correctly, the attempted solver would be put to death. One day, Calaf, an ordinary citizen, risks his life to answer the riddles to save her and inadvertently uncovers his own extraordinary past.

Here are some production photos:

15 June 2019

The 33rd edition of the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival opened on Thursday, June 13th. This year's jury president was Sandrine Bonnaire and among the jury members this year was Vincent.


You can watch a French interview with Vincent by Premiere magazine at this link. Here's their photo of him wearing a more traditional suit and tie.

08 June 2019

Yesterday Vincent attended the French Tennis Open at Roland Garros.

01 June 2019

The third edition of the Vincennes Images Festival was held last week and Vincent was one of the new members of the jury. He was invited especially as a photographer and accomplished portraitist. The festival also gave him a chance to present his exclusive exhibition called "Mirror Games". Vincent was asked how his experience as an actor and director help him to create portraits.

"It is rather my job as a director, when I lead actors, that comes into play. There, it is about getting in touch, to establish a link between the subject and the photographer. It is a way, little by little, to try to get closer to the individual. Often, before pressing the shutter button, I say, 'Do not show anything. Do not express anything.' The subject then wonders what it means. The mask falls, there is something real that shows through. That's when I take the picture. There is a little of that, in the acting direction. When an actor makes too much, it becomes flat, uninteresting. And sometimes, in a hold, there is a moment of truth. In front of the editing table, that's what we'll remember."

"One time a friend wanted me to photograph her. She came home, we did a series of portraits. She is immediately back in poses. She was reassured to be in control of the image she was giving. That does not interest me. It's something everyone can do. I strive to create an intimate relationship where something pure, human, emerges from photography. In Paris Photo, often, I do not feel this pinch, while very great photographers are in the spotlight. I find that the photographs are too much tampered with. In these conditions, among all the exhibitors, galleries, I have the reflex to go to the purest images, the simplest possible."

23 May 2019

As usual at this time of year, Vincent made a few CANNES appearances, which can be viewed in the 2019 Cannes gallery. The first set of photos were taken at the Official Trophee Chopard Dinner on May 20th and his arrival can be seen at this youtube link. How wonderful to see he got a haircut and the heavy beard is gone as well as those black glasses though I'm wondering why wife Karine didn't bother doing her hair for the occasion. The second set of photos were taken at the premiere of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" on May 21st, and the last set is from the Roubaix Une Lumiere Party on the following day.

The following photos were taken on April 12th at the Diner du Cinema at a Madame Figaro event in Paris:


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