29 June 2004

Bienvenue en Suisse opens tomorrow in France, Switzerland and Belgium. I have come across three recent interviews in connection with this film that all confirm Vincent's presence in New Orleans filming the Frankenstein series for the USA Network. In an interview with Switzerland's TV8, he states, "Six episodes will be filmed, and if all goes well, I will do more of them next year. I am a fan of this type of series, so it's exciting for me to work with these creators." When asked about wanting to be a director or actor, he responded, "Both! I dream that I can continue to alternate. Currently I am writing a tale for children. I like to invent stories for my children, so it started from there. I hope that it will interest a producer, then a screenwriter, who will be able toriendire3a.jpg (14551 bytes) help me finalize it and direct it. It is a large piece, a fantasy tale inspired by a hero of Breton legends. This film will not be easy to stage; there are special effects. In addition, my wife Karine and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi have written a comedy that takes place in Africa, in Dakar (Senegal's capital). It is a film which I will direct..." [FYI, Karine's birthplace is Senegal] The photo to the right is from Vincent's 1999 short film, Rien Dire, starring Karine and Valeria.

27 June 2004

According to today's edition of the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, Vincent is indeed in New Orleans filming the mini-series, Frankenstein, as previously reported here at the Archives (see updates below). He was interviewed on Saturday morning, May 15th, at Cannes, just a few hours before he boarded his plane to the US. He was to remain for ten weeks of shooting. His wife Karine and their four children celebrated his 40th birthday together in New Orleans on June 10th. Still no word as to what his role is.

24 June 2004

Today The Hollywood Reporter has announced that German actor Thomas Kretschmann has taken on the role of Dr. Frankenstein in Dean Kootz's production of Frankenstein on the USA Network. Obviously, they were looking for a foreign actor. You may remember Kretschman as the benevolent Nazi officer in The Pianist. There were rumors that Vincent was among the cast and he himself referred to it in a recent interview (see June 20 update below).

21 June 2004

avantpremiere.gif (922 bytes)Bienvenue en Suisse - 22 Juin en France: Caen, Echirolles, Grand-Quivelly, Lille, Lomme, Montivilliers, Mulhouse, Merignac, Nantes, Orleans, Strasbourg, Talence, Toulon et Toulouse.

suisse15a.jpg (22126 bytes)If you click on this link - Television Suisse Romande, you'll find a page listing several Cannes videos (via Real Player) from 2003 and 2004. There's an excellent one for Bienvenue en Suisse showing more scenes from the film, as well as an interview with Vincent and director Lea Fazer. [There's also a video on Fanfan la Tulipe at the bottom of that page] The photo to the left was taken from the PDF press release for the film. Looks like Vincent is tainting someone's drink. Die-hard VP fans should remember a similar scene in Fanfan.

20 June 2004

Entrevue par Sophie Grassin (Premiere magazine - Juin 2004)

Sophie: Comment tu fais pour realiser un deuxieme film apres Peau d'ange?

Vincent:  Je travaille a un conte fantastique inspire de legendes bretonnes. Je pars tourner aux Etats-Unis une version moderne de La Belle et la Bete produite par Martin Scorsese et Tony Krantz. Et j'emporte mon stylo.

Get out your French dictionaries and translate! Straight from the horse's mouth, he's saying he's coming to the US for a project produced by Scorsese and Krantz.

Vincent's next project ????

According to Variety: Frankenstein is Dean Koontz's latest venture, a script he's writing for television. Accepted by USA Networks, it's unclear whether there will be a 2-hour movie pilot with a TV series following, or whether it will be a limited-episode mini-series. It will supposedly premiere in 2004 (possibly September). Filming was to begin in April/May in Toronto/Vancouver and Los Angeles, but was moved to New Orleans, LA. In addition to writing, best-selling author Koontz will executive produce the series with Martin Scorsese and TV veteran Tony Krantz. Marcus Nispel will direct. Reportedly Vincent Perez plays a role (as well as Michael Madsen). The story takes place in present-day Seattle, 200 years after the original Mary Shelley novel. Dr. Frankenstein now going by the name of Victor Helios) and his monster (named Deucalion) have kept themselves alive all this time through genetic tinkering. The monster has become like a human being in soul after spending two hundred years living on the fringes of human society. The bad guy in this series is not the monster himself, but the man who created him, and eventually the monster teams up with the cops to fight Frankenstein/Helios and his other creations. A pair of cops - Detective Carson O'Connor (played by Parker Posey) and her partner (played by Adam Goldberg) uncover Victor and his monster while investigating a homicide. Casting for Victor, the creature and Detectives Harker and Frye is unknown.

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suissetrailer1.jpg (24192 bytes)The trailer for Bienvenue en Suisse can now be assessed at the film's official web site or by clicking here on the photo via Quicktime. Screen magazine says, "The scene-stealer is Vincent Perez, playing knowingly on his matinee-idol image, the filmatic twist being that his character is an out-and-out creep from the start." The film debuts on June 30th.

10 June 2004

Best wishes to Vincent on his 40th Birthday!


Today the VP Archives celebrates five years on the Internet!

The Archives is the most comprehensive source of information on the Internet regarding Vincent Perez's life and work to date. This is NOT a fan page. This is a professionally-created web site with the intent of keeping both the entertainment business and the public informed. There is no guestbook, chatroom, message board or advertising. All material is published with respect for the actor and his family to maintain the integrity of the Archives. The domain name and web server are fully financed by Coymoon Creations. Vincent and his agent have been notified of this web site. In a Canadian radio interview, Vincent commented that he was quite flattered by its presence. There is no email address for Vincent. However, you can send postal mail to him - C/O Artmedia, 10 Avenue George-V, Paris, France 75008.

9 June 2004

nouvelle8.jpg (12967 bytes)Composer Patrick Doyle will be doing the score for Nouvelle France, currently in post-production. His name may sound familiar to you, since he wrote the dramatic and lush music for Indochine, one of my favorite CDs. The 18th century epic, directed by Canadian filmmaker Jean Beaudin, has been picked up by Lions Gate Films for international distribution. The IMDB is showing a November 19, 2004 premiere date in Quebec. You may not recognize Vincent with all his curls in the role of Intendant Bigot.

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jereste14t.jpg (16707 bytes)A reminder that Je Reste!, the romantic comedy starring Vincent and Sophie Marceau, is now available on DVD and can be purchased at several French web sites, including Amazon.fr. For those living in Canada and the United States, you must have the DVD converted from PAL to NTSC onto another DVD or videotape. You can find these conversion services on the Internet. It costs between $14 and $24 for the conversion. If you need more information or help, let me know.

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suisse5a.jpg (18027 bytes)The official web site for Bienvenue en Suisse is now featuring four teasers, two of which include Vincent. Using Quicktime, you can view Teaser A and Teaser B right here. The film will open in France, Belgium and Switzerland on June 30th. Vincent was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, and this film marks the first time he has done a film in his native country.

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