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28 June 2013

Here are some photos from June 27th when Vincent and his wife attended the opening night and premiere of ""La Venus a la Fourrure" at the Festival Paris Cinema event in Paris.

10 June 2013

It's celebration time!  It's been 14 years since the creation of The Vincent Perez Archives!

And a Happy Birthday to Vincent who turns 49 today!

As reported earlier, Vincent attended a special screening of LA REINE MARGOT at Cannes last month. It was 19 years ago that he climbed the famous steps with director Patrice Chéreau and fellow cast members. Dior Magazine asked him what it was like to revisit the film. He responded, "It was quite grueling in that I had a lot of emotions watching the film. It was a nice surprise in that it held up really well. It hasn't changed. It hasn't aged. I think it's Chéreau at the top of his craft." When asked about his favorite Cannes memory, he described the screening of CYRANO DE BERGERAC in 1990, which was his first time at the famous festival. When the film's cast ascended the steps, crowds of people who had already seen the film began applauding. During the screening, the audience would continually clap after each scene. When the credits rolled up, there was a grand ovation with everyone standing and applauding. Even when they exited the theater, there was more applauding in the streets. Vincent said, "It was something I never again experienced at Cannes." I have scoured the Internet for a photo of Vincent at that special event but could only come up with a Getty image and also a photo from the film's premiere on April 13th.

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As many of you know, Vincent's wife Karine Silla is an actress, writer and director and sister Virginie works as a producer for husband Luc Besson. They were interviewed during the Cannes Film Festival last month for Journal du Dimanche. It doesn't make sense that they only published a photo of Karine but I have included a previous photo of the two sisters.

Journal: You seem very close despite your seven years apart...
Karine: When Virginie was born, I had a maternal transfer. As soon as I took her in my arms, I said I would protect her from everything. I never had any other feeling than love for her. This, I admit, was sometimes a little muffled.
Virginie: Our relationship has always evolved over time. When I was small, I was mostly her doll [laughs].

Journal: Due to the occupation of your father, you had a very cosmopolitan childhood...
Virginie: Mom was Breton and into therapist training and Dad was a Senegalese diplomat with the UN. With our brothers, we traveled to wherever Dad took positions. I was born in Canada and Karine in Senegal. But we also lived in Gabon, Chad, Mali ... We moved every two or three years.
Karine: And every summer, we went to our maternal grandparents in Fougeres, Brittany. For us, this joyous interlude meant spray and cold!

Journal: How did you each arrive in the world of cinema?
Karine: When I was young, I wanted to become a dancer, but after getting a badly injured knee, I went to study in New York and I started there as a model before becoming an actress.
Virginie: I was dreaming of becoming an airplane pilot before discovering my myopia... When Karine joined the shooting of a film in Guyana, I fell in love with the world of cinema. On the way home, I told my parents that I wanted to become a film producer.

Journal: And your husbands work in the same environment as you...
Virginie: Well, that's the logic of the environment [laughs].
Karine: Coincidentally, especially because we are all family, we have lived in the same building for twelve years. It is Luc who proposed it. We love the tribal spirit, especially for our children.

Journal: And it is true that you each have a large family.
Karine: I have four children - Roxane, (daughter of Gerard Depardieu), Iman, and twins Pablo and Tess. Virginie has  three - Thalia, Sateen and Mao, plus stepdaughters Juliet and Shanna. That makes for great dinners at Christmas and birthdays.

Journal: What do you have in common?
Virginie: We read a lot...
Karine:  We are very girly. Virginie would rather wear skirts and heels, and I prefer bohemian chic with lots of bracelets.

Journal: And your differences?
Virginie: I organize dinners... I'm a homebody.
Karine: I do not share her passion for scuba diving and, unlike me, she has never set foot in a gym.

Journal: What do you envy in each other?
Virginie: Her inner strength, drawn young in the Catholic religion, and her gift of mimicry. Karine makes me laugh out loud.
Karine: Her approach. She produced a film with John Travolta who told me: "Wow, how it excites your sister!"

Journal: A nice shared moment?
Virginie: The birth of Roxane. I was in the delivery room and it was I who gave her first bath.
Karine: A three-day backpacking hike in the Morvan a long time ago ... Oh, and if we set off again, to camp one day in Tibet?

06 June 2013

Since his attendance at the Cannes Film Festival last month, Vincent has continued to pop up at film premieres and other social events. Yesterday he and his wife attended the premiere of "Les Petits Princes" and the cocktail party that followed at Hotel Fouquet's Barriere. The woman in the last photo is actress Marisa Berenson. That name may sound familiar in the US because her sister Berry, widow of Anthony Perkins, was killed in the first flight to hit the World Trade Center.

On Monday evening, Vincent attended a special screening of the restored film, "Plein Soleil" at the French Cinematheque. The 1960 classic, directed by Rene Clement and starring Alain Delon, was based on Patricia Highsmith's novel, "The Talented Mr. Ripley", which was directed and adapted to the screen in 1998 by Anthony Minghella.

The previous night Vincent and wife Karine attended a Habitat 1964 event. Habitat Vintage has just opened near Paris, in Saint-Ouen, which is renowned for its alleyways full of second-hand shops. It’s a 300 m² store dedicated to the resale of furniture and accessories from the collections of the 60s to the 90s. Located at the heart of Rue des Rosiers, Habitat 1964 is for lovers of decorative pieces.

On May 27th, Vincent and Karine attended the premiere of "The Hangover, Part III" at the Normandie Champs-Elysées in Paris.

On the same day, he also made an appearance at the Tennis French Open as patron of the Association 'Enfants & Sante'. You can find more photos on the 2013 Special Events Gallery.




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